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  1. It's definitely on, but not with the base prices inflated like they are right now, not sharing just yet as if it's discussed elsewhere it will ruin it for us all.
  2. He is for how I use him, and it's marksman I have on him not deadeye sorry Finishing (99same as TOTY), Longshots and Volleys better than the TOTY by +2 for each, Positioning 98 instead of 99, shotpower 91 instead of 95 pens 78 instead of 80. Dribbling stats all 1 less than the Toty except for Balance and Composure (84 vs 90 and 85 vs 91). He's on 1.4 goals per game for me and 0.47 assists per game, compared to 1.09 and 0.44 assists for the TOTY as an average of all players. TOTY Mbappe is 5.2mil the differences aren't worth the 3.1mil difference to me, especially given the fact my Mbappe is First Owner. TOTY, the TOTT Mbappe was the highest priced non Icon card on Fifa 20, that's the equivalent of packing a Cristiano Ronaldo on past Fifa's, I can't sell it.
  3. im never selling him, his 91 with a deadeye is as good as his toty as a striker.
  4. good luck guys, I didn't play champs so don't have any rewards BAH!!!
  5. @Ballzzie what formation are you going to play in game?
  6. He used to be a premier league and international footballer.
  7. Your team is amazing to be honest, i'd love Cruyff but 2.5mil is too much to drop on a baby icon for me. Rijkaard and Bergkamp as well chilling on the bench? wtf man.
  8. I play 41212 in game and use Dembele at CAM, 5* weak foot and with a deadeye his shooting is decent off either foot. 94 finishing, 93 shot power, 83 long shots, I could probably do with a better CAM but it's getting someone on the right wing who gives me chem and can shoot off either foot, Messi is too one footed.
  9. Build me a team, I've got 5.8mil and this as a base to work with, i'd like to use Vidal but dont mind switching him if you can build something nasty.
  10. Pogba is a bit of a weak link in that midfield, he's just not very good on 20, Kante would be a big upgrade to the way the team plays, and would allow Gullit to be the one getting forward from midfield.
  11. It's tiny, I'm a bit concerned about cooling in the Series X and PS5 (especially the PS5 if the leak is true, at least MS showed this gen they got cooling right)
  12. The old one only has 100mbps ethernet ports, the Q Hub they sent you has 2 gig/e ports, but the Sky Hub 4 has 4 gig/e ports, you could try giving them a call and asking for the new hub with 4 ports, it's a chargeable upgrade afaik.
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