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  1. Wildlands got a very mixed reception but co-op it can be genuinely brilliant. Definitely the way to play it.
  2. 14. The Last Guardian (PS4) - A very Ueda game. Enigmatic, epic, creative, beautiful, full of character and soul, and fundamentally flawed in places. The first half in particular I really clicked with, and it felt like a real connection was building between me and my big fluffy clumsy pal. Trico was genuinely fascinating to get to know and the character AI/animation is something very special. However, exactly like a Ueda game, I wish it had more mechanical polish and better QA testing. I would argue an hour or two shorter would be better too (and please never do a barrel physics based puzzle again). - 8/10 (would have been a 9 for large portions of it)
  3. Their Death Stranding one is great too if you haven't heard it (also non-album) and one of my faves.
  4. A question for those that have finished them... Tacoma and/or Deliver Us The Moon... do either require twitch type play or fine control to enjoy? I setup OneCast on my work MacBook on Friday and played Fractured Minds streamed during my lunch break (I can't play on the actual console during the day as the games room is also my son's playroom). It was okay but suffered a bit of control lag - enough that something like Ori wouldn't work - but I wondered if these would be okay?
  5. Yes. They may well have reels of "making of" footage to be fair, but if so it's all on Jon's cutting room floor.
  6. Not 100% sure on this but I think if you are going for the platinum you need all the gadgets anyway so it's not wasted. Plus having higher end gadgets make the combat challenges a bit easier. Just to prepare you... to upgrade/buy everything I needed to get level 3 in all challenges but two (and those had to be level 2). Basically there are 6 total excess challenge points available so you may need to get your practice in If you want any tips let me know and I'll try and help.
  7. I thought 6 was the weakest one of there series too but I wouldn't go as far as 'horseshit' I just felt it was a bit flat until the second half payback stuff started when it improved. I just think the setup could have been more convincing. Equally I thought 4 (village) was good, I remember thinking it felt like a pace change from the first 3, but I liked the Seven Samurai vibe, Cara Dune getting some good screen time and even thought Mando's conflict towards the end was a good development. I've got Clone Wars to start and Rebels to rewatch on my list but I'm sort of considering going back through this again sooner rather than later again too. Has anyone done a second run through of it? How does it hold up?
  8. 13. Fractured Minds (XB1) - A very short (circa 15 minute) BAFTA wining puzzle game exploring mental health. It didn't really chime with me (but it has for others which is great though) and is perhaps something to explore if you have a more personal connection to the subject matter. But as a piece of artistic game design work I think it is well beyond what you would expect from a 17 year old making it on their own. Kudos to Emily Mitchell. - 5/10
  9. Well that's me all done, and with the Platinum trophy to boot What a bloody fabulous video game. I think Insomniac really nailed the feel of the characters and game world, and it told the story in a largely unsurprising but very very satisfying way, to the point that I would argue it's possibly the best execution of Spider-Man in any format. For me it was slick and polished, and the engine worked really well. The combat was fast and fluid, but also challenging enough to make you focus while still making you feel like a badass superhero. I thought the story, animation and voice acting was all really good and I liked the Peter Parker bits just as much as Spider-Man bits, and they captured MJ really well too. I can see why people might want an 'advanced' swinging mode - it would be interesting and I certainly would trust Insomniac to make it - but I didn't feel it was something I personally needed. I just loved being able to cruise around NYC being one of my childhood heroes. Even all the collectables, challenges, puzzles, etc... I found engaging and not a chore to complete (objectively the Act 3 crimes become a little bit of a grind but I still enjoyed the moment to moment gameplay of them). Act 3 on the whole was a visual treat though (with some echoes of the Outsider from Dishonored) and I really enjoyed the boss fights, and unlike quite a few games this one finishes really strongly. All in all, between this and Jedi: Fallen Order, so far 2020 has been an absolute treat of being able to be absorbed into material/worlds/characters I already enjoyed. I'm going to go off to seek out something new to explore next but will be back to do the DLC when that Spidey itch needs a good scratch. Just like Fallen Order, a sequel is a day one purchase for me. Thanks again to everyone who helped me pick this, it was exactly what I was craving. One of my games of the generation. Spectacular.
  10. 12. Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) - Outstanding. Insomniac have absolutely nailed the feel of Spider-Man in a very similar way to how Respawn nailed Star Wars in Fallen Order. Traversal, combat, animation, game engine, boss fights, voice acting and story is all excellent and up there with the very best Spider-Man has to offer. Act 3 is a cinematic spectacle too. - 10/10
  11. @Dirty Harry Potter In fairness reading back my post again it was a bit more "shock horror" than I meant it to sound so I'll retract slightly. Apologies I'm not saying it's everyone in the industry doing it and I'm totally not suggesting actors don't take ADR really really seriously (the husband of said friend is a voice actor himself from LA and spends all day in studios crafting his performance - mostly for video games). We were just talking about the topic of ADR regarding something else she was working on and in passing she mentioned that she knows some actors (a couple well known) that have someone specific they use as additional voice support, and that they are sometimes used more than we as viewers would expect. It may be mainly rerecording lines when the actor is unavailable, etc... but certainly the suggestion was some performances had been quite significantly redone (and probably credited). I'm not saying it's all some industry conspiracy to deceive us or anything, and I guess my point was with both visual and sound the magic of cinema is smoke and mirrors game to give us all the experiences we want. Hence the fact Pedro Pascal wasn't physically playing Mando all the time wasn't really an issue. The overall effect of the character/performance stacked up and was great. Thanks for your input from inside the industry though, I'll call her on it next time we chat and find out the exact details she was alluding too.
  12. Bridge of Spies Tom Hanks does a decent Tom Hanks while Spielberg sprinkles some American sentimentalism onto a dumbed down John Le Carre story by the Coen brothers. Perfectly acceptable and great production values (and the sort of thing I was in the mood for last night) but not a masterpiece. I found reading the wiki pages about the real character/incidents/period just as interesting after the credits rolled and it made me want to go back and watch The Lives of Others again. Excellently nuanced performance by Mark Rylance though. 3/5
  13. A lot of love for Astro Wars here! I also played it too prior to my Master System, but technically it was my mate Richard's older brother's... so definitely breaks my own self-imposed rule about owning it Cracking game though! I eventually did own one in the early 90's that I got from a car boot at the Peterborough Showground for something silly like 50p Memories.
  14. A random lock down musing earlier got me thinking about what the first games were I actually owned and I thought it might make a fun little nostalgia thread. One rule... specifically it has to be the first game(s) you owned, not just played - so no friends/brothers/parents/arcade games etc... that you had a go on. You had to own it. Mine is a three way tie as I got my Sega Master System with Hang On built in and bundled with Transbot and Alex Kidd in Miracle World cartridges for my birthday in January 1989. What's yours?
  15. Following on from the earlier chat about Pedro... watched episode 3 of the Gallery doc last night, this one was on the cast. Obviously they focus on Pedro Pascal as playing Din but they openly talk about, and interview, all three of them responsible for the role and also show Pedro doing the voice overs, etc... This sort of thing happens way more than you think anyway. I was talking to a friend who is a top theatre director and knows loads of actors, producers, etc... and she was saying that most viewers like us would be absolutely amazed how much of this sort of thing goes on compared to what we think we see/hear. For example she knows of a couple of A-list Hollywood actors (Oscar winners in fact) have permanently employed voice doubles amongst their staff to do 90% of their dialogue as ADR in post-production because they are just better at it, things like that. I kind of don't want to peek under the hood too much in case it spoils things.
  16. Cheers. Just got this for my son free based on your post, says it's available for 1 more day if anyone else wants to grab it.
  17. I concur, it felt like it was going that way as soon as we saw...
  18. I'm not sure that's quite the case. The couple of bits I've read suggested he didn't do any of one episode because he was at Broadway rehearsals for something, but generally he was on set and it was a mix of him and stunt doubles in the suit... https://www.vulture.com/2019/12/the-mandalorian-pedro-pascal-double-stunt-performer.html
  19. Another little action still released in Empire...
  20. I watched the second episode of the Making of on Disney+ last night... Definitely found it more interesting than the first one which seemed a bit like 30 minutes of Faveau looking smug and getting everyone to engage in mutual back-patting. This one had more for the Star Wars fan I think. Filoni's little monologue towards the end about the Duel of the Fates was good, you can tell he genuinely is an absolute mega-fan, and that all the nuanced details he has in his head about the universe stems from spending so much time with/learning from Lucas. It certainly made him look in a different league when it comes to "getting it" and feels like he is becoming the natural successor to take it all forwards.
  21. Normal troopers are one hit kills. Some enemies have weapons that can parry and/or armour. Arguably the power of the saber is somewhat fluctuating in places (like the films) but on the whole I think the game played very well on that front.
  22. I still haven't started the TV series yet for various reasons. However, I did finally get a chance to sit down today and read the whole of the book cover to cover. What a fantastic piece of work! It wasn't quite the format I was expecting (in a good way - I thought it would be like 4-5 full short stories but these vignettes were brilliantly imagined) so very interested to see how they have brought that out into hour long episodes. Think I'll try and make a start on it finally this week. The Electric State is sat on the coffee table ready for the next available gap in day parental duties.
  23. Already pretty much confirmed and I'm very excited. If they build on this first one (like AC did, etc...) it's definite GOTY territory. Also some info here about EA putting more behind it (although that worries me somewhat)... https://www.ign.com/articles/star-wars-jedi-fallen-order-sequel-franchise
  24. Cheers, didn't know about that. More details here. https://www.polygon.com/star-wars/2020/5/4/21246644/star-wars-jedi-fallen-order-new-update-combat-challenges-red-lightsaber The combat challenges sound interesting too.
  25. I concur, Feige, Faveau and Filoni seem likely to be in charge of it all based on their output. I can't see Kennedy surviving the post-Skywalker era at all. I'd also definitely give Waititi a better chance of surviving the innings than Lord & Miller (always thought they were a weird place for Star Wars to go anyway). He's already involved both in front and behind camera with The Mandalorian to critical and fan success, and Thor: Ragnarok and Love & Thunder prove he's well liked by the Disney suits in general. Seems like a good fit.
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