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  1. I'm rocking a +9 Cane, +8 Ludwigs and +6 pistol as my main kit setup. My 'to do' list is a little different (probably where the slight level gap comes in actually)... Re: Boss easy mode... I don't think so mate. I think with E you were I do have a general question about a slightly weird item(s) I've found (spoilered just in case it gives anything away but I found the first via FW and reference something from LB2 for those that aren't there yet)...
  2. At the main menu click into 'online/offline' and then instead of 'continue' click 'load game'. It'll show your saves, a thumbnail of your character and the time played.
  3. So, feeling a bit like I was wasting precious gaming time after 20mins, I headed back to CC's boss.. Steeling my resolve, I decided to try some exploration, as that was likely to go better. I hoped! Off I went back to UCW.. The Daughter of the Thing That Could Not Attack Left: So pretty productive in the end! Levelled up a bunch. I've reached 25 Str and now the increases in damage (for my Ludwig's) seem to be dropping off, though Skl suddenly seems to have gotten a lot more potent, strangely. Now granting 6dmg per level instead of 3. No idea what's going on there. I've only got about 15! Nice work dood. Similar progress to me last night as it happens... Finally overcame ML (see previous fist-pump related post) and then cleared out UCW... Killed CE... Moved on to EDOTC and got close on my first time (about 1/4 health left) but... Cashed in some echoes along the way and now up to level 78 (45 hours played).
  4. Get in! ML is down. Had a couple of days off from the game but came back to it afresh with your tips in mind. Managed to pop him on my first attempt to day in 3 minutes flat. Video below... Chuffed to bits (it resulted in actual fist pumps), thanks for the help. Now off to UCW.
  5. Well it's taken a little while but I feel like I've just made a rite of passage... I just properly rage quit a 'souls' game for the first time. Currently caught between ML (a rock) and NoM (a hard place). Need a break.
  6. Cheers, I'll try that. Decided to sack him off for now and take down TOR instead... Off to clear out the LB (again as I did it when clearing NF/A earlier on). I presume there will be some new surprises in store.
  7. Thanks, I'll give him a crack later then.
  8. Okay so ventured properly into UV this afternoon... this just got real very quickly! For those in the know... is there a quick route to run back to TOR?
  9. Just to chip in 2p worth on the beginner character build stakes... This is my first 'souls' experience and I went with Threaded Cane/Pistol and have focused pretty much solely on VIT, END, SKL (and a tiny bit of STR). I personally found it quite forgiving to begin with as the whip mode has a long enough reach for some crowd control, but is also quick and therefore gives you a bit more leeway before you get the timing down with attacks/dodging (i.e. if you take that extra/greedy attack you can often just get a cheeky dodge in rather than taking something painful to the face while the attack animation finishes). I have now expanded to try out the Axe and LHS (and the sparky T) and use them in some specific scenarios but I always find the speed/reach of the cane suits me as my primary. I haven't really found the weaker damage a problem at all except in a couple of incidents (during which I just crack out LHS for some smack down). I'm not trying to say I know it all or that there is only one solution, just offering a complete novice's perspective to the skill build route.
  10. I've used the cane as my primary for the whole game so far. It did feel a bit flimsy on the damage to start with but I've modded it up to +7 so far (and my character is a VIT/END/SKILL build) and it's pretty solid now. True, it's not to the Ludwig/Hammer/Axe level of damage but is still my weapon of choice 99% of the time. The great thing about it is the reach/arc (it hits from far away and everyone in front of you) and it's also quick which means I can use R2/charged attacks far more often in a normal fight than with the slower weapons. I've found END is really really important too as it allows you to roll in, unleash a barrage and roll out again. With the bigger weapons I've sometimes found myself out of stamina and stranded in no-mans land.
  11. Cleared B and killed RVS tonight...
  12. Ah right, okay. Sorry, not sure I can help you then I'm afraid as you're actually a bit past me. It seems everyone takes there own paths on these games and...
  13. A couple of (I think) subtle tips below. Let me know if you want more detail.
  14. Yep... I'll pop a video up in a bit.
  15. Quick tip... If you double stack 'communion' runes the effect multiplies. My blood vial carry total is now 24 which is pretty useful for boss fights. EDIT: My mistake, turns out there are different levels of each rune with different bonuses. I didn't realise as they were both just called the same name (no lesser/greater or number with them) so I assumed they were two identical ones that had multiplied.
  16. Nicely done. Interestingly, yours didn't seem to go into the additional phases...
  17. Just finished clearing out NF and took down A on the 5th try. Bloody hell that's big (and annoying)!
  18. No you don't (but its good for grinding some echoes). Head back to Hunter's Dream and have a chat there.
  19. He's tough. Got him down to about 1/3 health left but he cheesed me in a stun lock kill when I had 12 vials still to use. Getting angry and making mistakes so going to have a break and come back to show him who's boss later.
  20. I did exactly that and cleared everything else before Hunter's Marking it back with my 55k once I kicked off ML. Weird how they are the first things you meet and are by far the hardest enemies on the level. Going to jump back in and give ML a try I think.
  21. So, I just decided to take my exploration to CC (rather than NF or B) and I've had a bit of a wake up call. Maybe I'm having a bad day or something but I've just had my arse well and truly handed to me several times just trying (and failing) to get to the first door! Bearing in mind I've just been through FF twice without dying and did SOY on my first try yesterday, this was a bit of a shock to the system! Back to the school of hard knocks for me. Any tips for...
  22. Nice work, it took me a lot longer and with more vials. Isn't it the saw blade you switch to when you start laying on the serious hurt in the second half of that fight though?
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