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  1. Afternoon. I've been away from this for a little while but a chat with U-1 today just got me all excited again. I've got the disc copy but would like to purchase the Digital Game+DLC bundle, however when I log into the PS Store it says the game is 'not available for purchase' and just the season pass is available at £9.99. Sorry if this has been asked before but how can I get to the bundle deal? EDIT: Sorry, ignore me. I've managed to find the product I need by going through the 'games' category. It just wasn't showing up on the search results for some reason.
  2. Well, after 84 hours and 27 minutes playing I'm happily now a member of TeamPlatinum. Having started this with zero experience of Miyazaki's games I never thought a platinum trophy would be on the cards but it's just so bloody good I couldn't stop playing it, and after finishing the story I just had to push on for the full set. There are a few 'testing' periods that push the frustration levels - especially in the later chalices - but all the bosses are beatable if you learn the tactics. I've found watching some of the recording on YouTube has been really useful when banging my head against the tough ones so below I've included some clips and tips for anyone else who wants a bit of help getting the final chalice trophy... Great Pthumerian Ihyll Chalice Boss 1 Great Pthumerian Ihyll Chalice Boss 2 Great Pthumerian Ihyll Chalice Boss 3 I hope some of that helps someone. I'd be more than happy to go into a bit more detail if anyone is really struggling with one of these as I spent a fair bit of time fighting them. Thanks to everyone who has given me some help and advice on this little journey, Miyazaki is a genius and it's been a lot of fun. I'll be back to Bloodborne once the DLC is out but for now (well from Tuesday) I'm going to start on another series I've always been meaning to try and dive into Witcher 3. Cheers!
  3. Cheers Timmo. I'm happy to say I've just beaten her! It definitely took a lot of patience. A little clip below (for those that like the clumsy approach)... It's amazing how different bosses challenge different people and their playing styles so much... I managed old mutt boy in less than 5 attempts (less than the layer one boss even), this one is probably nearer 20-25. Anyway it's done now. Time for brew and the Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice.
  4. Nice work Timmo! I had a break from A for a bit last night and was trying to help out Jonamok on his (the co-op mechanic is awful) and also collecting a couple of Red Jelly materials from the Isz chalice. The wife is out tonight though so I'm planning a decent session to get A dealt with and try and finish off that final one too for the platinum. How did you deal with A? I've been getting him/her/it down to about 30-50% consistently but keep getting one-shotted by something (especially in the third phase)...
  5. Made some progress on the Defiled Chalice over the last couple of days so thought I'd share a couple of tips as a few people seem to be at a similar stage in case anyone is interested... Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3 Annoyingly it seems I made a school boy error on my first play through and missed the 2 red jelly from the LB (which I just picked up in NG+) which means I'm probably going to have to do another chalice after this before I can get down to the final Pthumeru one. Aiming for platinum this weekend though.
  6. Well, thanks to you lot I've caved and ordered it. Managed to pick it up at GameSeek via Ratuken with a daily deal voucher so it was £38.75 posted, can't complain at that! Now I'm going to hammer Bloodborne over the bank holiday so I can box off the platinum and look forward to absorbing myself for the first time in the world of the Witcher. Expect questions
  7. Just back from this and - at the risk of getting horribly negged - I have to say I really didn't get on with it. I didn't hate it, I felt like there were moments (mainly set-piece moments) of action brilliance in there, but that a few really bad bits kept popping up and consistently undermined the good parts. All just my personal opinion but... The Good... The Bad... Ultimately I think I just feel disappointed as I'd really really hoped to love it. I think the originals are great, I think Tom hardy is awesome in pretty much everything and I do like a good bit of post-apocalyptic mutant/petrolhead action. I just came away feeling a bit 'meh' about the whole thing. It also felt a bit too graphic novel for me, like George Miller just really really wanted to be Frank Miller. Moments of it felt ripped straight off the pages of 300 or Sin City. I'm glad so many of you guys feel the love for it (I certainly feel in the minority here), I just don't share it unfortunately.
  8. A combination of the general praise here, reading the EG 'Essential' review and then watching the latest trailer only to hear Oats in the Water pop up is really REALLY testing my resolve today. Must. Platinum. Bloodborne. First.
  9. The Defiled Chalice dungeon is seriously testing my patience.
  10. Thanks. I'll keep an eye out and give it a go. The problem I've been having is that I get him down to about 25% each time (pretty much without getting hit) and then he'll just pulls that off and I die instantly. It means I haven't actually seen it enough times to learn the tell/dodge. Ironically I took him down easily in the story run through.
  11. I've never played a Witcher game before but I think I may get on board with this one too. The comparisons with Skyrim and RDR have drawn me in, especially as I pumped the best part of 200 hours into those games and loved every second with both.
  12. BSB. Ailing Loran Chalice. Grab/auto-death move in third phase. Any tips?
  13. Well I just finished off Unfinished Swan tonight (and got all the trophies). What a thoroughly enjoyable little game it was too. I think the art direction throughout is lovely and it moves through a range of aesthetics really well. Also the gameplay had just enough variety to keep it interesting for me and it moved things on just as I was getting to the 'okay I've done this now' stage which each mechanic. It's a bit like a mini, fairytale themed Portal.
  14. I'm at a similar point to be honest. After finishing the game I went onto the chalices and, after hours and hours of play, I'm down to the depth 4 ones and the difficulty has suddenly kicked right up. Like you I really want to enjoy them (and in fairness I have so far) but the repetitiveness of them is starting to feel like a grind and now they have just got very hard very quickly I've found myself getting a bit annoyed. I took a break and played Unfinished Swan at the weekend. It's a fantastic palate cleanser as it's basically opposite to BB in every way from the art direction to the gameplay. I'm hoping I'll come back to BB refreshed and stronger for it to get that platinum!
  15. I started Unfinished Swan on Saturday to get a bit of a break from hours and hours of Bloodborne. I don't think I could have picked a more polar opposite game to play! I'm about half way into it I think (based on the chapter list) and so far have enjoyed it very much.
  16. Well 28 days ago I posted this about my first foray into a Miyazaki world. Today (well yesterday actually), 58 gaming hours later, I'm happy to say that I've beaten it! It's a strange final act to the game really. For me NoM was the pinnacle of level design (the pinnacle of a very high standard in general) yet the bosses for me went slightly down hill. MHotN was a nicely art directed encounter but largely unsatisfying as a fight for me and both MWN and MP went down on the first attempt. The Big G was more of a challenging fight but I still scraped through on my 4th try. MWN and MP videos below (I forgot to save the G one)... All in all though this has been just a fantastic gaming experience. I haven't played many games in the last decade that have set the bar at a high but manageable difficulty level (for adults) and, more importantly, made challenges feel attainable even while being obliterated. A lesser game would have caused me to rage quit more than once and possibly made me give up all together. As a story/lore experience I found it strangely mixed. As a visual story (through character, level and boss design) I feel like I've been on a journey, and the language and tone of the various dialogues and pick-ups really builds an atmosphere. But I can honestly say I pretty much 'know' nothing about what has gone on (even though I have a few ideas). I'm looking forward to fingering through a guide sometime to get my head round it as I definitely think it's there, I just have found all the pieces yet (or made the jigsaw). I will unashamedly say I have seen all ending variants (via a backup save) and... However with all this in mind Bloodborne is still one of the finest console gaming experience I've ever had and I can't believe it's taken me this long to play one of Miyazaki's games. I will certainly be trying our the DS games to see where it all started. Here's my final boss fight record (warning: full boss names included)... Next things on the Bloodborne 'to do' list... an NG+ run to see the NPC plot line I missed, the chalice dungeons and I'm going for platinum. As a final note, I'd like to say how great this thread has been. Throughout my play through it's been great to get helpful tips from people that have gone before, offer help where possible to new players and generally see a load of enthusiasts (mostly) enjoying the experience and sharing their love for it. Thanks!
  17. I meant to post up yesterday but had to rush out... Thanks very much to Mr Ben and Goemon on their tips for NoM. I'm now the proud owner of a blood rock. The big question is, do I take my Threaded Cane or my LHS up to +10? On a side note. Despite being a tough start I think NoM is an absolutely sublime example of level design! I love the way you can feel dangerously exposed and scarily claustrophobic at almost the same time. I particularly like how you can feel like you've been wandering for ages moving ever upwards and onwards and then just pop out at a place you know through a lift or side passage with a genuine 'Aaah!' feeling. Brilliant.
  18. Thanks Mr Ben, appreciated. I'll do some more exploring then as the direct route is so far getting me no where. Cheers.
  19. Okay, so I was having a bit of an explore and found a door that is opened by the Iron Key I found...
  20. Good session this morning. Cleared out NoM and opened all the shortcuts, then took on MHOTN and popped him on the 2nd attempt... Then made my way up to (I think) MWN... I had over 100k in echoes though so I thought I'd cash in and then go back to try and take on E again, managed to drop them on the first go this time... I need to do a quick sweep of some of the locations I regularly go back to check but I think MWN is the only thing I have open to me now though. Is this near the end game/point-of-no-return? Also a question for those who have finished/#TeamPlatinum...
  21. Only just caught up with teaser #2... love it, very very excited now. The only problem is my slightly cynical outlook on these sequels (that I'd been harbouring to protect myself) has somewhat crumbled and now I dare to believe. Utter joy or utter disappointment now await.
  22. Cheers. I'll have a nibble on them (urgh) and see what happens then. Not sure about NG+ yet, we'll see how the final act goes. I could do with a bit actually, I'm only on 1 insight after all that UCW brain sucking! Just went back to the cathedral...
  23. I'm rocking a +9 Cane, +8 Ludwigs and +6 pistol as my main kit setup. My 'to do' list is a little different (probably where the slight level gap comes in actually)... Re: Boss easy mode... I don't think so mate. I think with E you were I do have a general question about a slightly weird item(s) I've found (spoilered just in case it gives anything away but I found the first via FW and reference something from LB2 for those that aren't there yet)...
  24. At the main menu click into 'online/offline' and then instead of 'continue' click 'load game'. It'll show your saves, a thumbnail of your character and the time played.
  25. So, feeling a bit like I was wasting precious gaming time after 20mins, I headed back to CC's boss.. Steeling my resolve, I decided to try some exploration, as that was likely to go better. I hoped! Off I went back to UCW.. The Daughter of the Thing That Could Not Attack Left: So pretty productive in the end! Levelled up a bunch. I've reached 25 Str and now the increases in damage (for my Ludwig's) seem to be dropping off, though Skl suddenly seems to have gotten a lot more potent, strangely. Now granting 6dmg per level instead of 3. No idea what's going on there. I've only got about 15! Nice work dood. Similar progress to me last night as it happens... Finally overcame ML (see previous fist-pump related post) and then cleared out UCW... Killed CE... Moved on to EDOTC and got close on my first time (about 1/4 health left) but... Cashed in some echoes along the way and now up to level 78 (45 hours played).
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