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  1. Silky smooth mate, great lap! Mine looks just like that but with added slides, wheelspin and clipping track boundaries Not been able to have another bash for a day or so but hoping to get on tonight/tomorrow for another crack with full manual (did my current on auto again). It looks like it's going to sort out some of my wheel spin issues as I'll be able to short shift if required. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Yep, especially at the higher levels, I think they turn gold at level 6 (?) at which point you get really big rewards. Worth sticking it out with one manufacturer for a while if you can.
  3. Not sure if it's different with the iOS version but when I click into a challenge on my iPhone you can see the whole leaderboard (all 19 places).
  4. New app is now available on Android and iOS, just scan the QR code to keep up to date with all your challenges...
  5. Nice, just checked the iOS app store and no such release there as yet from what I can see.
  6. Great video! Line wise it looks pretty much exactly what I'm aiming for, I think yours just maintains that bit more control/balance through the lap and just looks tidier. Do you always using the chase cam position? I might try it.
  7. Dear U-1, As league commissioner I wanted to draw your attention to a significant problem with the current league rules and regulations. Mr refago is too quick! With his newly improved time of 59.498 (!!!) it seems clear to me that he is actually just too good for me to beat. It is evident that the existing fair, unbiased system that relies on skill, talent and technique is not going to suffice any longer and I propose some sort of ballast/penalty system for him that will let me beat him. Please consider the options - perhaps he should be made to play with the pad upside-down or something? Yours, FiveFootNinja -- Seriously though mate, that latest lap is epic. Well done. My gut feeling was that if I could get my best sectors all hooked up I might just be able to squeeze ahead of your previous time (although I haven't managed it yet!) but your new time feels pretty untouchable at the moment. I'd love to see a video of one of your quick laps just to see how different it is. I'm going to go back to manual again tonight and see if I can find some tenths with some practice. Kudos.
  8. Yeah it is annoying. I think the penalty only comes up if all 4 wheels go over the apex curb so try and just run it a foot or so wider to keep the outer 2 on the tarmac. I tend to kick the back out just a tad on entry to keep it wide enough without losing too much on the line if that helps.
  9. Well I tried a bit of manual last night and it went a bit better than expected. I got fairly consistently within 0.3-0.4 secs of my best time pretty quickly so definitely something I'm going to experiment with some more, however I feel that auto with the manual override is probably the best for me on this track with this car as I'm only modifying the gear selection in one or two places. Annoyingly I didn't actually improve on my final lap time. I did however do two consecutive laps where I PB'd 2 out of 3 sectors (different each lap) which I think would have seen me just sneak under the minute mark by a couple of thousandths if I could have actually get them all hooked up together in one go (easier said than done). Will keep plugging away.
  10. Well based on your consistently fast times I'll bow down to your knowledge on that one.
  11. I run the vanilla setup on a pad. I tried with manual gears but didn't find I gained any real advantage and sometimes worrying about it got in the way of me trying to hit the lines so I went back to auto. I do sometimes find myself at a corner exit wishing it would drop a gear to get the revs up though so I might give it another go in tour mode and see how I get on.
  12. After messing up an attempted lap in this weeks time trial competition, I decided to take the Dodge Charger SRT for a full drift lap around the new Old Town location. Pretty stunning and a really nice car to get sideways in...
  13. Interestingly I've noticed I take a slightly different approach to that first bend than both kiroquai and spatular (yes, he was once again topping the chart/ghost when I logged in last night ) that seems to setup the first sector fairly well for me. Middle sector is about par I think but I just can't get that final corner braking/turn-in point nailed. There was an average speed trap on the final straight last night that was set at 87mph, I think my best through there is 84mph and usually closer to 80 so I'm obviously not getting the drive I need from that corner. Work to be done! (which is exactly why these weekly challenges are awesome)
  14. It's a good challenging one this week, as you say it's about restraint. I'm pretty comfortable with the first couple of sectors now but always seems to lose a bit on the penultimate right-hander near the bins and that final bend into the straight I don't think I've yet hit the right line. I seem to find myself constantly either clipping the apex, understeering out and clipping the outside wall, or slowing down far too much to play it safe and losing my momentum for the long drag.
  15. Apologies if this has been asked before but a quick flick through the last few pages didn't seem to show up much in relation to this novice question. I've not played a DS game before (Bloodborne was my first Miyazaki game) so what can I expect to be/feel different in this game? It may be my ignorance talking but from the clips I've seen it seems pretty close to BB in a number of ways (obviously style of game, but fighting mechanics and art direction), I'm just intrigued what makes them distinct. Don't get me wrong... more of the same (ish) is fine with me - I hammered BB and platinumed it and loved pretty much every minute - however with a new baby now my available game time is at a premium so I like to know what I'm committing myself to if I decide to buy this.
  16. If it's any help I rarely get challenge notifications through the PS app/main dash, think I've had one or two but generally I have to go actually into DRIVECLUB to see them.
  17. Thanks once again for sorting this U-1, looks like it's going to be a good turn out! Happy with the proposed points revision too.
  18. You'll have to excuse me as I don't know my bikes, but its stated as the Suzuki GSX-R1000 & Suzuki GSX-S1000 ABS if that helps in the press release.
  19. They should be £2.99 according to Rushy in this tweet...
  20. £2.99 each (No Limits for cars, Suzuki for bikes), both out on the 23rd.
  21. No, it sounds like there isn't going to be either. Rushy said further back/on Twitter that all DLC since July (?) last year will now be paid for individually. Obviously they may do packs/bundles, etc... at some point but a new 'season pass' doesn't seem to be on the cards.
  22. From the horse's mouth... This Season Pass includes: • 38 amazing cars from the world’s leading manufacturers. • 176 extra Tour events for your single player career mode. • 80 PlayStation® trophies to earn from the extra Tour events. • 80 livery designs to customise your cars with. https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-gb/games/addons/driveclub-season-pass/cid=EP9000-CUSA00003_00-DRIVECLUBSEASONP That basically covers all cars barring two high-end Ferraris that can be unlocked in-game or purchases separately. All tracks are available to all anyway so no purchase required for them. Bikes is separate a separate DLC expansion. Cost wise I can't see the prices because it either says "purchased" for me if I'm logged into the store, or the non PS-Plus prices if I log out. However when I bought it there was a clearly labelled Digital + Season Pass pack available. I personally think the digital version is well worth having for the extra few pennies. It's worth noting that the season pass is for the past content only. The new expansions going forward will all be paid individually, including the two new ones at the end of the month. EDIT: Basically a long-winded version of what Grobbelboy said!
  23. I hear good things about both the Wolfenstein and Metro: Redux single player experience but I haven't played either (both on my list though). In my opinion things like the new CODs and BF are so focused on the multiplayer element, the single player stuff is normally a bit of an afterthought.
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