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  1. Thought that was getting away from me! Wordle 334 5/6*
  2. Ah! So close to back to back 2s… Wordle 333 3/6*
  3. Good word. Had to dig deep there. Wordle 331 5/6*
  4. Silly 2nd guess after some wine last night so came back today for a par 4 Wordle 330 4/6*
  5. Not sure there were many other options left by the third for me there. Wordle 322 3/6*
  6. Tricky Wordle 321 4/6* @jonamok I’m on about 100 since last actual fail. Logged valid streak is only 76 though after missing a day by mistake though.
  7. Could have easily been another 2 there Wordle 318 4/6*
  8. Vowel deduction made this fairly quick Wordle 317 3/6*
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