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  1. Thank you Moora, the game was Infiltrator II the foot stage is what helped. Now I just need to get a new BIOS chip for my disk drive and Ill be set.
  2. Hey Guys, sorry for the long wait before a reply. Unfortunately none of those games are one I remember. Fort Apocalypse looks to be the closes, I don't remember a helicopter tho. I remember big white doorways and grenades as well. and when you walk it goes ch-ch-ch. I know for sure the game was on a big floppy not a casset. Thank you for the game titles.
  3. Hi guys, I'm new here, a buddy of mine mentioned that I might be able to find the name of a game I used to play when I was young. The game was for the C64, It was a side scrolling game, with what I believe were army men, but they were stick people. My memory is very fuzzy, but I can remember a picture of a guy with yellow teeth when you load the game up. I know this is very vague and out there, but I though it would give it a shot. Thanks.
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