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  1. The Gunk should also be launching on the 16th and straight to Gamepass (it looks to be at least a timed exclusive). https://www.windowscentral.com/xbox-exclusive-gunk-release-date-december-16
  2. It sounds crazy but I have been looking forward to playing this for some time. Love me some next gen only Lawn Mowing!
  3. CeX prices bemuse me. Silent Hill Downpour is £30 for Xbox 360 (It is Disc only BC now so I can kind of understand the markup) however the PS3 version is £12 more?
  4. Yep, that was one of the worst elements of that game. Also the stages in the warehouses where you had to go backwards and forwards etc only to find the enemies had respawned!
  5. I need to jump back In on 4, think having played through 0 - 3 and then starting 4 over a 6 month period really did it for me. 3 was especially tough and felt like a slog in places, despite being the shortest of the lot story wise. With 4 I did like the introduction of new playable characters (and the weird rooftop route shenanigans). I think I had just finished the first chapter and started the prison but need to replay a previous save to refresh my memory.
  6. I've taken to quitting games from Quick Resume like this one because of random glitches and achievements not unlocking. As convenient as QR is, it still causes far more issues with games. Also, games take no time to load on the Series Consoles, FH5 included.
  7. I cracked and bought the Collection a little while ago (it's always seems to be on sale anyway). I played the first five minutes of SH2 up until the church and the lol worthy Silent Hill Ranch sign and haven't gone back since as it just felt so archaic! I wish Konami would make Homecoming and Downpour available to purchase again. I know they are not the best but I wouldn't mind playing them again.
  8. I bought Binary Domain based on all the heaps of praise it seems to be getting. Not in the current Black Friday sale but it is only a tenner.
  9. Both Crackdown 360 games are free on the Xbox Store as is Too Human (if you can be bothered with it).
  10. I recently finished the Campaign which I found to be OK. I pissed about doing some extra missions, and levelling Iron Man, but deleted after realising I was sinking time into the same old missions night after night. There is some fun to be had, and worth a blast because its on Gamepass, but otherwise a massive missed opportunity. Also the only game to legitimately make my Series X sound like a jet engine. No other game before or since has done that! Seriously WTF Crystal Dynamics?
  11. Jg15

    Xbox museum

    Yeah, Skyrim is about right, I pretty much rinsed it thoroughly Including DLC. Fantastic game but I don't have the same patience or love for the Special Edition for some reason. I'm another that owned an Original Xbox but never used it online. Not sure if some of the other info is right though, first game "Bioshock Demo" and I first used my Xbox One in 2019 when I actually had one at launch in 2013 (It might be picking up my One X as that was 2019, overwriting my Xbone).
  12. Thanks, if I can be bothered I will try it again.
  13. I'm tempted to try this but it wouldn't download when it came out on Gamepass a few weeks back. Has anyone managed to download since?
  14. Hmm, missed Unsighted, looks great. This might be one of those "perfect for Mobile" games on XCloud like Children of Morta and Boyfriend Dungeon have been.
  15. The irony of me putting DS9 as my fave show then selecting TNG characters for all other categories (well, apart from Chief Engineer being O'Brien).
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