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  1. I lost my streak at the weekend, raised it with support and they just haven't got back to me.
  2. 1. Tobert (Tobert1979) 2. Eighthours (Eighthours) 3. geldra (PSN: Ford-UK) 4. Fused_Gamer (PSN: Yinnyboy360) 5. gooner4life (PSN: gooner4life) I'm down for Pavlov
  3. GT7 is perfection, I don't see ghosting or at least I don't notice it.
  4. You haven't got the headset in the right spot, and you need to calibrate the view by holding the options button.
  5. Yeah I can see the shareholders going for that, stopping them releasing games on the only platform that sells a worthwhile number of copies.
  6. Sony don't want to accept 10 years of guaranteed COD if MS buy Activision, because they will probably only release one every 5 years or something, everything Microsoft touches in the gaming space is ruined, they spent 4.9billion dollars buying King an organisation that has 2000+ employees to make mobile games, and they have release less games than Insomniac Games have in the last 3 years. Microsoft should just leave it to somebody else.
  7. Despite having a Samsung Gear VR and PSVR1 my wife had never tried any sort of VR, until tonight, she loves Kayak, she was absolutely amazed, nothing like she imagined at all. I'm really happy with it, it's exceeded my expectations, comfort, ease of use, general setup and controls are night and day ahead of where we were with PSVR, I haven't played on that for years because where my gaming setup is, it's just not convenient to leave it set up. I'd love to try Batman and VR Worlds on PSVR2
  8. All of them on Gran Turismo 7 in VR
  9. Man Gran Turismo 7 is the best thing I’ve ever played ever.
  10. This is amazing, so much better than psvr ever was
  11. CS:Go in VR basically, £20 and is supposed to be very good.
  12. Kayak Mirage, followed by Pavlov for me.
  13. Really strange because DPD didn't inform me via text, email or in the app, normally it's shit hot. And the box is tiny, I didn't expect it to be so small, and it had Yusen Logistics tape on the box, so I thought it must be something from work.
  14. Mine has just ARRIVED!!!
  15. In your FACE, mine's upgraded. Not really, I don't have Rez or Tetris, nor do I know how to upgrade them for PSVR2
  16. Fuck off @Darwock nobody likes you. of course I kid or do I. I do, I’m joking, I’m fine.
  17. Got my shipping notice for the charging station. Tracking doesn’t work lol
  18. Where do you get credit cheap enough to get £60 worth of credit for £30?
  19. I've sacrificed several goats, but mine's still sat on preparing to ship, they need to stop preparing and start actually shipping now though, if i don't get it tomorrow i'm very likely to cancel.
  20. Alternatively they could sign up for psn and plus and redeem them on a friends ps5
  21. https://www.cdkeys.com/hogwarts-legacy-xbox-series-x-s-uk £52.99 for a uk xbox series code
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