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  1. I tried an auto rifle for PvP for a couple of games and just couldn't get on with it. I found it encouraged me to run about trying to be Rambo rather than thinking about the situation first and 9/10 I'd get taken out. It seems I'm against the norm here but my perfect setup is scout rifle and shotgun (sometimes swapping for a sniper on open levels). I find it offers decent damage up close and far away. I sometimes get caught out at short-mid range where the rifle is too slow and the shotgun can't really reach but that's when I kick off the golden gun. I think it's all about finding the combination that works for your play style, learning the maps and working with others in your fireteam (either fighting with the main group, flanking if you know the map or going for objectives, etc).
  2. I really like the idea of a call for help button. There has been a few times where I've seen people on my roster in missions by themselves for ages and I've wondered if they wanted a hand or were keen to do it solo. Just having a convoluted way of locking your fireteam from people doesn't really make it clear.
  3. Mr Ben, hope you don't mind me jumping into your Queens Wrath mission to help out this evening. I was just about to do it myself (and the Winter Kell bounty) so it was perfect timing. Apologies, I didn't have my headset handy to say hello.
  4. You don't 'convert'. Basically everyone has a reputation rank with the Vanguard, Crucible, and three faction (and now the Queen). It's just a question of what you do or which items you are wearing which dictates which one it goes onto. i.e. if you have rank 3 FWC you can't then move over to rank 3 Dead Orbit, you just have to wear the Dead Orbit and start gaining rep with them. Quite a useful level 20+ guide here (although it doesn't include all the new Queen content yet)... http://www.gamespot.com/articles/destiny-guide-to-level-20-and-beyond/1100-6422423/
  5. Open up your character profile and hover the cursor over the 'light' stat and it'll pop up a box that will tell you how much you have and give you a completion bar to the next level. I don't think it actually says the target you are aiming for but I'm sure it's something like: Level 21 = 20 light points ish Level 22 = 30 light points ish Level 23 = 45 light points ish Level 24 = 60 light points ish
  6. If you stay neutral you have to build up Vanguard and Crucible rep separately to get the ranks you need to buy things. If you go with a faction it all counts towards the same so in theory you should rank quicker... however I've no idea if the rep amounts are the same across to the board or if the factions require more (which would negate the benefit). The issue you have is if you wait for ages, then decide you want a faction you have to start from zero on their rep. If you've already got a decent way with the Vanguard/Crucible lot then I'd just stick with them to get the equipment access quicker. I went with FWC as soon as I levelled up so I have nearly rank 2 with them and just over 0 with the originals.
  7. She was also in the latest series of 24... spooky.
  8. I have legendary nothing except my primary weapon. I've had 6 legendary engram drops now and I've received a hand cannon, scout rifle and 4 strange coins.
  9. Oh right, nice. Shame it didn't have any 'event' score like you get with the warsats and walkers drops, etc…
  10. I think Bungie have been fiddling to sort 'the cave'. I was just patrolling on earth for a bounty and ended up in that area, three people were there farming so I shot into the cave for two waves on the way through and then all hell broke loose. Hive and Fallen started spawning repeatedly from all the spawn points in the area with a ton of yellow shielded specials (level 18-20 ish). Absolutely epic fight for about 10 minutes. We killed them all and I don't think anyone died but it was a lot of fun. I wonder if this is how they are going to put people off farming? I certainly got no engram drops from the entire thing so I think they have dialled them down as well.
  11. Hey, my Crucible K/D ratio usually hovers around the 1.0 mark so I thought this one was worth a little mention.
  12. I'm pretty satisfied with that if I'm honest.
  13. Thanks Rushy. £42.99 is a little more than I was expecting but I suppose my Amazon pre-order is currently at £49 and when I spoke to someone in Game (for my sins) they said they were expecting it to be £54.99 in store (like Destiny) so in context it's not too bad. As far as I know it's been confirmed now that if you buy the upgrade version and then decided to cancel your PS+ account you would still have full access to the game (originally it was going to operate similar to the instant game collection) so in effect you are buying the retail version digitally.
  14. Not sure about that. I usually cash in multiple bounties (either vanguard or crucible) and have never had one. Maybe you have to be a certain level like with the marks?
  15. As far as I know. Also says it here: http://destiny.wikia.com/wiki/Crucible_Mark
  16. You get 3 crucible marks for a win, 2 for a loss. I think that's for any game mode, however you get a bonus three if you play the daily mode (found on the left hand side of the map, usually flashing)
  17. Does anyone know the confirmed UK digital upgrade price? I'm sure I read it somewhere but can't seem to find it.
  18. I'm level 21 (Hunter). Feel free to add me. I'm planning on going though the player list myself when I get a chance.
  19. Eurogamer are reporting that Bungie have patched the game to add more public events into patrol mode so it feels more 'eventful'. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-09-17-destiny-hotfix-doubles-frequency-of-public-events Sounds like a good idea to me. I've done 3-4 so far but they don't feel particularly regular and it would be nice to feel like more 'stuff' is going on around you as you move through the world.
  20. The light levelling system is based on equipment, yes. However it's not all down to random drops. Sure you could just replay strikes again and again in the hope of something decent dropping but that could get a bit frustrating. The designed mechanic is to work towards buying faction items (which give really good light levels) by completing (and ideally mastering) the full spectrum of game missions/modes and bounties. EDIT: Or alternatively... what Moz said just before me
  21. Can I be added as well please? PSN: FiveFootNinja
  22. You still gain experience for kills, bounties and completions as normal when you hit level 20, so weapons and skills that are equipped will continue to level even if your actual character level doesn't. One trick is to complete your bounty requirements and then swap over to the other sub-class/weapons before you cash them in. That way the XP you get will go towards those equipped items. You can then swap back for going out into the field if you need to use the powers from your original class. I've done it a couple of times and you unlock the early class skills pretty quickly.
  23. Alt-J's new album This is all yours. Excellent! alt-J – This Is All Yours
  24. Another note on the green loot chests... I found one on patrol with jonamok last night, however after looting it, I had to pop back to a previous room to 'collect' him and when we returned the chest had gone/respawned somewhere else. It was a bit weird as I probably only moved 50m or so in game but I'm 99% sure if I'd waited by it, it would have stuck around for him. I had assumed they would be randomly spawned as the level loads but it seems they spawn as each area instance is created/updated. As such, worth a check around even if you passed through an area before.
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