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  1. @Timmo I want to give you a game, when you free?
  2. Prices will always do that, if you like the look of a card just set a price you’d be happy to pay and once done don’t worry about what fluctuations happen. ive skipped champs this weekend, I’m playing good Fifa but didn’t fancy 30 games. I’ll regret it on Thursday no doubt.
  3. He's ridiculous mate, I'm tempted to sell my base one and buy his TOTGS card.
  4. Lautaro is very good, he's got some special sauce in his movement, I packed his 84 in Champs rewards and he's a nice sub to bring on.
  5. he scored in the 89th minute with his 3rd proper shot of the game and proceeds to shush me. I kick off, go backwards because he was on team pressing to try and score and then release Mbappe with a through ball and score in the 90th.
  6. If you were a man of culture you would have Militao and Varane
  7. best player on the game by a mile
  8. You need to stop playing the game, it's 100% bad for you if that's how you felt with those pack pulls.
  9. My best ever pull must be TOTS Mbappe on Fifa 19.
  10. BULLSHIT. I haven't packed anything decent since Messi and Vieri (yes I know that's like saying 'bah I haven't won the lottery for 2 months', but I've had to trade and trade and trade some more this time and it's tedious man, it's so tedious.
  11. I opened mine because my player picks were awful again, packed Kante and James Rodriguez.
  12. It's a week old story, which appears to have it's roots in a ResetERA post by a dev. It came up on my twitter feed today, hence reading it today
  13. Has anyone got a buddy pass going for Stadia? and can you use any control pad for it?
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