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  1. Started playing this as it was a birthday present.


    Not sure what to think so far. Great intro sequence and it looks nice but the combat feels a little lacking compared to the Arkham games. I have been beaten down countless times.


    I will stick with it but it definitely feels a little off and it's not calling me back like the Arkham games did.

  2. I kind of enjoyed what I played of the last Roiland game (Trover Saves the Universe) and that had some intentionally irritating characters, so up for trying this when the backlog has cleared a bit.

  3. 6 minutes ago, Rayn said:


    Once you obtain a certain item you'll have that information available on the pause screen. 

    I did unlock the 


    Yellow Sign

    The other night by pure accident, which indicates new specific items required to evolve two weapons in the game.


    I need to do a run of the Library to get them though as its condensed corridor like nature makes this far easier to achieve.

  4. AC Valhalla


    Mentioned this in the game thread but I over indulged and got the Ubi open world sickness bug. I think there is so much to do you can't see the wood for the trees. Progress wise I might be halfway in the main story (completed around 6 regions in England) but nor overly clear. Will revisit in the new year at some point no doubt.


    On a unfinished Ubi games note I still have Immortals, Watchdogs Legion and Starlink to go back to someday. I haven't even attempted Far Cry 5 or 6.

  5. I've been playing this obsessively over the last couple of months to the point of being utterly sick of it.


    Managed a few of the regions in England, did the Ireland DLC and started (and got bored of) the Asgard stuff which seems incredibly out of place with the rest of the game.


    To be honest I had the same fatigue playing both Odyssey and Origins and did go back at later dates to finish them. I will no doubt do the same with this (it is incredibly pretty in places, the music is wonderful and the story is engaging enough) but I need a break and Deathloop is currently scratching that "different" itch.


    Agree about the puzzles to get treasures though @GarwoofooThey seem incredibly lame (The Saxons hid their valuables behind Invincible wooden doors, locked with non arrow proof locks that could easily be shot at through grates and windows).

  6. It's great when you get all 6 weapons leveled and evolved and you wade through the masses destroying everything in your vicinity. 


    I'd did try getting to the bottom of the Gallo tower last night to unlock a secret character (using the Witch with cat) and still got murdered around the 25 min mark as my setup was off. Did manage to unlock the little white dog though!

  7. Bah, game has broken for me. A level has disappeared and a couple of character unlocks as well. The game says I have unlocked them but they no longer appear on the select screen and meeting the requirements again doesn't work (as the game already counts them as unlocked).


    Hopefully a decent patch in the works and it's still addictive regardless!

  8. 1 hour ago, marcus said:

    I have been chipping away at this and to give you an idea of where I am at, I get to last about 14 mins on Stage 1.  Something mad just happened, suddenly my character got some insane upgrade and was destroying everything in a rain of bullet-hellfire, so much so that I managed to survive the whole 30 mins killing almost 10K baddies in the process.  I have no clue what I did to get that, might it have been something from a Chest..?

    I had this, its a power up that gives you a flame that destroys anything in its path. I got it once during the skele attack, fantastic! Then you need hoover to pick everything up!


    My current go to is Impela (one of the starting characters) with the Laurel shield, spinning bibles and wand. I have been buying Into luck on the start screen as this does seem to help with the crazy power ups, health drops and bags of money from torches.

  9. On the Dreamcast I remember Sega doing an offer through retailers where they offered a free DVD player with every Dreamcast purchased. An obvious attempt to try and counter the PS2 and its DVD drive.


    To be fair the DVD player I got with my Dreamcast lasted a good 10 years, can't say the same for the console!

  10. Fed up of fan noise when playing Series enhanced games I finally moved my Series X behind the TV last night and it worked! 


    Although the X had ventilation in the unit I had it in, it was still enclosed and I think it reverberated the sound of the fan.


    I can finally play the likes of Deathloop in peace.

  11. 10 hours ago, Stanley said:

    I agree with this to an extent, but to compare them to Nintendo, yes Mario Kart is their biggest game, but every year they churn out successful games that people buy and that keep the train going.


    I don’t think there is any easy way around this for MS. They need big tent pole games to sell their service and get those subscription numbers up. It doesn’t matter whether they are exclusive or available on every other platform, but Phil Spencer’s comments about GP don’t ring true with me at all. Those numbers aren’t where they were expected to be, they didn’t think it would stabilise and stay level two years into the generation. 

    I’ve just read the hit points and it totally says what I’m trying to say there, but obviously much better than I have and with numbers and stuff. 

    This is also why the buying of devs and Publishers won't stop with Activision. MS will keep buying to get as much games and IP to fill GamePass as quickly as possible whilst they are waiting for the inevitable churn of first party to finally catch up. 

  12. 6 minutes ago, Kayin Amoh said:

    I love that boot animation sound. It's like a tiny blast of Tetris Effect every time you turn the console on.

    It's the best Xbox Boot sound and I will not be turning it off! I was upset when they shortened it.

  13. Anyone get select games that seem to make the fan on the Series X loud?


    I started Deathloop last night to be greeted to this. Last time it happened was Avengers last year. most if not all games I play don't seem to do this, its usually whisper quiet.


    What causes it? Why would one game make the console go into takeoff mode (I understand games with some graphical oomph will push the machine a bit but I've played plenty more visually taxing games with no issue)?


    Anyway, playing with headphones for this from now on, it reminds me of the PS4!! 

  14. 31 minutes ago, Rayn said:

    What happened to the rumours that the next AC game would be "the last"? I've no idea where the info originated from, but there was talk about the next AC game simply being a huge sandbox that would live on for years and years and would simply receive content in the form of expansions. 


    If the current rumours about Basim being the next protagonist are correct I'd be fine with that, but I'm not sure if I'm overly excited about Baghdad as the area of choice, the endless vistas of sand and dust in Origins was more than enough of that kind of place for me. 

    From what I understand this was going to be another bit of DLC for Valhalla but they decided to spin it into its own game whilst they work on the big live service style AC game you mention.

  15. 14 minutes ago, Thor said:

    Her Story is still in my steam library, untouched. I should remedy that.

    I played Her Story recently and would agree that it's the better game over Telling Lies. It's also on PC Gamepass (No console version unfortunately).


    Completely forgot about Immortality coming out today. Having enjoyed Barlows other games I will definitely be giving this a go.

  16. 4 hours ago, SeanR said:

    they must mean “like Xbox one launch era Microsoft”… :coffee:

    I think a better phrase would be "Mattrick era Microsoft". He came in around 2007, began pissing away all of Peter Moores work to establish Xbox further by focusing on Project Natal for the future and not on building a better first party output. The rot really did set in during the 360 years.

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