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  1. It was one of the first games to get a native Series/PS5 version it supports 120fps and runs at much higher settings, it really is impressive visually.
  2. The La Liga player picks completely transformed my team in a week, only got 2 tradeable players (Mbappe and Ronaldo) but the team is so nice to play with. Isak is the best striker I’ve ever used on Fifa.
  3. you can download anything on the Xbox to preinstall before buying, when you try to load it you will get a message saying you don’t own it.
  4. You can fuck right off, I've packed nothing all year, the most expensive card i'd packed was 200k until Salah in the Guaranteed Prem TOTS, these La Liga player picks have just been very good to me.
  5. Done some more La Liga Upgrades last night 1 x Jesus Navas 1 x VARANE 1 x Carrasco 1 x Moreno
  6. It was brutal yesterday, I went into 5 games and died off spawn everytime with people building way above my skill level. They have to do something about the matchmaking, i shouldn’t ever be put into lobbies with these people, it puts me off playing. It was in complete contrast to the night before where I got a solo win and the other players were putting walls up to protect themselves but not ramping over me and editing.
  7. Squad Battles (& Division Rivals) have a cap of games, depending on how many points you earn (based on difficulty for Squad Battles) you get rewarded with packs or coins, the packs in Squad Battles are not very good though in comparison to just playing Fut Champs on the weekend, that means you earn Division Rivals & Fut Champs rewards, but it's definitely a good option if you find the 1v1 online stuff to hard or don't have a competitive team.
  8. Don't feel obligated though, i wont quit if they score and pause, let me pause, it's only polite, if i queue the pause and they watch a lengthy celebration then it's obvious that they're not in a hurry so i'll play the game.
  9. It's generally accepted in the community that friendlies for objectives are golden goal, score first the other person quits and vice versa, that's due to the fact most of the objectives are score x type of goal with x type of player in separate matches rather than just score x type of goal with x type of player.
  10. I put everything under 82 rated into the La Liga Upgrade (80+ Player pick) yesterday and got 2 x TOTS Oblak 1 x TOTS Frenkie De Jong 1 x TOTS Lucas Vazquez 1 x TOTS Jesus Navas 2 x Courtois 2 x Modric 2 x Busquets Among a load of other stuff, then I packed TOTS Kounde out of the pack you get for completing Isak.
  11. Love the PS5, it couldn’t have had a better launch, all the old games I have run better, the loading times are much improved. The next gen games have been amazing, Astros Playroom still gets played even though I platinumed it, black ops Cold War, judgment, miles morales, god of war, dirt 5, and Horizon Zero Dawn have all been completed since November, I’ve played a lot of nba2k21, Fifa 21, control, wreckfest, maneater, and more. Download speeds are way quicker than on the ps4 or Xbox One X, the UI is clean and I’ve got fairly agile with it now. I initially h
  12. Some fucker has tried to hack my account again, so it signed me out of PSN, i had the PS5 on watching netflix while I work so it came up saying i was signed out, i immediately called Sony and they didnt manage to hack it because of the 'protected' status, but I had a panic and called them, it's all unlocked now, but very pleased that the protected status is working as intended, although it's not ideal that it can just sign me out.
  13. I got Mo Salah, my best pull of the year and I've got zero hope of fitting him into my team.
  14. It’s not an update, it’s a ps5 specific version, I expect they will release an Xbox series paid version in the future that again won’t be an update.
  15. Well it's not technically got a release date until the 1st of June, PS+ members got it early.
  16. Wreckfest is glorious, small filesize, beautiful visual improvements and the 60fps makes such a big difference.
  17. Sony have bought a managing stake in Discord and it will be integrated in PS5 and PlayStation Mobile early next year, that's pretty huge news and it means PlayStation's voice and party system should be hugely improved.
  18. Fut Birthday Mendy will chem Ramos and be an upgrade on Roberto Carlos.
  19. It wasn't as sweaty as i thought, I got to gold 2 and had 5 games spare, I bought Ivan Toney to give me something different late on in games, he's so strong and has an amazing 'bundle' factor he's difficult to tackle.
  20. Yeah, just buy stuff for him from the item shop, but make sure you select gift rather than purchase, as if you purchase it you cant then gift it.
  21. Sony aren’t part of E3 this year are they?
  22. Same, shit is manufactured and sometimes they have faults, unfortunately some people have faulty equipment, send it back, send it back again if it's still not working, i've had 1 system crash, that was back in November playing Miles Morales, since then it's never crashed, i've had a few game crashes but they happen, but nothing that locks up the entire ps5, never had handshake issues, loss of audio etc.
  23. I need to get on with you and @Pistol I’ve just unlocked Neymar and I’m level 48 on the battle pass but I’m not playing very often at all.
  24. The PS5 Upgrade is out now and free, I had to start the download of the PS4 version then on the homescreen of the game it had the option for the PS5 upgrade so i selected that and downloaded it.
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