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  1. This is great! Was looking for something to watch the other night, came across this and stuck it on. Had to stop as it went way past bedtime but I really got into it.


    The cast are good and I love the weird 70's/80's vibe and the lack of modern tech (presumably a result of the Problem).


    I have no knowledge of the source material and it goes to show its sometimes good to just give something a go without reading critical takes online etc. Don't be put off by the teen audience angle, its proper dark in places (with a good dollop of humor included) but defo more mature than it first appears.

  2. 2 hours ago, Goemon said:

    Any particular reason for solo?


    I started World solo and while it was okay as soon as I jumped into MP it was a real light bulb moment.


    The beautiful thing about these games (for the most part) is that there’s no requirement to have a ‘good team’ or list of buddies that you play with otherwise it’s just a bit of a chore. Jumping in with randoms is totally fine and makes the game so much more fun (IMO).


    I played World for 130 hours online and couldn’t tell you the name of a single person I played with. TBH I was largely playing solo, in that, I selected a monster I wanted to hunt and joined a game that was hunting it. Having the other people there just gives you the opportunity of a a bit of a breather when things get sketchy in the fight as the other players are also a focus for the monster.


    For me it's a mix of being antisocial and the times I play.


    Saying that I don't mind playing with randoms, especially if it isn't all a bunch of kids screaming at you down the headset etc.

  3. 18 minutes ago, Kevvy Metal said:

    Telling Lies is ludicrously tedious, with Immortality being a drastically better version of a similar "hyper-media" game. 

    They both have really compelling mid-points where the loose threads all start to come together, but Immortaility is just better in every way. 


    I do think there's a whole load of emperor's new clothes with both games, where the unusual way these stories are presented and the fact that YOU have to unravel them is doing a fucking lot of the heavy lifting...as they're both quite dumb on reflection. I have a love / hate relationship with both games. 

    I need to go back to Immortality, It was just getting interesting with some of scenes I was revealing and something else took my attention.

  4. I wonder how Sony feel about paying for marketing of the game in relation to the controversy surrounding Rowling? Either way they obviously felt that the HP licence was still worth something to have partnered with WB Games for it originally.


    Personally I think HP is as strong as it's ever been. Hugely popular with 9 year olds with my daughter and her friends all going through a phase of it recently. Merch is as present as its ever been, from Lego to kids water bottles and school bags and so on.

  5. On 21/12/2022 at 23:24, ZOK said:

    Oh, I don’t think they stay on that level because you don’t need them as there’s no red reaper, you just fight the amalgam one you can destroy with any build.

    Yep, that was it. I don't think I had made minute 30 on this level before. Worked a treat and I now have the gospel. Cheers @ZOK

  6. Well, I have certainly turned around on this. Things have clicked with the combat a bit more (helped by levelling etc), more missions have opened up and I'm liking using the different team members at specific points (they all seem well balanced).


    The lack of Bats is an obvious weak point but for story purposes It works well, although it does feel like the team are all still playing second fiddle to his legend (that's probably the point).


    Other than a couple of weird instances of the game dropping to single figures in large scale combat sequences (which must be a bug) it runs well enough, and zipping round the city is great.  I would still prefer the option of 60fps though.

  7. Another one for Souls Games here. I think if I had the time and patience, like I did 20 odd years ago, these games would be perfect for me. As an old git with little of both these days I just can't be arsed!


    Also Prey! Another game that, despite sounding brilliant, I bounced away from hard. Maybe one day.

  8. Started playing this as it was a birthday present.


    Not sure what to think so far. Great intro sequence and it looks nice but the combat feels a little lacking compared to the Arkham games. I have been beaten down countless times.


    I will stick with it but it definitely feels a little off and it's not calling me back like the Arkham games did.

  9. I kind of enjoyed what I played of the last Roiland game (Trover Saves the Universe) and that had some intentionally irritating characters, so up for trying this when the backlog has cleared a bit.

  10. 6 minutes ago, Rayn said:


    Once you obtain a certain item you'll have that information available on the pause screen. 

    I did unlock the 


    Yellow Sign

    The other night by pure accident, which indicates new specific items required to evolve two weapons in the game.


    I need to do a run of the Library to get them though as its condensed corridor like nature makes this far easier to achieve.

  11. AC Valhalla


    Mentioned this in the game thread but I over indulged and got the Ubi open world sickness bug. I think there is so much to do you can't see the wood for the trees. Progress wise I might be halfway in the main story (completed around 6 regions in England) but nor overly clear. Will revisit in the new year at some point no doubt.


    On a unfinished Ubi games note I still have Immortals, Watchdogs Legion and Starlink to go back to someday. I haven't even attempted Far Cry 5 or 6.

  12. I've been playing this obsessively over the last couple of months to the point of being utterly sick of it.


    Managed a few of the regions in England, did the Ireland DLC and started (and got bored of) the Asgard stuff which seems incredibly out of place with the rest of the game.


    To be honest I had the same fatigue playing both Odyssey and Origins and did go back at later dates to finish them. I will no doubt do the same with this (it is incredibly pretty in places, the music is wonderful and the story is engaging enough) but I need a break and Deathloop is currently scratching that "different" itch.


    Agree about the puzzles to get treasures though @GarwoofooThey seem incredibly lame (The Saxons hid their valuables behind Invincible wooden doors, locked with non arrow proof locks that could easily be shot at through grates and windows).

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