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  1. A very typical “my first GT unlock” car, but I’m partial to a Clio and this looked pretty cool with the monotone vibe.
  2. @Shimmyhill Pad (for now). Might be time to make the jump to a wheel if I can work out where I can store a wheel stand pro. @Junker Cheers. I’m totally fine with F1 based rambles. Will try and join you for some racing at some point soon
  3. Got my National B quickly over lunch just now, I've always liked doing the licenses. Couple of quick questions... I think I'll struggle to make 8pm Mondays for racing (perhaps a bit later on but work/child stops me getting on early enough). Is there weekly time trials or anything though? (and if so where are they as I can't seem to find them, or are they something you have to unlock via the Café?) Is there a single list anywhere of the people playing this regularly? I have quite a few of you on my friends list from the old DriveClub days, but wasn't sure if there was an easy reference to add people, even just so you can see their times on the rankings. EDIT: Ignore my second point. It's in the opening post but I missed it
  4. Just picked this up in the sale (and with some CDKeys PSN top-up discount) bagged it for £46 digital which is pretty good. Spent an hour while downloading the 100gb install getting the gold trophies on the music rally intro challenges. Trial Mountain took a while but got there in the end. God I’ve missed GT.
  5. Playstation Store has a new 'blockbuster sale' on with some of the bigger titles having decent discounts until the end of September. https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/category/6dc3d0a4-88bc-4d3e-b3c0-7168b5323df0/1 Gran Turismo 7 is £52.49, and - with a CD Keys top-up - got it for a total of £46.48. Way cheaper than I've seen it previously.
  6. Yep, Keith Flint meets Darth Maul meets what I thought I looked like in my head during my alternative/skater teen years (and definitely definitely did not )
  7. Kicked off my journey for the first time last night with my Nomad V. Literally just got to my apartment after the tutorial/intro...
  8. I need to get some of this too magic controller fixing juice too. The square button on the DualSense has been sticking a bit the last couple of weeks and compressed air did just slightly sideways of nothing on its own when I tried it.
  9. 16. Little Nightmares (PS5) - I played this a little by surprise, deciding to drop in to 'have a quick look at it' while I was updating another game having previously installed it from PS+. In the end I saw it through to completion over two sittings this weekend. At its core this is a puzzle platformer (with a few bits of action) all dressed in some stylish horror clothes. You play a small child trying to escape from a world seemingly much bigger and scarier than you, where any misstep generally results in your death. In many ways I was reminded of Playdead's excellent duo of Limbo and Inside, sprinkled with some Bioshock-esque art direction. It's effective, enjoyable and looks great, but ultimately I prefer all those aforementioned titles. A few times the 2.5D movement felt a bit off (especially when mixed with the way the camera sometimes moves) and there were segments where I would sometimes be left scratching my head thinking I'd done the right thing but died, to find out jump angles were slightly off, etc... Also for a game that invites you to die quite a lot the load times felt a tad longer than you would want, and the checkpoint generosity is pretty mixed. Overall though it was fun, and at about 2.5 hours gameplay doesn't outstay it's welcome at all. If you have PS+ you might as well have a crack - 7/10
  10. Right... I've just spent 100 hours polishing off the Forbidden West platinum/100% and I think it might be time to finally crack open the cellophane on my pre-order copy of this before Ragnarok comes out (or I fall head first into an Elden Ring shaped hole). I'm assuming with the patches, etc... it is basically fixed for PS5 now? I've basically avoided any significant discussion about it after the first week of launch as I was pretty hyped for it and didn't want to burst the bubble.
  11. 15. Horizon Forbidden West (PS5) Full disclosure, I absolutely adored Zero Dawn. The world building, back story and characters just clicked with my mood at the time and I poured hours into doing everything that the game (and the DLC) had to offer. So with some trepidation of bars being set too high I actually held off diving into Forbidden West for a while after it came out as I was in a bit of a gaming malaise. However, the time was right over the summer so I jumped in and I'm really really glad I did it that way. One thing to say is it is "more of the same" so if the first one clicked then you'll probably like this too, but the opposite applies. You get some new moves, weapons and gadgets which are welcome but otherwise gameplay wise it is almost identical to the first. The story takes you into the new area of the "Forbidden West" but ultimately offers a sprawling and diverse map that isn't actually much different to the first game in the moment to moment experiences. In fact, I'd argue it has probably gone a bit big, but it is absolutely stunning to look at and plays buttery smooth so just being in the world and exploring the vast valleys, mountains and deserts is fun. There are characters and machines old and new, and on the whole I liked the new additions. The story ties directly into the close of Zero Dawn and - despite a bit of early scepticism - did actually stack up and on completing the final mission felt like a decent arc of both character narrative and overall world plot. My objective criticisms would be firstly it's very big, and not always for the better. Some of the side tasks, collectables, things feel a bit plonked and at times busy work as often happens in this model of open world exploration games. Secondly I had a few bugs, the main character would occasionally drop a few inches into the ground which in turn stopped some of the melee attacks working until a reload, plus the climbing mechanics are a bit broken and irritating at times. However none of these prove fundamental to enjoyment on the whole. Overall I did the 100% completion and platinum trophy in 98.5 hours, and haven't really regretted any of that investment. On balance it didn't hit me as hard as the first game, but it's a solid follow on and if you like the world I can't see anything you would be that disappointed in. An absolutely textbook AAA Sony exclusive. 8.5/10 - - I'm toying with either Cyberpunk 2077, Death Stranding or Elden Ring next I think. Meanwhile we bought my son a Switch Lite over the summer holidays so he's been playing a combination of Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart, Mario World 3D, Mario Maker, Super Smash Bros and Team Sonic Racing but hasn't really stuck anything out to completion just yet to put it on this list. All very good though on the whole and he loves having his own console for the first time.
  12. I'm a filthy liar. I got the platinum and 100% completion done last night after all Final play time was 98.5 hours so my original 100 hour estimate was actually pretty accurate. Great game.
  13. Just closed off the story (in fact closed most of it off) last night. Currently sat on 90% completion but having looked at what I'd need to do for that final 10% I'm not sure I can be bothered. I am one action off the Platinum though so I'm definitely having it! I'll do a proper write up in the game completions thread, but on the whole I really liked it. Pros It's gorgeous and plays really well New features/moves/tools are fun (a little bit spoilered below) The new machines are fun on the whole (and terrifying in places) Still love Aloy Storyline knits better with Zero Dawn than I expected Diverse map/locations Cons Big play area (maybe a bit too big) Some of the side/extra stuff began to feel a lot like busy work in the middle portion which - while I'm a sucker for it - I later regret burning time on I got a recurring bug where my character would sink ankle depth into the ground (but still move around) but all the spear attacks wouldn't work requiring a reload to fix The climbing mechanics are miles off, sometimes I'd be pressing hard left on the stick and she'd start climbing up and right despite ample holds being available, or getting stuck on a final hold about 3cm from the top but not grabbing it. I avoided rock climbing wherever possible in the end. Yet again, about 80% of the weapons and tools I never got round to using as slow-mo hunter bow is still the best bit of the combat Lots of reading with the collectables which I found less interesting knowing the backstory/history to Zero Dawn already On balance, I had a great time with it, and it is still going to get a big old review score from me. Ultimately it's a good sequel, but for me (as someone who properly fell for the first game) this one felt much bigger, but not necessarily much better. That didn't stop me putting 95 hours in so far, with a few still to go while I wrap up a couple of bits. Will I play the DLC and next game. In the words of Erend... "Hell yeah"
  14. Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. But are there any ways to get the digital version of this somewhere close to the £35-40 it seems to be on disc nowadays? I would really rather have it installed as a “drop in whenever” game (while I’m playing something else on disc) and I’m happy to spend that sort of money, but I just can’t justify twice the price for the PS Store version just for the privilege of not needing to swap discs.
  15. So... it turns out that despite having an Nintendo eShop account you can't actually buy anything unless your account is linked to a Switch console I was going to stock up on a few sale items before they end tomorrow in advance of getting my hands on the console but alas "Nintendo says no"
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