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  1. I don’t agree on the human form bit. I threw myself off the Nexus ledge all the time to stay in soul form and keep the tendency white. Cling ring plus a few pips in VIT more than make up the deficit in hit points and also made it less cagey when making exploratory runs. Re: Time... I would strongly recommend applying the approach I had with both Bloodborne and this (my only From games) which was to set a target of one small thing each run and then try and achieve that. It could be a small thing like learn an enemy move set/counter, or placement, get enough souls for an upgrade, etc... Or equally something bigger like opening a shortcut or doing a boss run. Just set the the goal whatever it is and focus on that, and try and learn something each time even if you die trying. Anything else is then a bonus. I find that it a) allows me to feel like progress is being made all the time in small increments, b) keeps you looking forward and not getting caught in the frustration cycle of feeling like you are constantly losing things rather than gaining things, and c) ultimately makes you better at the game. It isn’t about doing big multi-hour single runs of levels all the time and also means you can switch on for 30-60 minutes and feel like it was a useful period of time. Also remember you can save and quit anytime mid-level to break things up into smaller sessions if you need to.
  2. @tobert I hit a tough patch almost exactly where you are now and basically just died repeatedly to the mob at the end of 1-2 until I got frustrated with it. I took a quick break on a puzzle game for a couple of days, got a pep talk from @jonamok who got my head back in the game and then I knuckled down to it. Once I was over that hump things clicked a lot more and the rest of the game kind of unfolded from there. Stick with it! If there is a specific bit you are struggling with post up for some advice, or if you need tips on build options loads of people here know plenty to help out. From what you have said I’d stick to 2-1, 3-1 or 4-1 and try and learn the levels and creatures, and more specifically the boss run so you can get there as fast as possible and bag one. It’s amazing how taking even one of the big boys down can give you a boost in confidence to help with the rest of it.
  3. @Darwock My T-Flight is packaged up with a return sticker on today as the drift has continued to get worse to the point of me not enjoying the last few sessions I've played. Going to see how I get on with pad for a bit and maybe look at the Hori in the future.
  4. Totally agree with you. I was really surprised by the lukewarm reaction to the score. I loved it straight away and the S1 tracks are some of the most played on my Apple Music from this year. S2 pushes it on even further quality wise.
  5. Very happy with all those. Rise and Maneater were already on my list of things to try eventually and Greedfall looks interesting.
  6. Only just spotted this thread after posting a similar GOTY reply in the 'completed games' one...
  7. Well despite my best efforts I'm not going to get my current game finished before the bells chime so it looks like I'm signing off 2020 with 36 games finished. That is still frankly amazing given in 2019 I finished literally 4 games and I've had the pleasure of playing some absolute bangers this time around. A quick round-up from me... 2020 completed game of the year Jedi: Fallen Order - This was my Boxing Day purchase last year - and my first completion of 2020 - and I absolutely adored it. It's far from perfect in several departments being objective, but the fusion of soulsborne-lite combat/loop with Uncharted style platforming, all wrapped up in some of the best Star Wars atmosphere for years created a package that landed in exactly the right form at exactly the right time to push all of my buttons. Added to that BD-1 being one of the best ever sidekicks ever (so much so I built my own lego version of him) gave it a charm that outweighed the slightly wooden lead character and saw it also become my first platinum trophy of the year too. It also marked the first step in a resurgence of my love for Star Wars being followed up by the excellent The Mandalorian and Squadrons. All in all - for me - it was just a brilliant brilliant experience and I can't wait for a sequel. Games still in progress Uncharted 4 Forza Horizon 4 Games abandoned Subnautica (due to performance issues killing the enjoyment for me after about 40 hours of effort) I have really enjoyed keeping track of my gaming over the year in this thread and will continue to do so should there be one for 2021. Thanks for all the likes. Have a great New Year all, stay safe.
  8. Same. I have now ordered/preordered a Series S twice and then cancelled it as if I actually stop and think about it I just don’t need it at the moment with the big stack of great titles have to play on the PS5 (and access to essential Game Pass only games via my Xbox One which still runs them fine). FOMO can be a loud voice on the shoulder though and if it hadn’t been for the lack of space in my cabinet for a full fat XsX I’d probably have caved on one of those already. I expect I’ll make the leap once the proper Xbox Studios games start finally landing.
  9. Wow, so where the hell do you source giant mugs from now then?
  10. Great shout on Lego City Undercover people. My boy absolutely adores it and has just done his first mission with zero input from me and is over the moon. Just need to control his urge to want to play it 24/7 now! Thanks everyone!
  11. I got TLOU2 as a Christmas gift but decided it was perhaps a little heavy for Christmas gaming (hence UC4). A full boost patch would be nice but from I what hear it’s pretty amazing looking anyway isn’t it? I don’t think I’ll be waiting specifically and will get into it when I’m in the mood.
  12. Decided to make Uncharted 4 from the PS Plus Collection my Christmas game and enjoying it so far. Really fast loading on the PS5 and it runs well, not sure if it actually has an upgrade though as I never played it on the PS4. It looks amazing though! Otherwise the PS5 is still going strong, no new crashes or bugs of note and still whisper quiet all the time barring a game install or random disc spin up. Love this console. Will get UC4 finished and then decide where to go next, I have got a huge pile of shame now thanks to the PS+ stuff, sales and gifts
  13. 4yo had a good blast on Sonic but has now got completely hooked on Lego City Undercover and we are already on the rationing stage. Mum/in-law gaming tour didn't happen in the end as someone my Mum had contact with someone last week who got randomly tested by ONS for the national covid surgery and got an asymptomatic positive result which meant my Mum had to isolate and couldn't come to ours after all She's fine though more than a week on and if she's clear she can come over for NYE instead (we're all in a support bubble) so I'll show her a few games then. From my side I finished Squadrons and Call of the Sea as planned, and I'm now 9 chapters into Uncharted 4. Enjoying it so far, it's basically just a gorgeous clone of Uncharted 3 to be honest but that isn't a criticism, I've enjoyed all of them for the Indiana Jones style romp they are.
  14. @Jamie John Correct on all counts. I'll definitely be getting back onto this to finish it off should I ever end up with a Series console.
  15. I didn’t get Ghost of Tsushima as a gift in the end. I did get TLOU2 but I don’t want something so heavy right now so I’m going to start Uncharted 4 tonight!
  16. 36. Call of the Sea (XB1) - Puzzle game-cum-walking sim which takes reference points from things like Firewatch, Edith Finch, Rapture, Ether One and even back to classics like Myst. I'm not sure it reaches as high as any of those to be honest but is enjoyable enough if you like these types of game experiences, and a couple of the puzzles were pleasantly challenging. Visually it is pretty striking with an almost cell-shaded aesthetic, however I suffered pretty problematic pop-in and frame rate issues on my OG Xbox One. The plot leans into a Lovecraftian vibe nicely and despite an ending which I wasn't really that satisfied with I did like the overall feel and mythos. However the biggest niggle for me was the voice acting, while not bad line by line, I thought the bounce between shocked/horrified realisations about what was happening one second to really whimsically toned jokes/memories with the next item you pickup made it feel pretty inconsistent. Ultimately I had fun with it and would say it's worth a go on Game Pass, but there are several better games of this style out there if you haven't already played them. - 6/10
  17. My boy also decided to try on his on this morning
  18. Ditto! I got the grey 3/4 sleeve baseball version too. Strike First. Strike Hard. Merry Christmas all.
  19. Slight early diversion of our plans. My boy asked as a Christmas Eve treat if he could have a go on something so we played a bit more Phogs followed by his first blast on a driving game, Forza Horizon 4. After getting through the intro and him selecting a Ford Focus RS I popped into the kitchen to help his Mum with some food for 5 mins and came back to find him giggling while doing donuts around a tree... proud Dad moment.
  20. 35. Star Wars: Squadrons (PS4/5) - I can't be totally objective about this game as X-Wing Alliance was one of my most formative gaming experiences and I've been eagerly awaiting a follow-up game for 20 years. Truth be told I was expecting to be a bit disappointed. However credit to Motive (and Creative Director Ian Frazier) as you can feel that they are also genuine fans and have poured that into a game which - ultimately by EA standards - is essentially a low-budget experiment of a title. Aesthetically it looks and sounds exactly as you want a Star Wars fighter sim to be, and throws you into the universe from the pilots seat beautifully well. The flight model is also just brilliant fun with a sense of pace, agility and scale when flying near capital ships (I don't think a strafing run on a Star Destroyer will ever feel old). Multiplayer is competitive and hard (in a good way, you have to get good) but perhaps a little limited in its mode options (dogfight or fleet battle). Pleasingly the single player is also better than I expected. You aren't going to get the Ace Azzameen narrative feels from it like Alliance, but it does weave together a decent enough Star Wars tale with some good characters and epic battles over about 10 hours of play. Ultimately it knows what it is and doesn't overreach itself and is the better for it, the net result being (along with Fallen Order) one of the best Star Wars titles for many years. If it makes enough money I have high hopes for a sequel and/or single player Alliance follow-up, but at what is now £20 pretty much everywhere it is an absolute steal of a game if you have ever dreamt of flying an X-Wing. - 8/10
  21. Sorry for bumping this after so long but... It’s currently £8 on both PS4/5 and Xbox in the sales and I want to grab it for me (and my son) to play. Is the co-op any good? My 4yo boy is very new to gaming so it might be an option to help him out, however I only have 2 pads on my old Xbox and would probably lean towards the PS4/5 option if it isn’t that great. Cheers.
  22. Having recently boxed off Demon Souls (and shortly - possibly tonight - Squadrons and Call of the Sea) I am leaving a space clear to play Ghost of Tsushima (which I will hopefully be getting as a gift). If not I also have Horizon: Zero Dawn, Hollow Knight, Uncharted 4 and Cyberpunk all sat there ready to go. Weirdly both my Mum and my father-in-law have both independently asked for me to do a whistle stop tour of modern gaming as they haven’t really seen anything since the Megadrive era and are interested to see how it’s changed after seeing some of the next gen marketing. However the main focus is going to be on my 4 (nearly 5) year old lad who has under the tree his own controller and a copy of Lego City Undercover as his first ever gaming present. I’m also going to buy Sonic Mania in the sales (£8 on both PS4/5 and Xbox) for us to play together as he has recently got into the Sonic Boom cartoon and the original games were my absolute favourites as a kid.
  23. At the risk of dragging this thread away from TLJ... Not sure it has been posted explicitly but Favreau and Kennedy have confirmed that Mando 3 is happening as planned. They decided to keep the news under wraps instead of mentioning it as part of the recent the investor day announcements.
  24. I get a lot of people seem to love FH4 here but for a balance of opinion I've put about 8-9 hours into FH4 so far and would only summarise it as "okay". It does look undeniably pretty (and I expect even better with lots of silky smooth Series X goodness in there) and you are getting a lot of game for your shared subscription cost on GP, but I find the actual driving model/physics pretty ropey most of the time to the point of if not really being that fun. Combined with the ridiculously long load times on my ageing OG One (again probably improved by new hardware) it has meant I struggle to care enough to go back to it regularly and have certainly enjoyed it a lot less so far than both FH and FH2 (I haven't played FH3) which I played every inch of at the time. Mileage varies obviously and I seem to be in the minority which is fine. Bit of a shame though as I was really in the mood for a good racer.
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