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  1. I love the fact that you guys are geeky enough to do this so i dont have to
  2. Are you doing this on the PS4 or PS5 version lads?
  3. It's shit, but they don't believe it's a loophole, this is how they signed off the email, I'm still in contact with their escalation team, I warned him I'm going to be a pain in the arse. "I do understand this has been a disappointing experience however without access to the original sign-in ID and therefore sufficient information to pass our verification process, the compromise in this case would not have been possible. It was necessary for us to verify you as the owner of the data before we could take further action at your request as we could potentially have revoked access from
  4. Further response to Sony today after I questioned whether the SIX email addresses used after my account was compromised could be used in a similar way to compromise it again. This does put my mind at ease that they wont be able to compromise it again in the future. Short snippet of the email. Sony said - However to prevent this again, moving forward, we have enabled a protected status on your account which will prevent the chat bot being used in future. This status will not impact your ability to self manage the account while logged in. However should you en
  5. Everything had been migrated off of that email address, Virgin Media told me that the email account would be closed (90 days after i ceased the services) 2.5 years ago when I closed my mums account after she passed away, it's the flaw in Sony's Chat Bot that allowed the thief to get in, it was definitely via the bot as it happened at 00:50 and Sony's customer care are closed, the only thing that does work is the chat bot at that time of night.
  6. It's exactly the same agreement for SMS 2 Factor, you get backup codes when you enable that also.
  7. Authenticator would have been exactly the same, confirmed by Paul McDowell @ Sony, the chatbot is able to turn off 2FA if it deems you are the account owner.
  8. The argument for more recent transactions is they say often people buy stuff soon after compromising the account so the most recent transactions were by the hacker. At the very least they should say a transaction ID from the current email and a transaction ID from the old email if trying to switch to a previously used email address. Interestingly the way they verified my identity as the account owner was via the Serial Number of my PS4 Pro (couldn't get the Serial Number easily on the PS5) so gave them that, but it had been used on the account when both emails were in u
  9. I'm not going to go and egg anybody's house, sorry guys, i've got my account back, I've secured the old email address they had compromised, they can't do it again. I'm done, I'll still argue with Sony about their ridiculous policies that let somebody circumvent 2FA like this. At the very least if somebody turns off 2 step they should have a cooldown period where you're unable to make other changes to the account for a period of time without speaking to somebody.
  10. I mean it may or may not be a data protection breach on behalf of the scumbag who hacked my account, but it just highlights how little Sony give a fuck about your Data or anybody's. I don't even work in an area of our business where I have access to customer data and still have to do 12 month data protection refresher courses. I'm glad that 2FA wasn't broken in some exploit, i'm glad they told me exactly how it happened, I'm now speaking with VirginMedia to secure the email account, they were surprisingly apologetic, I expected them to wash their hands of it, but the ac
  11. I did message Wesley Yin-Poole earlier in the week on twitter but he didn't respond.
  12. Exactly that, I did point out that at the very least it should be a transaction from the current email that's on the account, and not one from an email address that's not been used for several years.
  13. They didn't give a flying fuck about my personal details, infact they were telling me how that information isn't readily available when I said 'Oh wait i can see the person's address who took my account' and i could tell the Sony employee just shrugged his shoulders.
  14. The email still works, they just took control of it somehow, I haven't used it for several years.
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