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  1. *sigh* I lost two well-developed New Leaf villages with completed houses when I transferred to subsequent brand new 3DS systems. Always regretted buying AC:NL as a download rather than physical copy, at least I’d still have my village safe while the cartridge lasts. (After the second accidental wipe I bought a cheap Nintendo Selects reissue copy, still sealed, in preparation for when the 3DS eShop is closed down...)
  2. Just defeated the seventh gym... Getting a strong sense of S/S suffering from Wind Waker Syndrome; in so many places there feels things have been left out from the game world and story. All being said, I’m finding this game a considerably less satisfying experience than any of the 3DS ‘Mon adventures.
  3. Any anime series currently worth watching on Netflix? (I’ve already seen Angel Beats, Evangelion, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and Hi-Score Girl. Those are good anime.)
  4. General Reminder: Importing anything before 31 January will be as cheap as you’ll ever be able to import; once the Pound collapses and far more import duties are imposed, you’ll wish you’ll have bought stuff earlier.
  5. Thanks. Probably was over-thinking things a bit!
  6. Just started playing Sword at the weekend. The open wild areas throw me off – it breaks the familiar Pokemon game structure – am I meant to go about battling and capturing the powerful monsters there during the adventure, or is the area something to come back to in the after-game?
  7. Elite, Lemmings and Populous unquestionably deserve to be on portage stamps. The rest... not so much, really.
  8. Think how many classic British 8-bit and 16-bit games could've been commemorated in stamp form, and they chose Worms...
  9. I’m amazed how generally forgotten about NZS is. It was a big deal in this part of the world due to Ocean’s various home conversions, and I assume it must’ve made an impression in Japan as well due to its release on domestic formats like the FM Towns, X68000 and PC Engine. Yet nothing in the last decade, not even a western indie game or two paying homage. The nearest thing I can think of to NZS is the Kirby series, purely because of the similar ready availability of a flight power in a platform game, and Kirby’s ability to absorb enemy powers kind of parallels Tiki Kiwi’s balloon-stealing shenanigans. That’s only a vague set of similarities however, Kirby games not being particularly challenging, and the level designs lack the maze layouts of NZS’s later stages. (The DS ‘remakequel’ of NZS isn’t worth playing other than out of curiosity value, unfortunately. Still, it can be acquired fairly cheaply.)
  10. This is almost certainly what will happen, I expect.
  11. Is the Windjammers currently on sale any good? I find it odd that it’s not part of the ACA series with the other Neo Geo games...
  12. Hah, almost the same. Had it on the Mega Drive and later the PS3 Mega Drive compilation; currently have it on (another) original Mega Drive cartridge, a bootleg multi-game cart, a 3DS download, and on last year’s Mega Drive compilation. I don’t even like Streets of Rage 2 very much, it’s just one of the few retrogames that my sister likes to play with me in two-player mode. (Wasn’t SoR2 also on one of the Sonic compilations for the GameCube?)
  13. I bought Advance Wars (GBA) three times; the first copy was a US import purchased in late 2001 from a local indie games shop. I later sold the game on, because I didn’t have any other money for games. And then I later rebought Advance Wars twice via forums. Can’t remember what happened to my second copy or why I needed to replace it, though.
  14. Yes, exactly, they work on a stock Super NES, so they're Super NES games. Something like Yoshi's Island or Kirby Super Deluxe or Jikkyō Oshaberi Parodius isn't like one of those obscure Amiga games released in 1998 which only ran with the use of expensive hardware add-ons that Commodore never released themselves.
  15. So? The cartridge still goes into a stock Super NES/Super Famicom console as any other game for the system. And criticising a Super NES game for using onboard processors, well, you might as well criticise it for not coming on DVD-ROM or not having online gameplay or whatever... That’s just the nature of that specific console.
  16. Yoshi's Island > Donkey Kong Country. Pre-rendered graphics weren't exactly an entirely new thing when DKC was released, it just did them well, and in a style more suitable to 16-bit platform games. Having deliberately stylised graphics, with super-weird graphical effects that hasn't been seen before in a platform game, or any game, that was the real deal.
  17. It's bordering on cinéma vérité in places. It has such a level of grittiness and 'realness' that Scorsese has never matched even in his best efforts since, IMO.
  18. GB 2016 was to Ghostbusters 1 and 2 what the 2003 Starsky & Hutch film was to the Starsky & Hutch television series. If it had been marketed as if it was an official semi-parody, it probably wouldn't have received the same level of negative reaction. (I still think it's an awful and unfunny film, FWIW.)
  19. Kirby Super Star (aka Kirby’s Fun Pak) is one of my favourite games on the system. It’s pure fun to play with a younger relative and/or casual gamer in two-player mode. Crystalis is showing its age, but could be an interesting diversion for fans of Studio Ghibli films.
  20. Were those of you who were playing the game circa 1992 playing on PAL consoles? Because Super Castlevania IV is horribly sluggish on PAL consoles, and doesn't show the game as it's meant to be. The game clicked for me once I first played the game on a Super Famicom, at the speed and pace the designers originally intended, and I've held it in high regard ever since.
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