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  1. It's great when you get all 6 weapons leveled and evolved and you wade through the masses destroying everything in your vicinity. I'd did try getting to the bottom of the Gallo tower last night to unlock a secret character (using the Witch with cat) and still got murdered around the 25 min mark as my setup was off. Did manage to unlock the little white dog though!
  2. Alsatian's Creed: Kennelhood
  3. Bah, game has broken for me. A level has disappeared and a couple of character unlocks as well. The game says I have unlocked them but they no longer appear on the select screen and meeting the requirements again doesn't work (as the game already counts them as unlocked). Hopefully a decent patch in the works and it's still addictive regardless!
  4. The garlic guy (Poe?) Is great. Up grade his weapon. Add Bibles, wand and boomerang crucifix and you are set. The Library was a monster slaughter house within a minute!
  5. I had this, its a power up that gives you a flame that destroys anything in its path. I got it once during the skele attack, fantastic! Then you need hoover to pick everything up! My current go to is Impela (one of the starting characters) with the Laurel shield, spinning bibles and wand. I have been buying Into luck on the start screen as this does seem to help with the crazy power ups, health drops and bags of money from torches.
  6. This is truly addictive. Haven't had the pull of a game like this for a long time. Considering the cheap price I am buying it, even if it is on Gamepass.
  7. No doubt they are planning on selling additional levels as another DLC pack (or packs) down the road. Cheeky if so as they previously included additional characters and level DLC together in previous Lego games.
  8. On the Dreamcast I remember Sega doing an offer through retailers where they offered a free DVD player with every Dreamcast purchased. An obvious attempt to try and counter the PS2 and its DVD drive. To be fair the DVD player I got with my Dreamcast lasted a good 10 years, can't say the same for the console!
  9. Yep, last bunch were in September.
  10. Fed up of fan noise when playing Series enhanced games I finally moved my Series X behind the TV last night and it worked! Although the X had ventilation in the unit I had it in, it was still enclosed and I think it reverberated the sound of the fan. I can finally play the likes of Deathloop in peace.
  11. Technically Chewbacca but in terms of serving officers it's Ackbar and Prune Face in RotJ.
  12. This is also why the buying of devs and Publishers won't stop with Activision. MS will keep buying to get as much games and IP to fill GamePass as quickly as possible whilst they are waiting for the inevitable churn of first party to finally catch up.
  13. It's the best Xbox Boot sound and I will not be turning it off! I was upset when they shortened it.
  14. We bought a Series S for daughters birthday but I have been sneaking in plays of stuff on my account and seriously thinking of getting a third one for the spare room, great little machine!
  15. Anyone get select games that seem to make the fan on the Series X loud? I started Deathloop last night to be greeted to this. Last time it happened was Avengers last year. most if not all games I play don't seem to do this, its usually whisper quiet. What causes it? Why would one game make the console go into takeoff mode (I understand games with some graphical oomph will push the machine a bit but I've played plenty more visually taxing games with no issue)? Anyway, playing with headphones for this from now on, it reminds me of the PS4!!
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