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  1. To be honest, I could do without any of the story crap in these kind of games. I'm not sure what it adds at all.

    I would probably agree if it has to be generic enough to suit say 50+ different bands but it absolutely made Beatles for me and would happily shell out for similar band-centric games.

  2. Is it actually worth playing through Rock Band 1 for the achievements and unique story elements and stuff? Have been playing Beatles and reviews seem to suggest that RB2 / Beatles are a big step forward so I'm wondering if I should just rip the RB1 songs and buy RB2. I'm particularly enjoying playing Bass if that makes any difference.

  3. I am now a Nintendo free zone for the first time since I got a GameBoy. Was waiting to complete NSMB then sold my Wii + Wii Play locally for £130 and having completed Zelda: Spirit Tracks I've just sold my solus DSi for £110 after eBay fees.

    Been buying a load of on-sale Apps in preparation to trade up from my iPod classic to an iPhone 3G 16gb after the festive price ridiculousness settles down. The App Store and my Xbox 360 will be doing me for the remainder of the generation I think, though I can still borrow a friend's DS or Wii for when the next inevitable Nintendo moment of genius strikes.

    End of an era etc.

  4. Just get rid of the lot, I seriously doubt you'll really miss anything. If you make a mistake and sell something you really want to play again after the initial pangs of loss go then just buy it again (probably more cheaply than you sell it for!)

    If you're eBaying then I'd advise researching recently completed prices and use Buy It Now to get the maximum return.

  5. Just checked and all the DLC is still 800 points. Not sure if it has to get past a certain time before it switches to the cheaper price.

    Hope it changes soon. I want to get Point Lookout.

    They've all been based on USA timings apparently, so wait until a sensible time in the morning + 5 hours.

    I take it I'm a small minority of people who's bought the GOTY versions of Fallout 3 and Oblivion, ripped the DLC to the HDD and traded down to the normal versions then?

  6. Had so many deaths on that train and had to redo a mass bit of train journey again and again...ugh...

    Oh and that 2nd boss!!!!!!!!!! JESUS!!!! So painfully hard even though I usually do zelda bosses on 1st/2nd attempt. This took me over 20 attempts easily!

    Got killed twice, took a breather, and then (as documented above) did it pretty much without losing any energy the third time. Just concentrate on making sure the boomerang alternates properly between the fire/ice and boss. I take it you've noticed when it splits into two the fire / ice versions are indicated on the top screen?

  7. Well that "authentic" achievement where you have to play bass left-handed McCartney style wasn't nearly as difficult as I thought it was going to be. Pretty much 100%ed it. Hitherto unknown ambidextrous skills revealed!

    This is my first guitar game and I've pretty much abandoned easy except for doing the stage challenges in story mode. Had a try on a couple of hard songs and it might be a bit longer before I make the leap up another grade though.

    Does anyone want to sell me a copy of Rock Band 2 for 360? Loving the Beatles still but could do with some proper rawk to mix things up a bit.

  8. Cheeky request...

    Would anyone be willing to lend me their copy of Rock Band (360) so that I could export the tracks to play with RB2?

    Would be more than happy to pay for P&P both ways of course. Drop me a PM if you're feeling festively generous!

  9. i just cant help but think "more of the same" would have been a better approach

    There is plenty in there which constitutes more of the same and the "gimmicks" aren't anything like as random as those which, for example, diluted the genius of Monkey Ball 2. All of the new "gimmicks" are just different ways of playing and once you've learned them I suspect the naysayers will be performing a hasty u-turn over whether innovation is good or not for Trials.

  10. Diabolic falls by the wayside. That all you got RedLynx!?

    I've had my 400 points worth just playing through the 25 new tracks for the first time. Think I'll leave the medaling for another day though my adrenaline levels are worryingly high at the minute after those two new extreme tracks.

    If you own Trials HD just buy this, absolutely class selection of new levels. Now for some skill games...

  11. You are mistaken. To quote Jon Hein of jumptheshark.com:

    "It's a moment. A defining moment when you know that your favorite television program has reached its peak"

    So in that case, the best moment in Happy Days was when The Fonz jumped the shark? Eich don't think so.

  12. If anyone is wondering, the UI is exactly the same but the DLC racing tracks have been added to the bottom of their category with plus signs in the corner. Each of the skill games seems to have a new version in the DLC with the same picture beside it in the UI, again with plus signs in the bottom corner. All very well integrated.

  13. Your argument is confused. What are you proposing that Sony "should have" offered as a premium service? They offer online play for free.

    But you claimed that XBL Gold was a "niche". Yet, MW2 sold more on Xbox 360 than PS3 suggesting that an XBL really isn't a barrier to people who intend to play online. We can just agree to disagree.

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