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  1. Well, I stuck this on for the first time yesterday afternoon and didn't stop playing until the early hours last night. I have not experienced a game that has grabbed my attention this much in a long time. Loving Sam/Reedus, the haunting music, the overall creepy vibe and the bizarre story (and I really do dislike the MGS series). Its proper Supernatural SciFi and it works! Think I cleared the first two chapters last night before aimlessly stumbling around the beautiful rugged landscap collecting dropped parcels and delivering them back to Central Knot City (and realising I needed actual sleep) Jesus, I cannot wait to play this again later!
  2. As a big Marvel fan I am up for giving this a spin when the open beta is available later in the month, it does look like its aimed at the younger Fortnite market though.
  3. Stuck this on last night for the first time in a while (after getting a little frustrated with it) and made some good progress. I think I am still in the "first" area of the game and still finding any combat encounters with the infected tough, including nests etc. Should I just push on with the main story and leave the side stuff until later when I am better levelled and armed? I currently only have a shotgun, pistol, sniper and modified baseball bat.
  4. Jg15

    Nintendo Switch

    Yep, I have an 8 year old that plays the Switch every where all the time and I know she is the likely culprit for causing the issue in the first place. Good to hear it should last 6 months at least.
  5. Jg15

    Nintendo Switch

    My Contact cleaner arrived and it seems to have done the trick with my Joycon although I feel it will probably be a temporary fix.
  6. Once the MS purchase of Tik Tok goes through perhaps they will threaten the removal of the app from the iOS store as leverage against Apple? Then again I am sure MS would want to see Tik Tok's continued growth and would want it available on as many devices as possible (so probably not). Personally I haven't owned any Apple products in years, my last Apple Phone was the 4, the lack of apps compared to the Android/Play store did it for me. We do still have an early gen iPad that refuses to die nearly 9 years later. Its been dropped, soaked in water and god knows what else and still works (if a little slow), I occasionally use it for Netflix.
  7. Jg15

    Xbox Game Pass

    Opinion - Yakuza is 10 times better than Shenmue (but you can obviously feel how Yakuza was influenced by Shenmue). Saying that I still need to complete 0!
  8. Thanks chaps, intrigued further and pushed me over the edge to purchase!
  9. Tempted to get this now, if not just to see what all the fuss was around (and it is getting cheaper in various places). One key question, If I dislike Metal Gear will I hate this?
  10. Love the almost square wheels on the Warthog!
  11. Jg15

    Nintendo Switch

    AC Wild World did come out in 2005. The series itself is at least 19 years old though going by the release of the original game in Japan (hit our shores sometime in 2003 i think).
  12. I assume that the girl with the Thor style top and green hat is the new Ms Marvel? She has to have the lamest looking "legendary" outfit of the lot.
  13. Emote, bleh! This is a game marketed for da kidz.
  14. At this moment in time I would happily take an original Silent Hill remake, nothing captures the essence of the series than the first two games for me.
  15. The Playstation brand has many things on its side, namely a larger legacy. Who here hasn't owned a PlayStation at one point in their lives? I personally have many happy gaming memories with Playstation, as an early OG PS adopter and especially the PS2 era, some fantastic games there. That being said I agree with Broker regarding Xbox, it has a far more louder and passionate fan base that I think weathered things like the Xbox One Launch storm and became stronger for it. I also think MS did a better job of engendering that fanbase when first implementing Xbox Live with its freind lists, achievements etc on the 360 and continues to build and foster a community with things like the Xbox Ambassador program (which I dont believe Sony have an equivalent of). I see Playstation as the everyman console, appeals to all. Everyone knows what a Playstation is, including my 90 yr old nan. Even during the PS3 era it still sold well, most of my non gaming mates gave the 360 a wide berth as they didn't know what an Xbox was or didn't care, the one with the PS branding was the safe bet. Sony doesn't need to engender a fandom like Xbox, it has the everyman in its pocket. BTW, plenty of Playstation crackpot/loonies around, just go to Resetera or Twitter/YouTube, the usual places!
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