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  1. Standard 4… but just realised I hadn’t done yesterdays so my streak has reset Wordle 229 4/6*
  2. Wordle 227 3/6* Another 3. I could easily see some people getting it in one today though.
  3. Average again on a 50/50 3rd pick. That’s my streak up to 20 now. Wordle 224 4/6*
  4. Wordle 219 4/6* Very much par it seems. 50% of mine are now 4/6
  5. Wordle 216 4/6 Same thought process as you @jonamok for the third try.
  6. Dunno why I struggled with this one today. Ended up with just 6 unused letters (including 4 very rarely used ones). Wordle 214 6/6
  7. Blimey. That is quite a move. I don’t generally subscribe to the tribal thing as I’ve usually had and very much enjoyed both consoles, but I think “buying COD and WOW” is a bit of a statement Sony won’t be able to ignore.
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