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  1. For context, what did you think of the last few seasons? I gave up on it last season and didn’t much care for the season before that, either.
  2. Truman Capote - In Cold Blood is a classic. The audiobook version is really good, too.
  3. I guess enough time has passed since GoT ended, because I thoroughly enjoyed that.
  4. Just catching up, how did Amber get booted before gaslighting-su?
  5. Colin Trevorrow has become an even more boring version of JJ Abrams. The pair of them might just be the human face to some AI movie writing algorithm Hollywood has produced on the dl. Chris Pratt, too, for that matter.
  6. https://www.slashfilm.com/886791/prey-will-give-viewers-the-option-to-watch-the-film-in-the-comanche-language/
  7. I like how the trailer recognizes the original as a “timeless classic” without any irony.
  8. Well, after looking at that trailer, I’m glad it answered the moral dilemma as to whether to watch it or not.
  9. I wasn’t a Beatles fan before watching the doc, in so much I knew (and liked) the catchy songs, but that was about it. It wouldn’t be something I would choose to listen to, put it that way. Eight hours later or whatever it is, I am just blown away by them as a band. The documentary is without doubt one of the best things I’ve ever watched, I just didn’t want it to end. I’m now working my way through their catalog and watching / reading any interviews I can find. It blows my mind that this footage exists of the biggest band that has ever existed and most likely will ever exist and it’s basically completely candid and raw. It truly is incredible. Some favorite bits — the tea and toast at the beginning of each day, the fashion, Paul’s beard, Ringo’s dreamy eyes, anytime Billy Preston was playing, John’s “and now The Rolling Stones”, also John’s random lyrics and everyone just going with it every single time. Man, what an absolute delight this was. edit: Just remembered another great part with Mal getting to play the anvil and just seeing the concentration mixed with joy on his face every time he goes to hit it.
  10. Have they changed the animation speed for revealing tiles? It looks all wrong now.
  11. This is beautifully shot, great cast, too. I enjoyed the first episode a lot, looking forward to seeing where it goes next.
  12. Bills Seriously though, what is with the OT rules?
  13. What a gem. I loved how it automated the corners and free kicks, by popping the ball back in to play when it fell in to a ‘pocket’.
  14. Hey everyone, my wife and I are going to be visiting the UK over Christmas and New Year and we’re hoping to get see a Premier League game whilst we’re there. Initially we’d looked at the Chelsea v Liverpool game but from looking on Reddit, getting tickets is going to be all but impossible. Does anyone have any pointers or suggestions for getting to see a game? We’re going to be based in East Anglia but also visiting London at some point. Ideally we’d like a game that’s going to have a good atmosphere and that’s between two good teams.
  15. Not familiar with the book, but I liked the first episode.
  16. John Lithgow was the high point of the original run for me. I think I gave up shortly after.
  17. Solid releases this week, Zen Pinball Party and Layton’s Mystery Journey.
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