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  1. Just saw this above my post when I clicked submit. Sorry!
  2. 6. Maquette (PS5) - There is a really nice idea for a puzzle game in there somewhere, with the live recursive scale mechanic working technically very well throughout. However in this instance it never really gets going into anything that mind-blowing, with challenge level largely dictated by just not providing any sort of guidance or direction. It did make good use of the built in PS5 tip system though (first time I've really used it). The whole thing is also wrapped in a pretty dull narrative about two irritating people getting together via cheesy dialogue, and then having a very normal relationship (also via cheesy dialogue) followed by a dull and uninteresting break up (also via cheesy dialogue). It did nothing for me at all to be honest. To its credit the whole 'through the looking glass' aesthetic was pretty effective and it does look really good, I also don't think you can really complain about something you get for free (via PS+) but it's just a distinctly average experience overall which isn't what I usually get from Annapurna Interactive titles. - 5/10
  3. I do think there seems to be quite a lot of variety in the sound output levels people are experiencing with these and - seemingly - it's just pot luck if you get a good one or not. I play with mine in a cabinet (with the door open) and sit maybe 3ft directly in front of it on my gaming chair and you can't hear it at all at in normal game use unless the sound system is muted, and even then it's just a really quiet exhale of moving air that you have to purposely listen for. No coil whine (touch wood), buzzing or mechanical noise at all. I do get the random disc spin up thing now and again though. Genuinely though my SkyQ box is louder most of the time once it's warmed up and the fan kicks in. Personal experience is this is probably the most smooth and rewarding new console launch I've ever had, but I can understand the frustration if it isn't meeting expectations after waiting for something for so long and then dropping a load of cash on it.
  4. 4. Horizon Zero Dawn (PS5) My game completion rate was already down compared to last year, and this certainly didn't help matters. Having sunk 70 hours into this main game, getting the platinum trophy and 100% completion I can confidently say I've seen everything this game has to offer and huge portions of it are fantastic. I went in having been underwhelmed by premise and trailers on launch but hearing good things over the last few years. Well pretty much throughout my tempered expectations left for dust. The overall world plot/lore is probably one of the 'best in class' for its type - in any medium actually - once you get the full picture of it (I won't spoil anything by saying more) and I'm tempted to read more about it in the spin-off products like art books, etc... The key performances are very good and I really like Aloy's main arc. In fact as a character in general I really like her, strong, fierce, independent, thoughtful and charming. I felt more so that many other games she deserves the pedestal you inevitably raise her onto during the story. The soundtrack is epic, very diverse in style and sound, and really helps tie together a sense of robotic nightmare, tension, wilderness and tribal influences. I'm very tempted to drop some fairly serious cash on the 4 disc vinyl version in fact. The open world is huge but resists feeling too big in my opinion by some nice biome changes reflecting the condensed map it represents (again no spoilers) and benefits from a generous fast travel system once you start needing to bomb about a bit more later on in the game, however I did also have a lot of fun exploring on foot for hours. The range of tasks, challenges, side quests provided enough variety to keep me hooked, even if objectively there probably isn't a lot new there. However as you get a bit deeper (literally) into the game you get another nice level of variety to explore. Combat wise the melee isn't great, but it's all about the bow and arrow really and I'm not sure 'slow motion bullet time multi-arrow jump shots' into huge robotic animals (and hitting that sweet spot at just the right time) will ever get old. There is also quite a lot of variety there to experiment with. I was guilty of finding my zone early and sticking with it, however I think you could probably be more effective by learning the full tool range a bit more. It also looks amazing too, day/night and weather cycles make the epic landscapes even more effective. And the distant blue lights you see hazily between trees to indicate there are machines waiting for you can look absolutely as haunting as they should when matched with the excellent sound design. Basically I loved it, and put it right up on the top shelf of last gen games. I now have the platinum trophy for this, Bloodborne, God of War and Spider-man and each minute in all these games has been worth it. What a generation Sony have had content wise. I'll be there day one for Forbidden West when it hopefully lands later this year with all the next gen shinies on offer. 9/10 *** 5. Horizon Zero Dawn: Frozen Wilds [DLC] (PS5) - I held off finishing the main game final mission to complete the DLC and ended up putting another 12-14 hours into it alone for 97.8% completion (I've got a bugged reward which means I can't get the 100% annoyingly) and again, all the trophies. This content takes you into a new area which is a bit of a step change and is pretty cool (especially when you realise what it represents). Its a much much harder area but ultimately is pretty much more of the same. The main story is still good quality with some good character plots and development, but I would say some of the side stuff begins to drift into filler and in many cases a bit of a to do list over something more engaging. Still worth playing though if you like the main game. - 7/10 *** Now weighing up Control or The Last of Us Part 2 as a follow up as I think Ghost of Tsushima is going to be too similar too soon.
  5. The PS4 catalogue has been amazing. I'm (literally) 99% through Horizon Zero Dawn after thinking I'd be a bit 'meh' about it, but I've been surprised by yet another Sony exclusive gem. For me the following all sit comfortably in a 'must play' list for the platform: Bloodborne Spider-Man God of War Horizon Zero Dawn GT Sport The Last Guardian Shadow of the Colossus Remastered Journey Everybody's Gone to the Rapture I've also got Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, Until Dawn, Days Gone and Last of Us Part 2 sat in my draw still to play too so that list could well get longer over the next few months. Ultimately I'm a paid up Game Pass subscriber as well and while I actually played and enjoyed a lot of things on that during 2020 (probably by volume more than my PS), pretty much none of it can hold a candle to the titles above as top-tier gaming. The Sony quality was a league above last gen.
  6. @Jamie John Great post! I may well jump back in and mop up some more. I feel I’ve made pretty good progress to the credits so far... Along the way as well as the basic challenges I’ve done... So can definitely see the appeal of delving deeper to find out what else is there. I just know I have so much else to play I may well get tempted onto other things. Totally agree re: The Witness though. Top tier puzzling.
  7. 3. Fez (PS4) - This indie darling is a game I've bounced off previously for no other reason than losing momentum with it, however since buying the PS5 and moving the PS4 into the office it became the perfect lunch break puzzler during the week so I started it afresh. In summary it really is a great little enigmatic and creative game, especially given how small the dev team was, and deserves the various plaudits it received. Its core rotational mechanic is one of those simple but genius concepts that works solidly and even now is pretty much unique to this game. I'm not sure I have the time, dedication or brain power to find all the anti-cubes, codes and secrets, but if you like puzzle games (like Jonathon Blow's excellent Braid) you will really like this. - 8/10
  8. In my experience at least disc vs digital of the same title generally works fine. It's just when you move between editions (e.g. GOTY, etc...) you get more issues.Then you obviously things like Spider-man PS4 to Ultimate Edition on the PS5 not being possible, however as most stuff is running in BC mode I have - for now - had zero problems with my old saves. Despite protestations from the Xbox crowd this isn't just a Playstation issue. Things like original Ori and Blind Forest saves won't work with the definitive edition of the game, and the Witcher 3 has the same save transfer issue on both platforms. Xbox does seem to have a better track record on the whole though and better back end for devs to make it work.
  9. https://www.gamesradar.com/control-ps5-and-xbox-series-x-upgrades-launch-in-february-2021/ 60fps performance mode and 30fps ray-tracing mode.
  10. Oooh very nice! Ultimate Edition next-gen updates come out - just by chance - on Feb 2nd I believe. I have it already downloaded on Game Pass but would much rather play it with the new shinies! Thinking about it actually that pretty much puts my Xbox on the backburner until some new stuff starts landing on Game Pass as Control was pretty much the last thing left on there I really wanted to play.
  11. Yeah there is a bit of a curve there but I’d definitely recommend it, even if just for basic commits and branches initially. The GameDevTV lot teach it alongside the Unity basics as it gives you more creative freedom and means you can “fail fast” on ideas without compromising your working code (or rely on mass undos). It also means you can - if you are so inclined/disciplined - have a couple of ideas branches on the go at once to allow yourself a bit of headspace on a project (e.g. get the camera zooming bit started, get annoyed, and leave it for a bit and do some other stuff like UI and then come back to it). You just need to make sure you don’t end up with a huge collection of unfinished ideas/branches knocking about (I give myself a max 3 limit). I really want to get back into this again. I had a really good stint learning it in early 2019 but it’s been mostly parked since the middle of that year due to work/family/life/covid/etc... If you get in the zone I found it really rewarding, especially as a bit of a tonic from the programming I do as a day job.
  12. This is going back a bit in your journey but I’m only just catching up. However, are you using version control system (like GIT)? If not you really should consider it as it gives you the freedom to use branches to experiment with new ideas, refactor, break things, etc... all while having the peace of mind that your Master branch is still intact and working.
  13. Not sure if it’s different for Blu-ray Discs, but I’ve just put a standard DVD in the PS5 for the first time to watch a film with my boy and it’s totally silent. Impressed, given the comments on here previously I was expecting to be irritated by the drive noise.
  14. Yeah, I had this once while playing Demon Souls (1 of my only 2 issues I've had with the system since launch). I found that plugging in and turning on my HOTAS stick made it all come back to life again (just like your second pad) and I could then carry on as normal as well.
  15. @peeveen I agree wholeheartedly. I never managed to get the timed final challenge done and I would now be way to rusty on the various puzzle types to attempt it, but I'm actually quite tempted to run the entire thing again and try and finish it off. Fantastic game.
  16. I think it's this. Xbox Live Gold has been a terrible proposition for ages now (basically since launching Game Pass) as the online experience is just the same as every other platform and the games are now consistently shit every month. It's basically just an Xbox tax and I think they are now just trying to make it as unattractive as possible so people suck up the little bit extra and go for Game Pass Ultimate (which is definitely a much much better offer) and help towards their overall subscription service strategy. They probably just feel they can't get away with canning it altogether right now as there would be complaints from people that just want to play games they have bought in shops online without signing up to a full game service. I think it's on borrowed time though. It's an interesting one as I've been a bit surprised how Sony have seemingly tried to maintain a pretty strong value proposition with PS+, to the point the PS Now isn't something I've ever really considered (even though at it's price it is perhaps better value than Game Pass barring the lack of guaranteed exclusives at launch). I suspect they are just watching how Microsoft get on for now. Either way, at the moment PS+ and Game Pass Ultimate for me works a treat as a setup.
  17. Everything but this please I really like the sub-30 min average running time as I find I can usually fit one in when I'm in the mood regardless of my schedule. Hour long things always get backed up for months until I have the time to watch them. More episodes would be good though.
  18. Finished S3 last night... as with all of them it has a few hokey moments - and the kids bits can sometimes be a bit meh - but overall I really enjoyed it again and put it firmly above S2 quality wise. I'm basically game for any section where Johnny Lawrence is the focus, I just think they've done really well with that character arc and made him somehow vulnerable, short-tempered, sensitive, funny, stupid and also fundamentally still a bit of a prick. The mix is weirdly likeable though. The Kreese origins were good too, and I felt we finally got a bit of pay off from that whole setup towards the end. I also like how they continually poke at Daniel being equally in the wrong throughout (and literally just say it outright in the final episode). Also - as partly mentioned above - I'm amazed at how the cast of Karate Kid seem to have all aged so well... Bring on S4!
  19. My boy got me (or rather my wife got him it to give me) the limited edition version of the "Art of Jedi: Fallen Order" book for my birthday and it really is excellent. I've got quite a few concept art books for various games and films and this one is right up there. The one I got is the same as below but I believe the actual content of the book is the same as the standard edition which is much cheaper. Great compliment to my concept art book for The Mandalorian.
  20. They look smart @Thor Where from? We bought a friend one of these for a recent 'big birthday'...
  21. Gris (PS5) - If you were to be critical of this indie platformer you could perhaps accuse it of being a little bit style over substance, especially for the first half where the platforming is very basic. But my word what tremendous style it has! It is undoubtably one of the most beautiful games I've ever played, with silky smooth movement/animation and a frankly outstanding score by Berlinist. It has an enigmatic narrative that feels almost like a sister piece to things like Journey which I also hold so dear. And as the game gets going it does introduce some nice ideas and a few interesting, if fairly simple, puzzles to solve. It's just a lovely chilled out experience, almost an interactive graphic art piece, and worth every single penny of the £5.99 I got it for in the recent sale. - 9/10
  22. @cavalcade Wow. Obviously you are totally entitled to like or not like whatever you want, but I'm not sure I've seen a pair of such polar opposite posts to my own view in quite a long time! The Mandalorian and The Expanse are probably my favourite sci-fi shows since Space: Above and Beyond, and I really didn't get on with either Firefly* or BSG. Still life would be dull if we all liked the same things though so it's all good. * I appreciate I'm in a massive minority on this based on most people I know but I found Firefly the definition of 'meh'.
  23. Thanks @shirubagan. I'm planning on getting Apple Arcade this month to try Little Orpheus, The Last Campfire and The Pathless so will put this on the list too. I've liked UsTwo's games previously (and actually met some of their studio too and they are a really nice bunch).
  24. Probably because I've just realised I'm thinking of 3-1 not 2-1... Sorry!
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