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  1. Can only speak for myself, but sheer bloody determination was pretty much the order of the day. As mentioned numerous times though, getting very good at the easier tracks is a deceptively effective way of honing your skills for the extreme tracks.
  2. Pretty sure that only lets you play online and doesn't give you access to gold only deals.
  3. Just checked, it's definitely updated. Not got time to play through UE to check all the included tracks until tonight though.
  4. Ladies and gents... Trivial Pursuit is now free... http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/trivial-pur...d310749044?mt=8
  5. To be fair, it's not like it doesn't actually work. It's just that you don't want to be seen doing these things in public, that's two separate issues entirely.
  6. Pause a beat before the first note, that did it for me.
  7. Was a completely separate pre-order bonus for the North American version but I think it was in all of the initial shipment of the EU ones. I think.
  8. Epic wrongness. That's a completely different thing which could be bought from the Nintendo Points shop.
  9. Irrelevant. Silver users still buy games, DLC, films, themes and avatar content.
  10. As is probably obvious from my posts on here, I've actually played through the game so the outer tin and actual plastic game box had been opened. I don't really keep these games once I've completed them these days so kept the figures in their wrapper. Really not sure how much that affected the selling price but I seriously doubt the price will stay above £75 after Xmas, especially if it's not mint. I think I just got lucky, the girl who bought it said it was an Xmas present. Anyway, we'll see.
  11. I agree this level was a fucker but it's definitely doable if you persist. I'd like MG2 to be generally more difficult but with the most extreme difficulty like this and Luigi's Fucking Purple Bastard Coins From Hell reduced.
  12. New Year Premium Theme is free for today only. Think I'll stick to the Holiday 08 theme though.
  13. You do realise that Xbox Live has more regular users than PSN right? Hardly a niche.
  14. Bloody hell, my collector's tin just sold for £90 on eBay. 300% profit after fees and postage!
  15. Sony should have had a high quality paid for PSN to start with rather than trying to compete with Xbox Live on a single superior factor... the lower cost.
  16. You can hit her with your sword to make her drop it.
  17. So finished this tonight and it's definitely a game of two halves for me... The "dungeons" were excellently designed as were the accompanying bosses. The mini-games and the "mini-dungeons" were also impressive on the whole. Graphically and aurally it was pretty much the best you're going to get on the DS. I found the actual train driving became monotonous very very quickly and the take item A to location B mechanism for unlocking shortcuts were completely uninspired. Also, I felt the accuracy of the control system was questionable at times. Not so bad when losing the occasional heart doesn't matter, but massively frustrating when you're asked to perform some highly complex moves with split second timing. The "tower-dungeons" had some excellent puzzles but despite this found them to be a slog. Probably a combination of the generic look and the clunkiness of having to drag the phantom around with you constantly with its often dodgy path-finding and slower movement speed. Overall then, definitely worth playing with some truly excellent puzzles but there's a fairly substantial minority of the game which just isn't really that fun to play.
  18. They've never been called dungeons, that's a generic term applied to the genre as a whole.
  19. Played the trial and didn't find it particularly enjoyable or interesting. Very much a case of nice production values, pity you forgot to bring the gameplay into the 21st century at the same time. Pity, hope they sell enough to make their money back.
  20. Alternatively it could be falling under the "this isn't really reviewing that well so let's make as much money out of the core demographic as possible" approach. Obviously it could just be a pricing mistake though, it's happened before a few times on release day.
  21. Is it just me or are the controls for the Sand Wand thing not exactly accurate?
  22. Not been reading this thread to avoid spoilers but... Edit: actually did it pretty much without losing any energy second time.
  23. Ultimate Endurance achievement might actually be possible when it's patched not to include Hard tracks!
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