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  1. I downloaded Sable and, wow, the visuals! I was holding off it after hearing about various bugs but glad I finally jumped in. It's very unique and draws you in quickly with the promise of adventure. Playing on Series X so it's a shame it seems to drop frames randomy. The lighting seems to sometimes go crazy (like everything goes bright white) when indoors at night time, weird bug. Otherwise worth a download as it fantastic so far.
  2. Guessing they wanted to charge full price for this, but saw the feedback from the Internet and realised people were expecting a budget title. Back to the drawing board!
  3. I'm sure I have had instances of buying a game in a sale, only for it to be announced for Gamepass weeks later. Luck of the draw with these things I suppose.
  4. Avengers is truly shocking. You would have thought by now, over 18 months since it released, they would have turned things around some what. It felt like they were holding on until the woeful "exclusive" Spiderman DLC was released (as they were contractually obliged by Sony) and now the game is on life support. Will the game continue under SE, or will it finally be cut loose once its developers are sold off? I'm betting on the latter.
  5. Or, any one of the number of Interactive movies games available these days (Telling Lies, Wales Interactive stuff etc).
  6. We can only hope that, one day, we get the Great Lakes Avengers film we all deserve:
  7. Jg15


    This out today on Gamepass isn't it? I've set it to download once it becomes available anyway. The Bugsnax song still gets me from that original trailer, so catchy (and odd)
  8. I found Immortals to be fairly boring. Got so far into it but lost interest. The overworld is just one Bland canvas and I have no impetus to explore it like I would in similar games. Watchdogs Legion I have attempted to play twice now. Was made better by buying the season pass and getting access to the masked punk guy from 2, but still struggled to really hold my interest. Haven't played Far Cry 6 or Valhalla but my bet would at least be Valhalla (as an AC fan). Alternatively wait for the Ezio Collection to go on sale, series hasn't aged badly at all and runs at 60FPS on Series Consoles.
  9. Two freebies in the store that chuck achievements at you (and are easy completions) Island Saver - Surprisingly addictive kids "shooter" from Natwest about saving money and the environment (yeah sounds weird but it kind of works). There is paid DLC with proceeds donated to a kids charity if you want more. Korgan - Bland Diablo Clone which can be done in no time.
  10. Telling Lies with Achievement guide (100%) in around an hour https://www.trueachievements.com/game/Telling-Lies/walkthrough/2 Also Townscaper (very easy), Donut County and Deer Simulator off the top of my head.
  11. I did, took a few attempts. It's a troll anyway as you cannot actually finish a full game, there is always a King missing.
  12. Finished Telling Lies the other day. Not a fan of interactive movies but this one was relatively well acted and intriguing enough to keep going. The gimmick around searching for videos with keywords (on a fake desktop) is cool to start with but becomes stale quickly. Rewinding videos is painfully slow! Also had to use a guide to finish it as it became near impossible to find videos I hadn't watched in the end. Easy cheevos though.
  13. The one thing I did like this week was Otherwise I found this weeks episode better than the last two, still not great though.
  14. I just watched Masks! Always fun seeing Brent Spiner act anything other than Data, he almost overcompensates with weird whacky characters and he obviously had a field day with this one. Terrible episode otherwise, feels very much like a leftover plot from the last season of TOS.
  15. Achievement listing here: https://www.trueachievements.com/game/Road-96/achievements As Moose says, probably an Xbox Live issue, had it before myself.
  16. I think it was mentioned briefly, but it wasn't clear if it was the fake Borg Queen who had caused her to dress that way (i'm assuming it was). By the way, sneak preview for this weeks episode. Looks better already
  17. Just caught up on last week's episode, it really does feel like filler again for another week! Nothing really happens and it feels like they effectively run out of money to do anything actiony or exciting. Perhaps all the budget was spent on the first episode? Where is the threat in all this, the tension? (and no, not buying depressed Picard lady who has to fly her shuttle mission to keep a dark timeline from happening, or Alison Pill's boobs, or what ever the hell Brent Spiner is meant to be doing In this).
  18. Jg15


    Finished this earlier (as in 100%). I have to admit to using a guide for the last few fairies, collectibles and the door on the mountain. I also did the getting the gun before the sword achievement which requires a new game but can be done in matter of minutes (and really highlights how open the game is once you know where the shortcuts are). Brilliant little game and defintely a GOTY contender for me.
  19. Count me in as excited for Bugsnax! I saw that another PS5 exclusive, Godfall, had turned up on Xbox this past week (massively unannounced). Sounds like it would have been better released on Gamepass day one as well.
  20. I'm currently polishing off TNG and half way through the seventh Season. Just had the pleasure of watching Sub Rosa, it is as bad as everyone says. How Gates Mcfadden acted her way through the ghost lover scenes with a straight face. Worst still, Frakes was directing. I can only imagine that the cast took it in their stride, having worked together for seven years at this point, so it was all just a bit of a laugh. With the exception of All Good Things, I don't think I have seen some of these since they were originally shown. It is almost like watching them afresh (I have vague memories of the good ones like Parallels and Pegasus).
  21. I bought and played Binary Domain recently. Dated in a lot of ways (especially in the writing), but a great nostalgia boost in terms of the 360 era third person shooter template, good solid stuff.
  22. Heartily recommend playing the DLC, I really enjoyed it (even if it is a bit far fetched as to how it fits in storyline wise). I still think this is the best one, I absolutely rinsed it and I did the same with Origins. Still haven't played Valhalla, sat on a shelf nearly 18 months on and still in its shrink wrap. The itch is getting stronger though.
  23. I watched the first and second episodes back to back last night for the first time and bloody loved it! Like many I am aware of the character from the comics but have never actually read anything with him in (closest I remember seeing anything of him was Spiderman Web of Shadows, where he is a supporting character).
  24. It wouldn't be a Lego game if it wasn't buggy!
  25. Yes, this needs to happen (and I'm sure it will). Don't think Rockstar ownership of the ip will cause issues on this front.
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