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    Cheers for that. Found one of those puzzles in the passage between the over world and the dark forest (the first locked door you come across) that awarded me a strange little gold statue of a man and an achievement. I love the obscurity of the items and finding out what they are as you use them. Only just realised that you can offer up certain items at shrines to grant permanent upgrades. Might explain why I was struggling so much!
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    Apparently there are a load of secret items you can find in this which involve deciphering codes in the in game manual, standing In specific spots in the game world and inputting button combos. Not sure what these items grant you, maybe more money?
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    Wait what? You can do this?
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    Yep, West Gardens is a huge difficulty spike. The Chompy guys and flying dickheads can feck off. I did manage to get the icy Dagger though and find a shrine to save at so happy with that. Feels like I'm missing a ranged weapon, would probably make the game to easy though.
  5. Agreed, my guess is these versions of that we have seen in recent MCU are different versions to their Netflix counterparts, even if played by the same actors. Same way we will potentially see Fox-verse stuff like X-Men and Deadpool being introduced. Anyway going back on topic, this might be the series to get my daughter into Super Heroes. I'm excited from that aspect (she already picked up the music from Tik Tok being used in the trailer).
  6. It'll be on Paramount + when that launches in a few months, for the 10 people that will subscribe for it.
  7. So is anything missable quest wise here or can you take it at your own pace and pick and choose when you do things? I'm always conscious of missing something in these games as I am a total completionist (which can mar the experience somewhat, but it's how I play). I did like the random
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    This is bloody brilliant, a proper old school Zelda like. I love the flow of it, wandering around, opening up areas to explore and creating paths. Died a handful of times, first was just before getting the sword (Which really makes a difference once you have it). Also a couple of areas I got trounced on which will need to be proper explored later on when a bit more stronger no doubt.
  9. I have to admit that my spending has increased on the store since Gamepass. I think it comes with Xbox become my defacto gaming platform now above everything else, I spend the most time there. I only tend to go for the bargain deals though, not full price games.
  10. This is my take, same with the Netflix stuff, all happened but in different universes etc. Doesn't rule out future cross overs.
  11. I loved it but will agree that the combat became samey very quickly. The story and quips kept it going for me and it was so easy to pick up and play for an odd half hour it felt genuinely refreshing.
  12. Well timed @Garwoofoo, I have literally just finished watching the series and can only tell you to keep watching. If you thought series 4 was mad then just wait until the time hopping last series, its bonkers and great in equal measure. It also gets an actual ending, whereas most series just fall over (or get cancelled) this seems to end just at the right time and in a satisfactory way. I feel genuinely gutted to have finished it though. I was watching multiple eps in an evening towards the end where I was enjoying it so much. I just hope we do get some follow up in the future, or at least an appearance from the likes of Daisy Yo Yo, Mack and the rest of the gang, even if it is a separate multiverse thing. And that damn music is ingrained in my head now!
  13. Finally started playing this proper last night. Chose the Road Warrior/Nomad background (or whatever it is) and really enjoyed the intro mission. Once got into Night City proper I was just gobsmacked at the level of detail and variety of the NPC's and the amount of stuff going on. Think I spent more time just wandering around than actually doing anything.
  14. It's a rather weird one, the Multiplayer that everyone is ragging on for this game is actually free to play so not Gamepass. I don't think the Campaign (the first part of which is on Gamepass) is actually that bad, if a little generic. Whole Crossfire situation is straight up bizarre though (How Remedy came to be involved etc).
  15. I finished Binary Domain the other day. Enjoyable mindless fun blasting robot limbs but christ has it aged badly in the story and dialogue department. Terribly Sexist jokes at the expense of the female characters and the whole "people born from robots are not real people" shtick just didn't ring right with me (this was no doubt intentional, just handled poorly). Dan and his mate Bo just come over as complete unlikeable pricks. Hard to believe this is 10 years old, feels older!
  16. I'm definitely in the performance over quality camp and input lag is the main culprit for me. Recent examples I have tried such as Avengers, Watchdogs Legion and Control UE have abysmal input lag in quality mode and I much prefer the silky smoothness of 60fps over some nice reflections. Cyberpunk will be no different for me.
  17. Same on Xbox store, cheaper than buying Disc based version. They obviously timed this drop In price with the next gen release to squeeze more sales. I'm jumping on (finally).
  18. Do yourself a favour and buy the DLC with Aiden and Wrench. Wrench alone makes the game a better experience with his custom drone you can infiltrate anything with.
  19. What is the recommended order of play for the DLC? I've seen conflicting stuff online in the reddit etc.
  20. I liked the concept of the Mods, the execution however 👎
  21. Well, one year later and I am finally onto the final season. I got bored around Series 2 (which is where I got bored during original airing) but picked it up again around Xmas and, hells bells, what a show! I would say, series 3 onwards it really picks up pace with the Agent Ward Hydra/Inhuman alien plot. Then the Ghost Rider/Darkhold story followed by the Matrix inspired Network "Agents of Hydra". Then we get the future space stuff (season 5 was nuts, just so much going on) before heading back to the present and more craziness in space with Fitz. It definitely feels like they went from following the Movie stuff to being forgotten by the wider MCU bosses and having freedom to to their own thing (which makes for a far better series). I really hope this is followed up in future MCU, although it sounds like it's longer deemed Canon which would be a crying shame.
  22. Yep, the only First Party title to have dropped off so far was Forza Motorsport 7 when it was delisted last year. I can see Horizon 4 at some point, along with the Disney titles. I do wonder at some of the stuff MS have published but don't own. The likes of Ryse, Sunset Overdrive etc. Would assume these may drop off the service at some point.
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