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  1. So not exactly an unqualified recommendation then?!
  2. Aye. But I'm still trying to find the I've allegedly had built for me as a reward! (I've not looked too hard) Cycling and basketball are the two games I've not put much time into yet, might give them a blast now actually.
  3. Once you become a pro at Golf Wasn't expecting that, nice.
  4. Anyone know what / how to get the ??? unlockable is on the 3 hole selection screen for golf? I'm going to take a wild guess that it selects a random 3 holes for you to play... Edit: never mind, see post below for answer.
  5. Does Wii Fit Plus upgrade Wuhu to be the same as it is in Resort?
  6. Aye, damn that obscuring lone Cedar tree!
  7. So where exactly is this you get built for you after finding all 80 information points?
  8. Been playing this during the afternoon to unlock the main events... thoroughly impressed. Couple of non-gaming mates came round this evening to play golf... both well impressed with the increased complexity. Another mate told me not to buy another motionplus cause he bought me another one for my birthday... geek roots exposed. Yes, I'm drunk, what of it!?
  9. This arrived from Argos thankfully... as suggested the island flyover is magical.
  10. A little bit of Brain Training: Sudoku is out today, finally. 100+ plus puzzles and a brain age check for 500 points... purchased.
  11. Yourself for watching it?
  12. Just spent a few minutes reading the Iwata Asks for this, very interesting and gets you in the mood for Friday. I think everyone at Nintendo apart from Iwata is shit-scared of Miyamoto... http://uk.wii.com/wii/en_GB/software/iwata...t_2200.html#top
  13. Modern Warfare 2 != World at War Charles == Teh Lolmonster
  14. They should rename themselves Nintendon't.
  15. Check out the bargain thread if you want to pre-order this for £30... http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=210327
  16. Good good. Completed this 100% on the N64 but had to give up about 1/2 way into the GC version because of the crashes. Might have to give this another go if they've sorted it out.
  17. Any idea if they're sorted out the random crashes from the GC version as well?
  18. Even if this proves to be true, any vindication will be overshadowed by the fact that he's nothing more than a twat trying to gain notoriety in internet gaming forum circles. Ignore him, if you visit his site you're just playing into his hands.
  19. Hit the opponent in the eye causing them to lose it? Oh, wait it's a Nintendo game... erm... return the ball in time to the Super Mario Bros theme tune?
  20. Mates are all on holiday so have a few cans of cider in and planning to play Worms 2 for most of the night. Add me if you fancy a game. Gamertag: northy666 Edit: No takers then? I'll have to beat up the "noobs" in Player Match mode then!
  21. A mod should change the thread sub-title to reflect the legend that is Beetle.
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