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  1. There isn't much that pushes the envelope, Covid has crippled game developers, it's going to be a slow burn for sure on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles, just be thankful we do get to play our existing libraries with better performance in many cases.
  2. Likewise, it's 50% of my launch games for PS5, i'm sure it won't be too far behind though.
  3. I was actually just trying to find confirmation of that and you're right, EA haven't said much beyond offering Dual Entitlement, bit disappointing if it is the case.
  4. Nothing new, the campaign update for Gears 5 will be dropping soon, but not in time for launch, don't think there is anything new in the 'boxed' category for XSX or XSS for launch, obviously Halo would have been the marquee title.
  5. Dirt 5 Ass Creed Valhalla WatchDogs Legion DMC5 Special Edition NBA 2K21 The Falconer Yakuza Like a Dragon COD Black Ops Cold War Madden 21 Fifa 21
  6. well yes clearly you proved that, utter drivel, at no point did I say anything negative about Gamepass, and the IGC is very comparable as it’s only BC games at the moment.
  7. What are these Microsoft titles launching day and date on XSX then? and I don't know whether your inner fanboy couldn't resist feverishly responding so you just decided not to read my post properly, but I didn't say it's good competition for Gamepass, I said I'm sure that with the Instant Game Collection & Now this, it's a move Sony have decided to take in an attempt to counter the pull of Gamepass.
  8. It's one of the PS+ games for February and March which is probably marking the first PS5 game to be put on the service.
  9. Absolutely, there's no room for paid for online games like this anymore, certainly not at £70. It does mean the PS5 with a PS+ Sub is a very attractive proposition, you now get the Instant Game Collection & Destruction Allstars for £360 or £450 depending on whether you go disc or digital, certainly a move Sony have made to counter gamepass.
  10. Destruction Allstars is being moved to a February release and is included with Playstation+ in February and March 2021!!
  11. Thanks, I was kind of hoping you were going to stop posting your bullshit drivel anyway, you’re the type to talk over people without knowing the facts. Anyway, back to that PS5 22.5% performance advantage in multiple metrics, don’t get too excited, the Xbox One X had a higher advantage in all those same metrics (except fill rate where PS4 pro had a 40% advantage) but in real world performance didn’t punch its weight vs the Ps4 Pro but Layten is right I’m sure, he knows what he’s on about he’s got 8 graphics cards in his pc.
  12. It's been confirmed as 64 ROPS and fill rate isnt the only area where the PS5 GPU has a 20+% performance advantage over XSX, given they are the same architecture its a perfectly valid comparison to make, fill rate is still more relevant than teraflops when measuring performance
  13. They both have 64 ROPS - #ROP's x Clock Speed = Fill Rate Why have all the Xbox babys followed Boozy into this thread? PS5 vs XSX - Difference in Favour of GPU - Tflops 10.28 vs 12.15 - 16.7% (XSX) GPU - Clock Speed (GHz) 2.23 vs 1.8 - 21% (PS5) GPU - Triangle Rasterisation (Billion/s) 8.92 vs 7.3 - 20% (PS5) GPU - Culling Rate (Billion/s) 17.84 vs 14.6 - 20% (PS5) GPU - Pixel Fill Rate (Gpixels/s) 142.72 vs 116.8 - 20% (PS5) GPU -Texture Fill Rate (GTexel/s) 321.12 vs 379.6 - 16% (XSX) GPU - Ray Triangle Interations (Billion RTI/s) 321.12 vs 379.6 - 16% (XSX)
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