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  1. I think I still like the TR of old though, no matter how archaic the gameplay is now. It wasn't centred around combat, especially as combat was never handled well anyway, and was more about the exploration and puzzle solving.

    This iteration is so far removed with its heavy combat focus and Hollywood set pieces that it could have easily been released as something else entirely (which of course would have hurt sales). Still, as an action game it was very good.

  2. It honestly felt far too short for me, perhaps I was enjoying it that much but I must have blazed through it in a couple if weeks (which is quick for me).

    Thinking on it another issue I had was the relative simplicity of the "tombs". I was expecting some elaborate underground temples to explore but instead it was effectively a puzzle room (although the one with the wind blowing was impressive).

    Still it was good fun whilst it lasted and I did bother to go back and get all of the collectibles.

  3. I enjoyed this last year with my only issues being the rubbish last boss fight/story and the relatively short single player, especially compared to previous TR's.

    Playing it on the 360 I could certainly see that it was a next gen port waiting to happen though, it looked almost too good in places for the 360.

  4. Quarantine Zone - possibly the worst level in any Halo FPS. Yes, worse than The Library (which becomes kinda pleasantly hypnotic in its repetition) and Cortana (aka "Anus Level").

    The Library on Legendary is where it's at. Playing through this again on Anniversary recently was brilliant and annoying at the same time but very satisfying once complete.

    I barely remember the levels in Halo 2. Will have to check Youtube for vids of the Quarantine Zone level.

  5. Console was cancelled, apparantly with me being the only bugger who liked it.

    To be fair it looks more like a Mass Effect themed paint job then anything else. A gunmetal grey console with scorch marks etc would have looked more the thing.

    BTW where was the announcement it was canned or was it just a mock up in the first place to match with the pad?

  6. The fact that MS are still to release the console in several European countries has got to be damaging for sales as well. Is the PS4 out everywhere now?

    On Halo 2 I remember the massive hype pre release all over the internet (including here). I enjoyed it but it certainly wasn't as good as Halo. I thought the Brutes were crap replacements for Elites as enemies as well.

  7. I'm sorry but Second Son isn't going to sell very well at all. Infamous just isn't a very good franchise. Sony should have cut their loses with it last gen. They have so many that would sell better such as Siphon Filter.

    Or even something new. But SS is going to bomb just like all the others!

    Whilst I agree that the new Infamous won't be a system seller like Titanfall will be for the Bone it's still going to sell to the majority of game starved PS4 owners so i can't see it doing poorly either.
  8. You really must play it. ESPECIALLY if you've never played a Civ game. It's fantastic.

    Thanks for that, will give it a go.

    Was considering getting PS+ but what with the backlog of games across three consoles, a full time job and a small child to look after I don't have time!

  9. Anyone still playing this?

    Played a bit more on the weekend and managed to find a full Mexican Wrestler outfit, crafted an Ambulance/Digger combo vehicle and a leafblower that fires dildos!

    Also [t-spoiler]fought the crazy mobility scooter woman. Disgusting scenes![/t-spoiler]

    Anyone tried the new DLC yet?

  10. I own a Bone and can honestly say that I barely use Kinect features. Also the fact that it didn't even launch with at least a Kinect Sports game is ridiculous (I won't even bother with fitness or the terrible fighting game).

    Should be interesting to see what E3 brings Kinect wise.

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