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  1. The ghosts can traditionally sometimes be a big buggy. I didn't see any on my run either but in the past I have had them come back after a day or so.
  2. @David Kenny Thanks, just what I needed.
  3. What's everyone's opinion on the whole thermal paste replacement thing? I've seen it mentioned now about 5 times in the last 2 weeks from different sources and wonder if it's something to be thinking about doing now the units are getting a bit older. Mine has recently been doing the hairdryer trick with No Man's Sky and Driveclub so I'm thinking it may be worth investigating? EDIT: Sorry! Just realised this was the discussion topic about 1 page ago Think I'm going to look into doing mine over the next few weeks. Anyone got a link to a good guide? I use to build overclocked PCs no I'm not alien to the process but not had a PS4 apart before.
  4. It's still seems to be on the Apple app store (I literally just re-downloaded it now). Will post up the scores in two ticks...
  5. Argh! Totally forgot about this. Will try and tear myself from NMS later and set a time.
  6. Well I finally left my starting system last night. I had a good mooch around all 5 planets in the system (the final two were very barren) and 100% discovered 3 of them (there is one with only one discovery left but I think it's bugged*). After some aluminium mining I was up to nearly 2mil credits so treated myself to a Alien dropship-esque style ship with 24 slots... I then charged up the hyperdrive, opened up the galactic map for the first time and... wow!... this galaxy really is massive. It's quite intimidating just how many systems are out there once you start free roaming the map. It very suddenly puts into perspective how small a part of the game you are as a player. Anyway, picked a nearby system (the "Reaper System") because it sounded good, but also because I could see it had already been discovered by someone else (username" Celtic_Reaver") so thought I'd go an see what evidence I could find of his travels. Unfortunately it seems he must have warped on quickly as all 4 planets in the system are all still labelled as "undiscovered". Well they were, I've just claimed one... Having not had any moons in my starting system I decided I wanted to see what a planet skyline would look like so I headed over to the biggest planet (which had a single moon) and touched down just after the night terminator had passed and was certainly not disappointed with the view... There isn't a lot on here though so I'll probably bag some metals and then head to the main planet for a look around before heading to the "off-planet manufacturing facility" that Atlas has sent me towards that is orbiting this same planet. Loving the game still. * I can sometimes see the shadows of birds flapping around on the ground but when you look up there aren't any in the sky anywhere.
  7. GET IN! I did another 2 hours of hunting for the creature I mentioned in my last post (to 100% by starting planet) with no luck, decided to cut my loses and do a little sweep for drop-pods before calling it a day and found this mooching around at one of the landing sites... 100% complete, reward claimed and now off to my second planet. This one seems to be a toxic wasteland with shed loads of ore to mine/trade so it's going to be a different experience to the friendly lush landscapes of Ninja Prime that I've been used to.
  8. Put another 3 hours into it last night (still haven't made planetfall anywhere other than my starting planet). Had a bit more purpose this time so have made some progress with my exosuit upgrades (up to about 17 slots now I think) but am beginning to feel Ninja Prime has showed me it's hand now and it's approaching time to move on. However... I have one last creature to scan for the 100% (which specifically on my starting planet I'd like to do), annoyingly I've spent the best part of 2 hours solely searching for it and have found every other creature multiple times except the one I need! What makes it all the worse is I've already physically seen it! It was right next to my starting crash site at the beginning of the game before I knew how to analyse things, I even took a photo... The hunt will continue later I expect!
  9. Yeah, I was doing that (although it auto tracked me towards beacon marker that was just in front as it happened), it still too about 5 realtime minutes to get there!
  10. I have that too! Thought it might be "shield" as I picked up a planet resource that said something like "shield restored" and I think it went away. EDIT: Just saw @joeplus's reply above. Forgot to say I tried that. I immediately got some carbon resources and ran over to where I was sure it had hit the ground but couldn't find the body. Will try again.
  11. Another hour or so for me last night. Decided to leave Ninja Prime briefly to seek out the space station to sell some of my valuable stuff as my inventory was rammed and my order nature couldn't just destroy some fairly tradable looking items. Blasted out into space for the first time straight into an asteroid field (gorgeous!) and eventually made the boost over to the local station (about 5 minutes of travelling at full boost, dunno if that is a big distance or not relatively). Spoke to several Gek traders and I'm now classed as a "friend" of the Gek Dominion. I also managed to find one travelling trader who really REALLY wanted my "fascination balls" and was will to pay 98% over the galactic average price so I cleared my inventory and boosted back to Ninja Prime with a nice little 250,000 unit profit in my bank account. I'm now having a sweep around the planet checking things out, learning from monoliths (found several small but two massive ones with cryptic questions to answer) and trying to find the final 2 lifeforms to analyse and log before I head back to the station to trade up and try the next planet (literally next to the space station so will be easier). A COUPLE OF QUICK QUESTIONS - Can you scan birds/flying creatures? There are some on my planet and in my visor they are coming up with the red dots to say they are unknown but no matter how I try and scan them (zoomed in, jet packing, stand on high terrain, etc...) I can't get them to scan. - White dots on the hud/radar. Sometimes when I'm in the visor/scan mode a little dot will ping (usually a long long way away). What are these? I followed one in my ship (about 3 minutes of flying away) and it turned out to be a monolith but I'm not sure why they are just randomly popping up now and again. - I'm craving a map mode on the planets too which would allow you to show/set waypoints too navigate too as well. Anyone found any way of doing this? I found a sealed depot with a steel door that was destroyable. I was mid way through doing it and got attacked by sentinels, then remembered I had not slots left anyway so went to the space station to sell up and tried to find it again on my return but think I'm in totally the wrong area.
  12. Just done my full introduction to Ninja Prime here... http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/293971-no-mans-sky-starting-planet-pictures/&do=findComment&comment=10980682 Love the game so far after the first hour or so. Have a feeling I may have gone off piste from the tutorial as all the repair resources I needed for the ship were really close by so I did that to have a fly around and now I'm seemingly not really being led onto anything else. I've also seen no mention of these "three paths" that you apparently have to choose from (unless I've missed something obvious?). Anyway, I'm going to bed but here is just a couple of the shots from my little home planet...
  13. My first hour into the game, I'd like to welcome you to Ninja Prime. This was my starting point, literally my first glimpse of my new home... To the left of my there were some rocky mounds so I went to investigate as night began to fall... Thankfully all major repairs could be completed by gathering within a minute or so travel of my crash site (including a short trip into a cave system for some more limited resources)... Along the way I encountered some small lizard type dogs, and then a large winged quadraped. Very friendly (but unfortunately too fast to get a good photo of). After a while it was time to launch the ship and see what I could find. The first thing was a small deserted settlement... I repaired a beacon and did an area scan which flagged an alien monolith nearby... I'm now able to say "give" and "high" in the language of the Gek Dominion (a species that sound fairly aggressive so the former could become very useful). Moving on once more I stumbled across a small shelter and decided it was time to touch down for the night. Not a bad view for this wandering spaceman to take in while he takes a break from it all... This game.
  14. Loved Hunter. I was too young to play it properly but I remember sinking hours and hours into that game wandering the island and failing at everything and still being hooked.
  15. Good old Simply... ordered just after 2pm yesterday with normal 1st class delivery. Just arrived through my work's door and is in my hands now. Just need to countdown the 6.5 hours left until I can go home!
  16. Same here. Previously my Simply orders have arrived next day and given someone put an order in on Friday and received the game Saturday I'm holding out hope it arrives.
  17. Sod it. Simply Games order has been placed. DS3 and Uncharted 4 are just going to have to sit on that pile of shame a little longer.
  18. Hmmm... damn it. Think I'm going to have to get on board again because of @Davros sock drawer and his trigger happy screenshot/video finger One question... black holes? Are there any in the procedural universe that have been observed so far in streams/trailers/etc..? Just had the random thought while daydreaming about not being in the office and playing this.
  19. I deliberately haven't preordered this (as I have a baby which means - like my day one Force Awakens blu-ray - it'll sit on the shelf for days/weeks/months unopened) but I'm really starting to get excited about it. I've been eagerly waiting for a decent 'space' game on the PS4 (where are you Elite damn you) and I think this could potentially be just the game I'm craving. I hope you 'dispatched' guys get lucky and I can start reading your hands-on views on it this weekend. If it's brilliant I'll probably just go and buy it anyway and relegate DS3 and Uncharted 4 further down the pile of shame even if I don't get many hours to sink into it initially.
  20. I'm not sure I'll be able to put quite as many hours per week into watching refago and/or spatular's ghosts drive off over the horizon but I'd like to be involved still Cheers, U-1! (you're a good egg)
  21. They're probablytrying to sell my one on Has there been any figures released on number of UK pre-orders yet? I'd be interested to know just how popular this is.
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