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  1. I’m playing a flat 433 mainly, only switch to diamond if I’m getting overrun by them using it, got a 4231 setup as well
  2. They will take over 50 days, but he is a 90 rated striker with a hawk
  3. I played 1 champs game, Fekir had a 34 minute hattrick as striker and Dembele and Vinicius should have both had 2 each from his through balls, he feels amazing
  4. Hearing a lot of good things about Griezmann is he quick enough?
  5. Just slow down how you're playing, concentrate on learning to defend first, find tactics and a formation that keeps you solid, then work on trying to add goals to it.
  6. Using RTTK Fekir as my striker now instead of Depay, Depay's weak foot was beginning to get on my nerves.
  7. I bought Isak yesterday for 79k and sold him yesterday for 82k because he was rubbish.
  8. I qualified for champs for the rewards, but it took me until the final game this week, all i see on twitter is people scoring own goals and quitting, when people quit vs me they just quit after kicking the ball out
  9. Really not feeling Pattinson as Batman, not feeling him even more as Bruce Wayne.
  10. I was over the moon with it dude, I was just trying to make Timmo feel better.
  11. look at this guys team, I was 2-0 down to 2 ronaldo goals and he rage quit when I made it 4-2
  12. Yeah i'd basically stopped playing the game by then though.
  13. I know, it's an amazing pull, but it's literally better than anything i packed in rewards in the last 2 fifa's put together.
  14. The rest of the rewards were awful in fairness
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