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  1. Morning, quick query if you don't mind... I'm not really playing the Xbox One now the PS5 is hooked up to the big TV in the play room (I'll get a Series console in there eventually), however I'm considering moving the old Xbox One into the lounge so I can use that if my son is hogging the main screen, or for some chilled gaming once my wife has fallen asleep during whatever TV we were trying to watch. If I do it'll also be replacing an old blu-ray player and Apple TV, the latter of which I currently use for Prime and Netflix (as my trusty old Bravia isn't very smart). M
  2. Ha, just read that post back. Strictly speaking not 100% accurate, but this aged pretty well given Squadrons wasn't a thing when I wrote it. Good job EA finally using that ridiculously expensive IP you bought properly!
  3. I'm with you @pinholestar. I loved it and think it is fantastically 'Star Wars' with bags of the feels I want from that experience. BD-1 is just awesome (hence why I spend time and money on a custom Lego build of him for my desk mascot), and while I thought the Kal was a little wooden, the wider Star Wars world around it was very well imagined and executed, with some absolutely perfect sound design to enhance that. There were a few janky bits (the sliding segments are terrible), and the combat could have been a little tighter, but I found it to be a nicely challenging but ultimate
  4. I started Resistance as my son (4) wanted to watch something Star Wars based but he's not really old enough for CW and Rebels yet I don't think. We got about 4 in and he got a bit bored of it and we haven't been back to it for a while, it was okay but did drag somewhat. However I know someone who has watched them all and they said it greatly improves later on and into the second season once it finds it's stride. We are planning to go back to it once we've finished another of Filoni's work, Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  5. That's strange. I picked up a 10ft generic USB-C from Amazon this week and it charges the pad fine. Maybe it's an Apple thing? (I can't test it I'm afraid as my MacBook Pro is the old 15" with the MagSafe connector)
  6. Almost certainly. I can't really Plus my wife, son and I all have our birthdays in early Jan (bad planning I know) so you never really know what you have/haven't got until then. First world problems to be honest and my thinking is if they have come down in this sale they will come down again in the future. It's not like I haven't already got Demon Souls, Horizon, Death Stranding, Cyberpunk and several other back catalogue games sat on the pile of shame to keep me off the streets.
  7. Yeah those prices are good. Frustratingly both of them went onto my Christmas list a couple of weeks ago so I’m banned from buying them in case a relative had already picked them up.
  8. Argos have a load of PS4 titles very cheap in the Black Friday sale (lots of the classics - not all PS+ Collection ones either - for £6.99). I've just picked up Death Stranding for £13.99 which is as cheap as I've seen it... https://www.argos.co.uk/list/great-prices-on-ps4-games/?tag=ar:search:m020:ps4gamesbf
  9. Just picked this up from Argos for £13.99 in the Black Friday sale is anyone is interested. Might end up being my Christmas game so I can confuse my in-laws.
  10. Ether One - I didn't play this on PS4 but the level load times were reportedly pretty bad. Playing on PS5 they were almost Demon Souls levels of instant so I'm assuming that is a big improvement. All runs perfectly.
  11. Interesting one this... I saw it mentioned recently on a blog about 'best walking simulators' and then stumbled across it in my PS+ collection so fired it up as a change of pace alongside Demon Souls and it has held my interest more than I thought it would... 32. Ether One (PS5) - The overarching theme of this is dementia and the treatment/effects of it, but the majority of the game is set in a traditional mining village on the Cornish coast and includes several other character stories woven throughout. Gameplay wise you have two options, one is the pure narrative/exploratory path
  12. I will if I get any issues but it's running fast, absolutely silky smooth and silent at the moment so I can't really complain. My gut feeling is that it portions off any virtual memory requirements into that 'other' segment so I'm not sure you need much headroom. I may hit issues with updates downloading I suppose (unless that is also covered). Interesting the 'other' seemed to jump up a) with GT Sport's 90gb install, and then again as I put Demon Souls on with about 70gb left available. I wonder if it just ring fences some for internal processes as you get close to the limit? I du
  13. From the behind the scenes stuff it looked to me like Favreau was the big man spearheading it with Disney and doing most of the actual scriptwriting, while Filoni seemed more part of the overall story development/writing room and essentially playing young George Lucas bringing loads of detail and lore together. Hearing him talk about his relationship with George was really interesting, he is the padawan.
  14. @Nathan Wind Cheers for the write up. Interested to see if it develops over time. @gospvg My 'other' segment is now 102gb and I'm not really sure why either. Current free space on mine is 4.8gb and I've got 24 games and 5 apps installed though In other news... Demon Souls really is bloody good isn't it. Finally started it this morning having never played it before and it is gorgeous and I'm already hooked. However I'm also getting nothing on the adaptive triggers playing as a knight @Quexex which I thought was a bit strange as I was expecting it to use the full h
  15. Thanks! Great info. I think I'll keep going with it for a bit and see how we get on. To be fair he just came home from school while I was playing Demon Souls so I went straight back to the Nexus to turn it off and he got slightly grumpy at me that I wouldn't let him sit on my knee to show him how to get the baddies. I've created a monster.
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