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  1. TurningMonster

    The Jazz Thread

    Some live jazz for Friday. Ahmad Jamal, Outertimeinnerspace, live at Montreux Jazz Festival from 1971. Just sublime. There's also another album titled Freeflight which has other songs from the same set if you dig this one. Both are available to stream. Here's the album art -
  2. I love Louis when he’s with Buckles, this is one of my favorite bits
  3. TurningMonster

    The Jazz Thread

    This album is just a joy from start to finish, in fact it's so good, it's distracting me from my work because I have to do some air keys when Herbie is doing his thing. Killer album art, too.
  4. I just blitzed all 8 seasons in the last few weeks. Seems I’m going against the grain here but I thought the second half of the last season was pretty terrible, particularly after a promising start. I didn’t enjoy the presidential plot line or the faux Rush Limbaugh stuff, from the season before, either. I will say though, the actor who played Quinn deserves a lot of praise, he was superb throughout and I have a huge soft spot for Mandy Patinkin.
  5. This is really rather good, which I was not expecting based on the trailer. I just finished the nazi episode which I think has been the best yet. Have they confirmed if there’s going to be a season 2?
  6. Check out Ink Master if you haven’t already. I’m on a dating show binge at the moment, Married at First Sight, 90 Day Fiancé, Love is Blind.. Also enjoy Top Chef, The Challenge, Survivor. edit: almost forgot, Below Deck, that’s definitely a favorite.
  7. I’m about half way through this and I’m enjoying it immensely. I suspect if it was on Netflix it would be getting more coverage but like most things on Amazon, they have done a terrible job of promoting it. The product placement is always part of the joke, often at the expense of the brand. I particularly liked the Lean Cuisine testing area for the 2 giggers.
  8. I’m enjoying Sagrada a lot, it’s a nice relaxing game to play at the end of a day.
  9. Good to see Richard from Veep in the last episode.
  10. Does anyone have any suggestions for docs to fill a void left by The Tiger King?
  11. ^^ https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1243243962/pax-pamir-reprint
  12. Man that was hilarious, the fruit
  13. I prefer the bats just because their laser is instant, rather than a projectile that could miss. That said, the damage output of all the pets is pretty low so it probably doesn’t really matter that much.
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