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  1. Why? It's clearly as good, if not better than OoT. Get back to that rock you've just climbed out of! We don't take kindly to that sort of talk around here. Actually, it's probably best not to go there is it. I retract the bit about being better. Still as good though IMO.
  2. Why? It's clearly as good, if not better than OoT.
  3. Is it just me or is the epona race nigh on impossible in the master quest...I'm basically stuck at that and can't get into the Desert. Combination of the master quest's difficulty and it not orignally being designed for the GC controller. If anyone has done it, give me a few pointers. (I did it easily enough on the N64 btw.)
  4. It appears to have been taken down from the Comet site. Harsh.
  5. Not forgetting the fantastic Link's Awakening DX. That game tends to get forgotten amongst all the OoT / LttP reminiscing.
  6. northy


    I think it's taken as read that anyone who's reading this forum knows that the DualShock2 buttons are analogue (though most aren't able to spot a rhetorical question ). My point was: if you want the massmarket to interact with the game anything but digitally with buttons (triggers aside) joypad design is going to have to change.
  7. northy


    How many people who use a DualShock 2 realise the buttons are actually analogue? A very small percentage, of which most will still jam the button all the way down anyways. At the moment, analogue buttons only serve to expand the joypad's feature list. Triggers are the only buttons which you can rely on people using anything but digitally.
  8. Play shipped mine on Wednesday...will most likely receive it Monday I guess.
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