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  1. Annoying. Considered the wordle at guess two and changed my mind and went a different way. Wordle 310 4/6*
  2. Phew! Really thought that was me done then, so many options still on the table. Still that is my 100th win from 103 games (my streak got broken ages ago with a missed day unfortunately so only at 59). Onwards! Wordle 304 6/6*
  3. Another lucky 3 for me tonight. The 3/4/5 symmetry is back on my stats again too. Wordle 299 3/6*
  4. I did the “way more obscure guess than the fairly obvious wordle” thing again at 4 Wordle 297 5/6*
  5. Considered the wordle a move earlier. Woulda, Coulda Shoulda Wordle 295 5/6*
  6. Grrr. Just pot luck between a 2 or a fail again today. Wordle 293 5/6*
  7. slow start, strong finish Daily Quordle 72 quordle.com
  8. Hit a mental block on options after the third guess last night so polished it off this morning with a fresh head. Wordle 291 4/6*
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