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  1. I don't know if this is public knowledge but I seem to have stumbled across a preview of the new Civic Type-R car in the game this weekend?! I was just doing some single player stars and found that in the tier 2 of the Photo Finish Tour, there is an event called Yedapalli (hot hatch event) in which the new Civic Type-R is a selectable option. Interesting you don't get the double fame on it like other cars this weekend so I wonder if it's a timed thing? Anyone else found it? Anyway, some shots below...
  2. I know what you mean. I quite enjoyed trying to chip off the tenths in U-1's challenge last night, it really encourages feather-light throttle/brake control. However, for me it feels like you lose grip too quickly (more so than in a real mid-engined car) and it is always on the verge of a massive drift. Felt a bit like it was on ice, maybe it was the cobbles? Anyway, I do think it's a cool mode to have as an option though, but it would need to be a fixed option for selectable for challenges really to make it fair. I'd be interested on trying it with a decent wheel setup.
  3. Thanks again for organising this U-1! Loads of fun. Count me in for the next season too.
  4. I'm definitely up for some races too. Unfortunately I have a new born so can't firmly commit to set times, but if you post up when you plan on playing I'll try and join if I can.
  5. EDIT: Incidentally the 'grip vs rain' line is taken verbatim from an actual BMW 3-series sales brochure!
  6. Sounds good to me! Your photo comment reminded me I finally got round to having a bit of a play with the photo mode while the forum was offline. Did this little shoot with a BMW M135i and I'm impressed how great it looks even when not messing about in a hypercar.
  7. That looks great. Maybe we can setup a one-off event with a gentleman's agreement to only use hardcore?
  8. According to the announcement the cars are part of the expansion which is the end of the month. Maybe it's just people with early access?
  9. I know exactly what you mean. Just been on Twitter (during a work team meeting) and have been drooling over some of the photos/videos that are coming out.
  10. I agree. No need for Jordan in that line-up. Glad Chris Harris is in there though.
  11. I've not seen any of The Clone Wars but Jonamok introduced me to Rebels just before VII/TFA came out. I'm completely hooked! The first episode I wasn't that sure if I liked it but I think it quickly matures into something really decent. I love that they have taken the darker tone with series 2 (which looks like it'll be continuing by the look of the trailer), V/ESB-esque perhaps? I might have to go back and try TCW next.
  12. DRIVECLUB Feb 2016 Update Details (all taken from the official DRIVECLUB Facebook page) Are you ready for a new challenge? The Feb 2016 Update for #DRIVECLUB arrives tomorrow!This update brings 6 new "Scotland - Old Town" tracks to the game for free, along with Hardcore handling, new Elite, Driver & Club Levels & many more improvements based on your feedback.The update also prepares the game for the addition of the "No Limits" and "Suzuki" Expansions, coming to PlayStation Store on Feb 23rd.FULL DETAILS OF THIS MONTH’S GAME UPDATE (1.26):» The newest track “Scotland – Old Town” is here, offering 6 track variants to play across all DRIVECLUB & DRIVECLUB BIKES game modes. » A new “Hardcore Handling” option is now available, turning off traction control, stability control & other assists. Enable this in Gameplay Settings for a more realistic driving experience.» Multiplayer Private lobbies have a new 'Photo mode' setting to help you choreograph photos and videos with friends. This disables ghosting, wrong way timers and automated reset to track scenarios.» Photo mode screen filters can now be enabled outside of photo mode, while you race.» Photo mode now offers extended Zoom and Exposure settings, plus all settings persist between photo captures during an event.» Replays have a new option to toggle player tags on and off at any time during the replay when you use the L1 Button.» The Dynamic Precipitation option has been improved to reduce the likelihood of persistent rain.» 10 new Elite Levels have been added (new cap is 35).» 10 new Driver Levels have been added (new cap is 95) with new livery rewards to unlock along the way.» 25 new Club Levels have been added (new cap is 85) with new livery rewards to unlock along the way.» The loading screen for DRIVECLUB and DRIVECLUB BIKES now show off 2 awesome new #PS4share community photos.» Fixed the 'Weekend Warrior' Trophy for DRIVECLUB BIKES. Ranking up the KTM 1290 Super Duke R to Bike Level 15 is now no longer a requirement.» Includes general improvements for game performance, stability and usability.FEBRUARY STORE UPDATE (ADD-ONS COMING TO PLAYSTATION®STORE ON FEBRUARY 23RD WORLDWIDE):» “No Limits” Expansion Pack featuring 6 events, 5 Trophies and 2 new cars: Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 V-Spec II & Honda Civic Type-R.» “Suzuki” Expansion Pack featuring 6 events, 5 Trophies and 2 new Bikes: Suzuki GSX-R1000 & Suzuki GSX-S1000 ABS. DOWNLOAD & INSTALLATION:The update will be available from Feb 11th. Update size is 0.9GB bringing the total size of all updates combined so far to 13GB.
  13. Haha. Yeah, I noticed that when I played it back too. It wasn't intentional, I think I just totally forgot to take my finger off as the flips started.
  14. So I had a little mishap with my Ferrari FXX K when racing the Loch Duich leg of the legend trophy last night. It'll buff out...
  15. Woohoo! 24 hour break from the game and I managed the Venom Hot Lap second time around, bagged a 1:15.851 in the end. Cooticus, 1812 is right, all but the Ferrari LaFerrari and 599XX. One unlocks at driver level 50 and the other for level 6 in the Ferrari accolade.
  16. I agree with the above. It's a purchase well worth making! The season pass adds loads of content (about 1000 new tour stars added to the original 225) with lots of new cars to try out. Same as Hean Dog, I was a day one adopter and haven't felt the need to buy/play another racing game since.
  17. Okay, so is it just me that finds the "Venom Hot Lap" on the original tour mode really hard? I've breezed though most of the events pretty easily in one or two attempts but I just can't get the final star on that course. Reckon I've spent about 2 hours on it and currently sitting 0.150 seconds off the top target time. Enjoying the challenge (sprinkled with the odd bit of frustration/swearing) but it seems so much tougher than the other events have been. Must try harder!
  18. Thanks for the mention U-1. I hate to think how much time I sunk into it this week though just for those 4 points! Nice work again Refago (and all the 1:05 boys), once again your time seemed out of my league (but it would have been nice to see the ghost). One thing I wanted to say is that you top guys should definitely test yourself on the global leaderboards! I decided to watch a couple of YouTube videos of Oliver's Landing for tips (as I couldn't see any ghosts) and I happened across the global number 1 and 2 replays. I'm perhaps being harsh but I think they looked fairly sloppy in places (even compared to my own run) so you boys that are more than a second down the road could be really competitive I think. Looking forward to the next round (and the next season when you feel up for it U-1). Cheers.
  19. To be fair it makes a handy early excuse for when I fail to finish in the top 10 again this week.
  20. Sorry, I'm a bit confused. On last week's trial I could see Refago's top time ghost the whole time, also Hean Dog posted this earlier... So I assume he's seeing them. However I'm not getting them at all, they are working on single player races and another challenge I tried last night though. Maybe it was just a blip with the cloud?
  21. Anyone getting issues with ghosts? I managed to steal an hour or so last night (I have a new born in the house) but on the time trial I could only see my own ghost.
  22. Well done Refago! I don't know what voodoo you managed to conjure up in the second bit of the switchback chicane in sector 2 but you seemed to find grip I could only dream of. I was losing a second to you just from there and then the long drag round to the final complex. Brilliant. I managed to get back on last night during the final hour to improve my time a bit but I'm definitely still feeling rusty after my extended absence from the game and even the top-10 was just out of reach. Well done Spatular on the season win. Great consistent fast times! Also I haven't managed to mention this yet, but that very much U-1 for organising this. It's totally reignited my love of the game again and having a group of people to regularly compete against is so much fun. Cheers! See you on the track.
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