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  1. 1 hour ago, probotector said:


    Also, it’s kinda weird seeing Vadar being so evil after spending so much time with Anakin and knowing how it all ends. 


    He is fuelled by anger at this stage more than anything else. His deep hatred of Obi Wan, and knowing that he is on that planet hiding in plain sight, has amplified this. A few civilian deaths was probably restrained for Vader at this point.

  2. Just now, papalazarou said:

    This is set 5 years before rogue one if I read it right with season 2 then covering the 4 years between season 1 and the start of rogue one - so hopefully there is a chance 🙂



    I would imagine there is. Season 1 of Rebels was set 5 years before ANH and so is this, we may even see Ahsoka in her Fulcrum guise.

  3. I sat through Threshold for the first time in years the other night.


    The first three acts are actually quite watchable with the Warp 10 barrier breaking stuff and Paris becoming ill and starting to fall apart (good special effects and makeup). It all falls apart at the end with the Infamous Paris/Janeway lizard creatures.


    Its such an absolute bizzare turn for the episode to take and a classic case of "so bad it's good". How Mulgrew and McNeil kept straight faces when talking about having lizard babies together at the end scene I don't know.

  4. 3 minutes ago, Darren said:

    Hypothetically speaking, if one were to allow one’s Game Pass sub to lapse, could one still play the Games With Gold games they’d accumulated, or do they only work with an active Gold membership?

    The Xbox One games require an active sub. The 360 games don't, they are yours to keep.

  5. 2 hours ago, TehStu said:

    Is it? I've not seen inside the OG XB1 but assumed it was so big to not overheat. Or is that what you mean? I was supposing the Series are exactly engineered to allow them to be small and not overheat.


    I probably need more tea.

    After the disaster in design that was the 360 they made the Xbox One as big and as boxy as possible so as to avoid similar overheating issues. Funnily enough it worked, just looked terribly boring.

  6. 57 minutes ago, HarryBizzle said:

    Weren't WB Games thinking about selling up and exiting the industry a few years ago? I think it was basically because they were making money, but not doing gangbusters. They feel like a company with unreasonable expectations for their games and this feels like jumping on a bandwagon that they don't really understand - and which hasn't been all that successful outside of a few key titles.

    There is talk of them selling up all the time. Perhaps WB eventually do a Disney, close down/sell off their gaming studios and publishing arm and license IP like Batman/DC or MK to whichever third party wants to make a game on it.

  7. I think FIFA branding will sell a game regardless of its quality which is exactly what FIFA themselves are betting on. Remember that football games are bought by a huge player base of non "hardcore" gamers who won't be clued up to the circumstances etc.


    Of course, if the resultant game turns out as bad as something like eFootball was at launch (and gets widely reported/memed) then this may change. I suppose the question is, does the EA brand carry the same kind of weight for casual gamer football fans (the answer is probably yes?).

  8. 13 hours ago, Garwoofoo said:

    The second half of TNG season 3 has an incredible run of episodes. I've just watched Deja Q, A Matter of Perspective, Yesterday's Enterprise, The Offspring and Sins of the Father, in a straight run. Absolute bangers every one of them, and later on in the season I've still got Sarek, Best of Both Worlds and a couple of other great episodes to come.

    Season 3 was a real change for the better for TNG. Better sets, costumes and the episode quality takes an upturn. 


    Everyone says it gets better when Riker grows a beard (Season 2), I think its when they stopped wearing those awful tight fitting onesies.

  9. 8 hours ago, Halo said:

    The only interesting question is if FIFA have quietly partnered with a major player (someone like 2K or maybe Epic) that will throw money at making a legit EA Sports FIFA competitor, giving FIFA either part ownership or a gross cut.


    If they have, such a game would have had to have been in the works for several years already and you would have thought we’d have heard about it by now, but you never know.

    That was my thought, it has to be one of the other big players to have gotten the license.


    Either way it's going to be interesting next year (or whenever this happens) when you have both EA's football game and the new FIFA game on the market, which will sell better?

  10. 4 minutes ago, thesnwmn said:


    That's nothing. I turned them both on before I met a single enemy! 🤣

    No shame in that, I honestly thought it was great idea and would lead to more people playing the game to completion.


    More games should include this option, you could still reward those who complete the game with no assists with specific achievements etc.

  11. 2 hours ago, HarryBizzle said:

    Currently fighting some sentry bot thing. It's very hard!


    This is basically isometric souls, but has some decent puzzles in it, which I like.

    Just remember, there is an option to turn on invincibility (and to remove stamina) If you so wish. I admit to turning both on towards the latter part of the game.

  12. 8 minutes ago, Bacon Horsemeat said:


    It also goes against NuTrek lore. Stammets said in Discovery that the planet was dying before humans woke up and changed their ways, using renewables. Going against the amoeba miracle solution

    The money thing is another area they seemingly retconned/forgot in the first season of Picard. Remember destitute drug addict Raffi?

  13. I'm still unclear as to who the Romulan lady that Picard fancied was/is? Does she go back In time to become the watcher, if so why didn't she remember Picard when first meeting him?


    A confusing end to a boring season. I will say it was better than Season 1 and had such a strong start. I think budgetary constraints didn't help matters, so everything was two years from now for most of the season.

  14. I watched the first two episodes of this earlier and, surprised to say, it's not a bad start. I'm assuming it's going for a mix of Lost in Space with Trek.


    I like the mixed cast of characters they are building. No humans for a change although it felt more like Wars then Trek. The big bad robot was basically General Grevious.


    Interested to see where it goes, it's already better than Picard.



  15. I saw (and downloaded) MX Unleashed the other day after seeing it was free. Wonder why they don't advertise these additional free games as part of Gold (unless it's a mistake like the relisitng of Forza Horizon the other day)?

  16. 2 hours ago, K said:

    Is Bugsnax suitable for a six year old? i.e. is it unduly difficult, is it excessively violent, etc? He's a very bloodthirsty six year old who loved Jurassic Park which I, somewhat negligently, let him watch a few weeks ago, but I don't want to expose him to anything too grim. TBH, I would be more bothered about the difficulty after letting him play Ori and the Blind Forest and finding it too hard for me in places, let alone him.

    If it helps the game is rated 3+. I'm not far into it myself and all seems harmless enough (the critters are cute and like food versions of Pokemon) but others have said it gets darker towards the end?


    There seems to be a good summary here https://www.taminggaming.com/en-gb/game/Bugsnax

  17. 11 hours ago, James Lyon said:


    I had the same concern, but I thought eventually that the lighting going that way was actually intentional. It seems to be in lieu of making things dark in interiors, don't you think?

    To be fair my only experience was that first temple (to get your horn mask) and I did wonder if it was intentional. When I left the building and back into the desert everything returned to normal. It was just a bit of a shock, it was almost blinding!

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