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  1. Anyone get select games that seem to make the fan on the Series X loud? I started Deathloop last night to be greeted to this. Last time it happened was Avengers last year. most if not all games I play don't seem to do this, its usually whisper quiet. What causes it? Why would one game make the console go into takeoff mode (I understand games with some graphical oomph will push the machine a bit but I've played plenty more visually taxing games with no issue)? Anyway, playing with headphones for this from now on, it reminds me of the PS4!!
  2. It's a game I have enjoyed in bits but ultimately got bogged down by the huge open world collectathon element that drags all Ubi games down. It all feels a bit samey after a while as well.
  3. From what I understand this was going to be another bit of DLC for Valhalla but they decided to spin it into its own game whilst they work on the big live service style AC game you mention.
  4. Jg15


    I played Her Story recently and would agree that it's the better game over Telling Lies. It's also on PC Gamepass (No console version unfortunately). Completely forgot about Immortality coming out today. Having enjoyed Barlows other games I will definitely be giving this a go.
  5. I think a better phrase would be "Mattrick era Microsoft". He came in around 2007, began pissing away all of Peter Moores work to establish Xbox further by focusing on Project Natal for the future and not on building a better first party output. The rot really did set in during the 360 years.
  6. So this joins the amazing 90's Fantastic 4 movie in unreleased hell. Perhaps, in a few years, it will leak out onto YouTube much like the FF film did.
  7. It looked like Maz Kanata was in that trailer (or at least an alien of the same species?) Either way this looks great. Loving all of the Imperial Senate stuff they are showing. Wonder if we see Palps on his throne in the Jedi Temple?
  8. I didn't bother finding all the eggs myself in the end, just enough for the achievement and the mask (100). A couple of screenshots from my post endgame sojourn. The graphical style is just stunning in certain instances.
  9. Reading that article it sounds like the vertical slice wasn't to Sony/Lucasfilms liking at all, to the point people were fired.
  10. Technical issues aside Sable continues to l impress me. I am at end game (need to head back to the starting camp to choose my final mask) and just mopping up Chum eggs and the final ship quest. It's also very chill, no combat, just zooming along the dunes in my trusty hoverbike.
  11. I played the tech demo version they released when the Series X came out (just called Bright Memory) which was OK, if lacking polish. Environments were glitchy and enemies a bit bullet spongy. Is this any better? The graphics certainly look flashier.
  12. He is fuelled by anger at this stage more than anything else. His deep hatred of Obi Wan, and knowing that he is on that planet hiding in plain sight, has amplified this. A few civilian deaths was probably restrained for Vader at this point.
  13. I like Tenchu @Mr. Gerbikso I am excited that this is possibly happening. I remember playing a Japanese import copy of the original and was so excited when they finally released a PAL version only to find it had been censored (no Shuriken damn it). I still want Tenchu Z made BC, I never finished it.
  14. Oh, we are talking about that scene.
  15. Because Rebels is set after Obi Wan?
  16. I would imagine there is. Season 1 of Rebels was set 5 years before ANH and so is this, we may even see Ahsoka in her Fulcrum guise.
  17. I sat through Threshold for the first time in years the other night. The first three acts are actually quite watchable with the Warp 10 barrier breaking stuff and Paris becoming ill and starting to fall apart (good special effects and makeup). It all falls apart at the end with the Infamous Paris/Janeway lizard creatures. Its such an absolute bizzare turn for the episode to take and a classic case of "so bad it's good". How Mulgrew and McNeil kept straight faces when talking about having lizard babies together at the end scene I don't know.
  18. The Xbox One games require an active sub. The 360 games don't, they are yours to keep.
  19. After the disaster in design that was the 360 they made the Xbox One as big and as boxy as possible so as to avoid similar overheating issues. Funnily enough it worked, just looked terribly boring.
  20. There is talk of them selling up all the time. Perhaps WB eventually do a Disney, close down/sell off their gaming studios and publishing arm and license IP like Batman/DC or MK to whichever third party wants to make a game on it.
  21. I don't disagree, I'm just happy that a big pub is dropping last gen, it hopefully pushes others to do the same.
  22. I think FIFA branding will sell a game regardless of its quality which is exactly what FIFA themselves are betting on. Remember that football games are bought by a huge player base of non "hardcore" gamers who won't be clued up to the circumstances etc. Of course, if the resultant game turns out as bad as something like eFootball was at launch (and gets widely reported/memed) then this may change. I suppose the question is, does the EA brand carry the same kind of weight for casual gamer football fans (the answer is probably yes?).
  23. Season 3 was a real change for the better for TNG. Better sets, costumes and the episode quality takes an upturn. Everyone says it gets better when Riker grows a beard (Season 2), I think its when they stopped wearing those awful tight fitting onesies.
  24. Why don't these people ever learn! Another loot based game and after the disaster zone that was/is Avengers. Still, happy that we are starting to see bigger publishers dropping Gen 8 consoles. It's about time.
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