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  1. Well that's me done. I ended up staying up late with a few beers and this last night after my wife fancied an early night. In the end I clocked in 18 hours and 1 minute with 92% completion for the finale. Overall I'd put this on a par with the first one. I like a lot of the new mechanics, some of it felt unnecessary. For me it was definitely an easier game, there were a couple of ramps in the original which I found pretty challenging and got a bit annoyed with but I didn't find any of those in this one, some may even argue it's a bit too easy in places especially whe
  2. 21. Ori and the Will of the Wisps (XB1) - A very worthy successor to the brilliant first game. Moon Studios have crafted yet another absolutely stunning platformer with all the character, charm and gorgeous art direction and music you would expect. It's a much bigger game with larger maps, more complex advancement/customisation and more in-depth combat. Mostly this expands the game favourably however in places it perhaps can be a bit too much. Overall though it's a must play if you like the genre. - 8/10
  3. She is certainly very easy to watch. I feel the same about Ana De Armas in BR2049.
  4. That's how I understand it. My suspicion is the PS5 camera will be used for the new PSVR (whatever/whenever that is) and probably doesn't have the gubbins for the light tracking in it (given the dual sense doesn't have the light bar any more). This is all just my own assumptions though, I've not seen anything concrete.
  5. I don't believe current PSVR works with the PS5 camera, you need the adaptor to use the PS4 one...
  6. I'm about 13 hours in so far and really enjoying it. There is a substantially more evolved skills/ability system that allows you to customise things more that the first one, I also think the upgrade path is pretty well considered and they link together nicely as much as just getting unlocked. Overall to me I think it's an evolution not revolution, but the end result is a bit more of an in-depth experience (this may be an issue for some as Blind Forest was pretty tight). Others do disagree though (see above for example). Length wise I did the first one in (I think) 10-12
  7. The mixed messaging (read: incorrect - or more harshly, lies) about things like the pad compatibility argument vs 'new generation' commitment vs titles then being cross-get is very very justified. I can understand why people are pissed off about it as it just feels like broken promises and - as I've taught my son - "we never break promises". It's not just Sony either, Microsoft are not without fault with the promises around Halo being good, sketchy details around Series S performance just being a lower res (but perhaps more than just lower res - who knows), probably more. It's very
  8. My HOTAS flight stick arrived yesterday so feel I sort of need to get the game to justify that purchase. GoT is on the list for a sale purchase too though.
  9. Good shout... ordered Put a pre-order in for Star Wars: Squadrons while I was there too. It's been an expensive morning.
  10. I thought it was getting a little pump up on a day one patch and a proper PS5 update in 2021? Either way a spanner has been thrown in the works as Amazon are no longer taking pre-orders for the PS4 disc version. Wish I'd realised earlier and ordered it with the console (seemingly like everyone else)
  11. I've just checked dates... are Cyberpunk and the PS5 both out on November 19th?! I had in my head it was a week later but I think I've got confused with the Xbox. That's the day one game sorted then!
  12. Sounds like you are at the point to decide if it's story or story+ for you to be honest. There are a few "endgame" type locations/challenges which sit totally aside from the main narrative as optional bits (sounds like you've found one already ) if you want to do them (you have to for the platinum btw). The difficulty does ramp up a fair bit in those though so be ready to face a bit more of a challenge going in. Good fun though!
  13. I've bought kitchen appliances from them and they were excellent, customer service was spot on with a price match (for another online retailer which they often don't do) and they actually made it cheaper for me instead of just matching it to make up for me having to ask them which I thought was great. I reckon they should be a pretty good bet for a console. They seem to be getting more into the gaming side nowadays, I actually bought my disc copy of GoW from them in a random sale for £8 with free postage!
  14. Great, thanks @Ferine As I skipped the PS4 Pro completely I'm sort of treating the PS5 as my upgrade path even for current gen games as well as new stuff. Going through it I've still got an extensive list of quality things I've yet to try (and a few of those are on the new PS+ collection thing) so I'm less fussed about the launch day game issue (and for now the £70 price tags ). Then of course there is cyberpunk a week later! It'll basically be a PS4 Pro+ for a while.
  15. Question for those Pro users in the know... Do all new PS4 games now come pumped up for Pro? I ask because I'm on a OG PS4 and have Star Wars Squadrons coming on October 2nd and is confirmed to work BC (with proper update to follow next year) on PS5. However I haven't seen anything mentioned about Pro vs Standard performance and wasn't sure if being a new game it would automatically include a shinier mode anyway? Just wondering if I'd likely see an immediate bump up on a PS5 or not. EDIT: Ignore me. Looks like it does, just found some small print on the PS S
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