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  1. I think it should now be forum rules to refer to Beadle as Beetle. Everyone in my party managed to get that wrong!
  2. Not sure I should have purchase N+ after all... some of the final levels are the MOST FRUSTRATING THINGS IN THE UNIVERSE.
  3. As an option maybe, but last man standing should be the default.
  4. Ironically my YouTube stream was slowed down by torrents of a film, a TV series and 2 albums downloading in the background. Bwahahahahaha.
  5. I think they're remixed from N which is presumably the predecessor of N+? Anyway, pack 3 is definitely free.
  6. Judging by her mood, it's probably going to be a bloodbath.
  7. Worms can speak and are probably the most violent invertebrates on the planet.
  8. www.xbox.com presumably.
  9. Once it twigged, only took a couple of attempts to complete it. Completing level 30 (plus the tutorials) gives you enough coins to buy everything in the shop btw. Here's a vid from YouTube for level 30...
  10. The responses by the Team 17 staff seem positive. What long term bugs were there in Worms XBLA anyway?
  11. Been reading Team 17's forum on Facebook, seems like there are a fair number of bugs. There's likely to be a Title Update soon to sort them all out though.
  12. In episode two Guybrush must defend the series from anonymous internet forum sniping by those who haven't even played the game yet! Meh is the end boss.
  13. Is there a specific discussion thread for N+ anywhere? Search doesn't like 2 character strings.
  14. EG claim that Electroplankton is on its way to DSiWare... http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/electrop...dsiware-release ...sounds ideal for the system.
  15. Purchased. Pity I lost the progress in the demo but never mind.
  16. So N+ is meant to be be 560 rather than 400 then? If so, they've lost a sale purely due to the arithmetic of it.
  17. I believe I was being ironic!
  18. One word: Day of the Tentacle.
  19. Cue every map you play being based on a porn image! I've been away over the weekend and only played this for an hour on Wed, this will be getting a proper play tonight.
  20. Come on, I've been keeping the topic sub-title up-to-date!
  21. Overall this seems to be a much more comprehensive package than the original. 35 level campaign mixing combat and puzzles. Buy various unlockables from the shop funded by points awarded from tutorials and campaign modes. Menus / in-game interface seems to be much slicker overall. Plenty of scope for worm customisation via skin colour / hats / graves / forts / victory animation / voices. Beware of the backflip, you need to press X twice more closely together than previously!
  22. So I'll be grabbing Worms 2 tomorrow morning, remind me what time they appear in the UK? Does it appear on xbox.com or the 360 marketplace first? Cheers.
  23. Direct link on MarketPlace for easy launch day purchasing... http://www.xbox.com/en-gb/games/w/worms2armageddonxbla/ Feature list... SENSATIONAL NEW WEAPONS! • Sentry Gun! Defend your position with this deadly guardian. • Electro Magnet! Attract or repel deadly metallic explosives with this unique item. • Bunker Buster! Use this vertical missile to dig out enemy Worms that have snuck away! • Buffalo Of Lies! The Donkey’s nemesis, this Trojan Buffalo will cause havoc! • Super Bunker Buster! Devastating below ground charge! RETURNING CULT FAVOURITES FROM ARMAGEDDON (in addition to all WORMS weapons) • Super Sheep! Take your fluffy flocking friend to the air! A controllable, flying super sheep! • Holy Hand Grenade! Hallelujah! The Deity’s weapon of choice! • Concrete Donkey! It’s back! As mad and wildly destructive as ever! • Napalm! Love the smell of burning Worms in the morning? • Petrol Bomb! This cocktail packs a mighty roasting for enemies. Lob one today. • Armageddon! Not quite the end as we know it, but it could be for your enemies! • Parachute! A roper’s best friend! Drop huge heights with wind assist… • Drill! Dig to victory with the pneumatic drill. • Baseball Bat. Whack out enemy Worms for a home run cheer! • Earthquake! Can you rumble the opponent? • Poison Strike! Germ warfare! NEW GAME FEATURES • All new high definition, widescreen artwork • Reworked audio-visuals throughout • Fire! Persistent fire eats and burns away the landscape. Hot stuff. • Crazy Crates! Start with basic weapons and shop as you go! • Fort Mode! Start teams on your own bases. • Rope Racing mode. • Massively enhanced & improved game physics & reactions. • Speedier, more direct gameplay. • All new high-definition audio (sound effects, music) • Speak your mind! Massive variety of comedy voice sets with many all new. • All new crazy achievements. • All new extensive customisation, Worm Hats, voices, graves, dances, colours, forts! • Uses NXE Avatars to reflect game status in game! • All new Single Player adventure combines death matches and puzzles. • Win tokens in the all-new 30 chapter single player campaign to win prizes in the game SHOP, unlock new landscapes, voices, hats and more. • Enhanced CPU AI for more challenging single player games. • Improved online handling, including host migration for network play. • All new leaderboards and leaderboard objectives. NEW GAMEPLAY LEVELS • 5 all new landscapes graphical types modelled on the original Armageddon style. Battle in Medieval England, Cheese Moon, Construction site and more. • 130 base landscape styles (compared to just six on original) for diverse play levels. • Vertical Levels! Play on tall, narrow strips or caverns as well as traditional ‘wide’ levels. • Mix combinations of landscape type, style, your own game rules and more to create thousands of possible levels and hundreds, if not thousands of hours of replay value.
  24. Out next Wednesday for 800 points according to Wikipedia... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Worms_2:_Armageddon Edit: Official confirmation on Team 17 Facebook page... http://www.facebook.com/Team17Software?v=a...&topic=9363
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