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  1. Frustrating close to an even quicker one Wordle 264 3/6*
  2. Hmm… feel like I should have got there sooner. Wordle 262 5/6*
  3. Pleased with that. My best one yet Daily Quordle #42 quordle.com
  4. Luckily whipped through this as I almost forgot to do it! Wordle 258 3/6*
  5. Good one, and weirdly prophetic… Wordle 257 3/6*
  6. Strange one. Hard mode locked me into something that I just starred at for ages without having any ideas until the wordle. Not sure but felt like it was maybe the only valid word left with the selection of letters I had unused. Wordle 251 4/6*
  7. Should have been 3, except I was an idiot and made a stupid guess I knew wouldn’t be likely instead of the obvious one. Wordle 248 4/6*
  8. Well, better start that streak again. Weird to get all the 5 letters without the Wordle, don’t think that has happened to me before… Wordle 246 4/6*
  9. Bye bye 42 streak Too many options in the end. Wordle 245 X/6*
  10. Chin scratched this a fair bit more than usual. Wordle 244 5/6*
  11. Just logged in to check I’d done todays (I’ve annoyingly previously missed one by mistake and broke my streak) but did notice a nice bit of order to my guess distribution chart… Zen
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