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  1. Considered the wordle a move earlier. Woulda, Coulda Shoulda Wordle 295 5/6*
  2. Grrr. Just pot luck between a 2 or a fail again today. Wordle 293 5/6*
  3. slow start, strong finish Daily Quordle 72 quordle.com
  4. Hit a mental block on options after the third guess last night so polished it off this morning with a fresh head. Wordle 291 4/6*
  5. Another 3 that became a 6! Wordle 286 6/6* Current streak has just become my best (after I missed a day by accident 41 days ago).
  6. Thought this was going the annoying direction again. Wordle 284 5/6*
  7. Can see a few people finding this one tricky. Wordle 281 4/6*
  8. The state of that! One of my worst I’d say. Daily Quordle #61 quordle.com
  9. Very similar I think… Wordle 280 4/6* Ironically the wordle today was one of my opening guesses a couple of days ago
  10. Genuinely thought I’d get this in three as I couldn’t think of any other combination. How wrong and overconfident. Wordle 272 5/6*
  11. Made a meal of today by being tired and/or stupid. Should have had it at 4. Wordle 271 6/6*
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