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  1. I fucking choked elite again in my final game. Same story as last week, got to 20 wins with 5 games left, won my first for 21 wins, lost 2, won another for 22 wins and then lost the final game.
  2. My son finished 17th in the EU region for Hype Nite+ today and killed 100 Thieves Mr Savage on the way to a 15 kill win.
  3. I wanted the TOTSSF tradeable pack for Elite rewards, I'm all out of coins and my clubs got no fodder in it, so there's no menu fun to be had and well we all know what the gameplay is like.
  4. I had 5 games to win 3 for Elite 3 and only managed 2 wins, I was 2-0 up in both of the final 2 games and managed to lose 3-2, pretty disappointed right now.
  5. I’ve just hit gold 1 and got 5 games left, not hit elite for weeks. Choke incoming?
  6. Yes, this. but then the typical rllmuk cunts pile on.
  7. Yeah, do you know what that means? more games that are native 1440p have been well regarded than games that have been native 4k, i mean it's skewed a bit by the fact that more Sony games are 1440p and more Microsoft ones are native 4k and well you know how that goes.
  8. I mean, statiscally, games rendered at native 1440p are better than games that are native 4k.
  9. 1440p is a massive jump in IQ, however it's definitely in the diminishing returns range from 1440p to 2160p. 1080p is 4 times, if you split the screen into 4 quadrants, each quarter would be a 1080p image, where as with 1440p to 2160p it's 2 and a quarter times, basically the equivalent of 720p to 1080p and 8k is an even bigger jump, that's back to 4 times 4k, so 16 times 1080p, it's all about how the image scales, 4K is 4 x Full HD, but 1440p is 4 x HD or 720p.
  10. No, it's where I engage my brain and think logically, if the Series X is capable of running the Xbox One version of GTAV at 4k 60 there's little point in Rockstar spending time developing an enhanced version for the SEX.
  11. GTAV Cant be enhanced that much by SEX as Rockstar have announced a SEX version is coming out in 2021.
  12. 99 ronaldo and 98 Toty Mbappe upfront I’ve completed it. ive had nothing good out of packs for so long I’m so over the moon.
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