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  1. Haven’t seen the first film in almost a decade, so probably need to refamiliarise with it for a fairer comparison! Although I did pick up that the plot structure was rather similar in places. I thought T2 was great! Apart from the liquid metal effects, and a couple of obvious stunt doubles, the visuals hold up rather well. The action scenes were follow-able and don’t visually overload the viewer, like too many more recent action films. The occasional explanation of plot beats with characters almost briefly operating as audience surrogates didn’t seem too contrived. The main actors all worked in their roles. A lot of it held together very well. Thought the pace started to sag a bit just after halfway through, but that could be because the first 40-50 minutes zip by so effortlessly. Did notice some strong thematic similarities and subtexts to Aliens at times. (Oh, and my girlfriend kept referring to the T-1000 as “Metal Odo”, and I twigged that the Deep Space Nine creative team had been inspired by the morphing effect and applied the concept to an organic rather than robotic character, on a much more limited budget.)
  2. Even Nintendo themselves weren’t adverse to taking a bit of musical ‘inspiration’ for their games…
  3. I’ve bought some repro boxes from Etsy for some of my loose Super Famicom games, where repros are available. I put them inside the same acid-free protection boxes I keep my regular boxed games. They look great. Adds to the fun and splendour of having SFC games collection. Wouldn’t work for me with any other games system, I just like seeing those cartridges in that box art so much.
  4. I only watched Commando for the first time last August thanks to Disney+, believe it or not. Theatrical cut of T2 it is, then.
  5. Never seen Terminator 2 before. Going to watch it later tonight or tomorrow. Theatrical or Extended cut?
  6. Even with use of onboard chips, the programmers and scope of the games they designed were still limited by the Super NES memory bus, RAM, tile-based graphics, colour palette, sound chip, screen resolution, etc. It’s not like a Super FX chip turned the Super NES into a Sony PlayStation or contemporary high-end arcade board. (Anyway, there’s another troll identified for my ignore list.)
  7. Tried Banjo-Kazooie, and it hasn’t aged well at all… I mean, not just the cringey ‘80s Childrens ITV design and tone, it’s just not-great. Also seems to have all the collect ‘em up bloat that I remember annoyed me about Donkey Kong 64.
  8. Sort of my point (which I’ll admit that I did explain badly). I mean, they’re licensed from, but not officially published by, Sega. For the European market, on systems for which were at best obscure in Japan. So the SMS conversion is their only official release. However, it’s more that I find the lack of recognition of the game in their various retro remasters quite baffling. (Also, Enduro Racer doesn’t seem to have had conversions on Japanese systems like the X68000 or FM Towns, at least as far as I can find. Again, something’s amiss here.)
  9. Anyone know why Sega seems to pretend that Enduro Racer never existed, or at least take an educated guess? You can play its contemporary Super Scaler games, Super Hang-on, Space Harrier, Outrun, etc in Yakuza games, the Shenmue remaster, and various Sega Ages releases. (Even Turbo Outrun appeared on the Sega 3D Classics range, albeit only in Japan.) However, Enduro Racer is nowhere to be seen – in fact, the only home system Sega ever released Enduro Racer on in any form seems to be the Master System, and that’s an in-name only conversion which owes more to Paperboy.
  10. Sexy Parodius. Crosses the line from risqué/weird, like the other Parodiuses, to uncomfortably pervy, IMO. There are far worse more modern shooters I guess, though. SNK 40th Anniversary Collection on the Switch, for the box art. Urgh.
  11. Can’t tell yet if the ghouls are now Cybermen or olde-time deep sea divers, or a bit of both…
  12. How did I miss that there was a prototype of Blade Warrior?
  13. So we're ignoring that an overtly Marxist-Leninist newspaper, the Morning Star, published some transphobic content a couple of years ago? Not left-wing enough for you? (I won't go into the history of how Marxists have often been actively opposed to LGBTQ right and freedoms. I'd go as far as saying that the radical left being natural supporters of LGBTQ rights isn't the default outside of the Anglophone world, and only then from the 1980s onwards.) (NB I'm absolutely not of the "Corbynite left", as you put it.)
  14. Transphobia isn't a left/right issue. Unless you use the terms left and right inaccurately to stand for "cultural progressives" and "cultural conservatives". As Graham S has said, there's plenty of transphobes who cite themselves as, or are, left-wing. (Not really a nuanced issue anyway, as far as I'm concerned. It's just another media orchestrated moral panic that targets and scapegoats a small minority of the population. We've seen those before at various times in human history.)
  15. Looks good. Superb, even. 100% intend to play the Mac version when it gets released. (Always wondered why relatively few modern-retro games use the isometric perspective, presumably it’s a a difficult design to implement, and more intensive on the graphics?)
  16. To be fair, that gave me a proper fucking LOL in the cinema, so immediately becoming the most memorable part of that boring film.
  17. Either my boxed Parodius trilogy (Parodius Da!, Gokujō Parodius and Jikkyō Oshaberi Parodius) for the Super Famicom, or my near-complete Super Play collection.
  18. Wondered for years why so many Jaguar games were barely more than Mega Drive/Amiga/ST conversions, and I guess that was down to the 68000 processor making it easier to dump ports onto. Shame in a way, as something competently made like the Doom conversion on the Jaguar, that was (for its time) pretty immense.
  19. Wasn’t the PS3’s processor a technological dead-end, presumably also financially damaging Sony?
  20. It must be a deliberate decision for it being shot in that over-lit US network sitcom/daytime soap opera style, and with those often spartan sets… Yet somehow it all works.
  21. I assumed that the Saturn cost more to manufacture than the PlayStation, and didn’t have the backing of a megaglobalcorp like Sony to subsidise bits of it. (Also, people mostly forget this these days, but very early on, it looked like the Saturn would be the dominant system – Sony seemed an untested entrant into gaming. And I could be wrong here, but IIRC the Saturn even outsold the PlayStation on launch in Japan.)
  22. My issue with the Dreamcast controller is that Sega had the perfect design with the Saturn 3D controller, and then made it worse for the Dreamcast. (Never liked the VMU; made using the controller and console more fiddly than it needed to be.)
  23. I’ve revised my original opinion, as in, I think this is a better film than Black Widow, because there’s a much lower cringe factor. But it’s still dull and bloated and unfocused. Some bafflingly miscast characters too – usually Marvel Studios are good at their casting choices, a few obvious exceptions aside, so I’ve no idea what went wrong behind the scenes here.
  24. 1. Glossy plastic, not great for gripping hold of, and very easily scratched. 2. Terrible sub-SixAxis thumbsticks which wore out easily. 3. Poor range of wireless use from the host system. 4. Awful stiff d-pad, and nasty, awkwardly-placed face buttons. 5. Was mandatory for many games on the system. 6. The main gimmick was only really was any use for 4 or 5 games, tops. 7. Needing placing back in its cradle for recharging frequently. 8. Sunk the host system because the mass market consumer assumed it was just a Wii with a tablet add-on.
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