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  1. Just tried DRIVECLUB via remote play from my Mac at work as a bit of an experiment, really impressed! At 720p it had a couple of laggy bits and there was a bit of a treacle effect on the controls but it was much more playable than I expected. Managed to get 2 stars on a new drift event so can't be that bad. That said I probably won't do much driving or FPS on it generally, but I can definitely see myself doing some slower paced games (things like Telltale's Walking Dead games) on it over a lunch break, etc...
  2. Cheers mate I finally managed to get an hour or so on it again on Sunday evening and was banging my head against your time for most of it. Very close, sorry for it being a little cheeky and late.
  3. In fairness, there were some penalty sensitivities early on with corners and car-on-car impacts that felt a bit jarring, but with community input the setup was refined really well by the team at Evo and the net result is lovely experience in my opinion.
  4. Missed your stream but it did make me think I should probably sign up for Twitch and do my own now and again. Will pst a link if I plan a big session sometime. On a side note, thanks again for organising U-1. Can I ask a silly little favour? Could I get one of the coloured blocks on the scoresheet for my 3rd place this week please, just because it might be the only one I ever get with all the strong competition around!
  5. Damn! Set my time late on Sunday night and due to various holiday things this week haven't even turned the PS4 on again. Will make it a mini-mission to get a decent session on it this week to recover some lost ground. Cheers again U-1!
  6. Wow, well this week is certainly a change of pace/challenge! Love it. Can't see the final timing boards being anywhere near as close as the last couple of weeks though with so much room for error over the distance. Definitely think I'll have to scratch this run though...
  7. Great news! No point in cutting our noses off because of Sony's silly decisions.
  8. Well done all. Great pace from the new crowd once again! Spatular, talk about cutting it close! I thought I'd log into the app to check the final times and saw your final time pop up just 0.011 seconds ahead of me with about 40 seconds left on the challenge clock. Significantly more exciting the Q3 of the Formula 1 this weekend!
  9. Versions are the same. It's just better having the digital to avoid messing about with discs. To be honest the season pass is amazing value. Well worth snapping up in the sale!
  10. First bit of VR kit has arrived... It does feel kinda weird having a PS3 badge on it given what it's going to be used for. (Cheers@jonamok )
  11. VR racing (I'm hoping Rushy will be sorting us out in that department ). Perhaps Codemasters doing F1 VR is a possibility? That could be immense. Actually, thinking about it VR Lightsabers are in there somewhere as well to be honest it should probably be three reasons.
  12. That is basically one of the two main reasons I want to believe in VR!
  13. Star Wars Battlefront VR. Hardware for £349. Sign me up!
  14. Amazing! Thanks for posting (and thanks for stream Geoff!) october 2016 £349 wow!
  15. Doh! I'd totally forgotten you mentioned the earlier finish times last week and I just logged in to try and get back into the top 10 of the F40 challenge assuming it was open till 11:30ish. To be fair I really wasn't getting to grips with it this week so not sure how much improvement would have been made. Mental note to self: Must set competitive times before Sunday!
  16. I'm up for some drifting. I'll check I've got the challenge as I didn't see the last one.
  17. I need to get back on this as I just checked the app I'm slipping down the ranks rapidly! I love the F40 as a car, but I have to say the handling of it does bug me in some situations. After the r/l/l/r chicane and hammering down the fast curves at the back of the circuit I can't seem to get into a position where I can take the car out wide enough, brake hard enough and turn in tight enough to get a really fast line for the left-hander without the back end stepping out massively during one of those three phases. It means I end up coming off the power a lot earlier to keep things balanced but feel like I'm throwing time away. Equally that final chicane doesn't seem a bit hit or miss for me, sometimes I nail it fast, sometimes coming over the rise the back end gets really unsettled and I have a massive accident. Need to practice practice practice I think as refago is getting something like 3 seconds on me just through that third sector!
  18. I use the pad in standard setup (R2/L2) and manual gears. I could see one last night but I'm not sure if he's improved his time since then so it may have disappeared. Will check later and report back. I had that problem on a previous TT week where I could only see my ghost the whole week.
  19. Thanks U-1. Really strong newcomer competition for the top end of the table! Well done chaps. I put a time in on Monday I was fairly happy with (it was a fairly clear 2nd at the time) and only managed to get on again for about 40 minutes tonight before the deadline. I did manage to chip off a couple more tenths to get a slightly better place but annoyingly I was just starting to get to grips with it again when the time ran out. I think I only had a high-end 1:03 in me at best to be honest anyway, definitely no where near refago's time!
  20. Silky smooth mate, great lap! Mine looks just like that but with added slides, wheelspin and clipping track boundaries Not been able to have another bash for a day or so but hoping to get on tonight/tomorrow for another crack with full manual (did my current on auto again). It looks like it's going to sort out some of my wheel spin issues as I'll be able to short shift if required. Thanks for sharing.
  21. Yep, especially at the higher levels, I think they turn gold at level 6 (?) at which point you get really big rewards. Worth sticking it out with one manufacturer for a while if you can.
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