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  1. I’m still amazed that Blast Corps didn’t have some sort of sequel or update, or at least some kind of indie-developed ‘homage’ (remake in all but name). Did the original sell that badly?
  2. Indeed. Used an app on my PS4 with my old TV, and an inbuilt app on my current LG TV. Started watching. Biggest complaint with the first episode was the stunt casting of Reece “Silly Accent” Shearsmith, doing a ridiculously silly accent. What were the casting crew thinking?
  3. In my opinion Eon should create two parallel Bond series – a serious, gritty, post-post-Bourne thriller series, and another, lighter, self-aware Moore-ish style series. With different Bonds.
  4. They could recycle the plot of TND for the next film and the central premise would still work. ‘Cept the bad guy would have to be a Murdoch/Zuckerberg/Musk expy rather than Murdoch/Gates. (If anything, TND might be more relevant now, given the rise of various unhinged billionaires who essentially are Bond supervillains – but in real life.)
  5. Kid Icarus Uprising I love the 3DS and it’s 3D effect, but the lack of dual analogue sticks left KIU with an awful control scheme that hampers an otherwise incredible game. It needed to be on the Wii (Wiimote + nunchuck controls) or Wii U (HD graphics; Wiimote + nunchuck controls), and really needs converting to a machine that people still play on, i.e. the Switch.
  6. Absolutely this. Konami throw around the Gradius series in the Arcade Archives series and compilations, but where’s Parodius? They virtually pretend it never existed. If Gradius is still profitable, then it’s much more fun side-series presumably is as well?
  7. I agree with @Keyboard Koala. The menu music sounds beyond pastiche and more directly ‘inspired by’ that track. There’s a fair bit of borderline plagiarism in popular Japanese games music; I mean, the soundtrack from Outrun is a mashup of a range of city pop tunes, and then there’s this at the one minute mark…
  8. It’s a legit Bokujō Monogatari (as in the series formerly known in the western world as Harvest Moon), and it’s good. Arguably the best in the series.
  9. Game Boy on Nintendo Switch Online (never to include Tetris or Pokémon, natch).
  10. Conversely, I played so many Metroidvanias over the last half-decade that I’m a bit worn out with the whole concept! (Even didn’t last long with a recent Super Metroid replay, but that was more to do with not getting on with the controls these days.) I want this to be good though!
  11. I have to admit that found it a fairly interesting film, despite knowing nothing much about baseball. And having had to pause the film the film several times to look up on Wikipedia who exactly the “Tigers” or “Cardinals” or whoever were.
  12. I mean, the Switch interface is as complex as it ever needs to be, right?
  13. Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood, the 2009 series) is an anime series that I’ve recommended to non-fans of anime and they’ve liked it and gotten addicted. That’s some accolade. Evangelion OTOH is something I’d never recommend to anyone unless they were known anime fans or toleraters.
  14. Presumably the machines must still make enough money for venues to be worth renting out, but I imagine that sort of gambling doesn’t make anything like the revenues that it used to. (Incidentally, I don’t like all the adverts on regular television and YouTube see you for online gambling – legislation really needs to catch up with that.)
  15. With respect, please stop with the whataboutery. There’s a big difference between a totalitarian genocidal dictatorship and a (deeply flawed) liberal democracy which at least allows freedom of expression and thought. Yes, I’m well aware of the dark side of America, but lowering it to the level of an overtly totalitarian state like China… That’s not cool.
  16. That was either a “jump the shark” episode, or a weird mid-step. Hopefully the latter. Time will tell.
  17. See, I wanted Cruis’n Blast to turn out to be decent, simply because of the novelty of having a conversion of an arcade game released on a console in Space Year 2021. (Played the arcade game four years ago. Can’t remember much about it, but was shocked to see a new coin-op with the Nintendo branding…)
  18. Ah, probably misremembering things, perhaps conflating the issue with the shortage of Wii component leads at that system’s launch. I used my Super NES’s Scart lead and my N64’s S-Video lead with my GameCube, and was rather annoyed that neither worked. Did get the official proprietary Scart lead for the GC eventually – think it was £30 or something ridiculous. Still own it, and use it to connect my Super Famicom to my Framemeister.
  19. Bought a PAL GameCube at launch, from Woolworths, bundled with Luigi’s Mansion and Rogue Leader. I remember being rather annoyed that it only outputted composite. Good value at launch though, even when factoring in the cost of buying a memory card and Super Monkey Ball separately. Since replaced my original ‘Cube and games with an NTSC collection around 2009/10, before it became a collectible machine. Still my favourite console in my retro collection which isn’t a Super Famicom.
  20. Had no interest in this until I saw some random gameplay footage… Is it playable with the Pro controller?
  21. Watched that last night, and it wasn't too bad. Bit too generic for these types of biog films at times, but Michael Keaton's performance is excellent – playing a generally well-meaning technocrat who doesn't have the emotional intelligence to be a politician. See, that's one I'm still putting off in my Ghibli watch-through. It's sort of the anti-Nausicaä, or what the Nausicaä anime film would've been like had it been made after the increasingly-nihilistic manga had concluded. Sort of.
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