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  1. Socrates from the last icon pack and Kaka from the current one, but it used pretty much everything i had to do, I've now got them both playing as strikers, Socrates is like Eusebio, either foot is a hammer and Kaka is very nice to use.
  2. PS5 - Guardians of the Galaxy, finished today, absolutely brilliant from start to end.
  3. Mate this game is amazing, you will love it
  4. Same and just finished it today, it's so good, to say i was shocked is an understatement, i had this down as a reskinned avengers.
  5. mate my pack luck has been fucking atrocious, my best players are all from SBC’s
  6. Finally got something worth over a million coins nearly at the end of the year.
  7. Had Mr Beast Burger tonight, there's one opened up local to us, but it doesn't come close to Five Guys for me in terms of quality of the actual burger, but it was definitely nice and something we will get again.
  8. It’s just become too much of a time sink or you have to dump money in, I quite enjoy playing online seasons outside of fut, it plays way nicer than ultimate team as well.
  9. How do you do the SBC’s you literally get nothing to start with?
  10. I'm out this year already, I haven't packed anything decent tradeable since Vinicius Jr in TOTW1 and even he's worth fuck all now, every team i play is full of icons and heroes sprinkled with an Mbappe and Neymar, you just can't compete unless you have Steely's pack luck.
  11. That's a really cool website, but it's not tracking that i've played on an Xbox Series console, it's flagged OG, 360 and Xbox One, 915 games played, good value over 20 years i'd say.
  12. I'd sell both of them, Rodrygo wont go up much more and upgrades stop after the knockouts, and Sabitzer isn't going to ever be very in demand.
  13. I was totally bored of my team so I put this together, no chem styles, instructions or tactics and I’m unbeaten tonight in rivals, plays nice.
  14. Nobody will convince me that @Steelyis sucking off somebody at EA Vancouver. Dirty bastard
  15. You will be laughing once all the 79's and 81's you pack are worth more than discard!!
  16. Gameplay has been shocking today, if that's how it's gonna be when the servers are loaded i'm out already for this year.
  17. Thanks mate, I'd love for you to pack something amazing, if you have Amazon prime just claim that twitch prime pack because the pack weight on them must be insane, all i'm seeing is ridiculous pulls. It's been pretty friendly so far, but let's see if it continues!
  18. true, can’t really complain after getting Mane last week.
  19. Rewards were absolutely terrible, Reds - Ndombele, Ogbonna and Pedro Santos. TOTW's - Ilicic, Rabihic and Mitoma. Absolutely nothing in the packs.
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