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  1. "Trials HD BIG PACK!” (Redlynx) | December 23 | Worldwide : Fans of “Trials HD,” one of this summer’s hottest downloadable games, can get ready for more fun and insane challenges with the add-on, “Trials HD BIG PACK!” Rev your engines with 35 new racing and skill tracks, over 50 new crazy physics objects, tournaments, new achievements worth 50 extra gamerscore, and more. “Trials HD BIG PACK!” releases December 23 on Xbox LIVE Arcade at 400 points and is rated T for Teen by the ESRB. Fasten your helmet and prepare for serious bruises!" For comparison, there are 51 courses in Trials HD so this is a fairly substantial chunk of new content. 50 gamerscore suggests this will be the only DLC for the current version of Trials HD though. Edit: Full details on Eurogamer tomorrow apparently.
  2. Best xmas present ever.* *from Xbox live that is if you're reading this, mum.
  3. Too expensive for them to run the dedicated servers to handle this apparently. Same goes for providing a system where you can browse and rate all user generated levels. A shame really.
  4. You're in a tiny minority according to RedLynx, I'm afraid.
  5. There's a fair bit of info from the horse's mouth on http://www.redlynx.com . They've said that this pack isn't aimed at people who never finished the main game because they're unlikely to spend any more money buying an expansion. So I'd expect a few medium, a lot of hard and a few extreme by the sounds of it.
  6. I'd guess either 400 or 560 MSP since RedLynx implied it wouldn't be as high as 800 in their forum.
  7. http://www.eurogamer.net/videos/trials-hd-big-pack-teaser
  8. Conversely it could be argued that SMB3 had a less diverse range of levels because many of the levels in each world shared very similar backgrounds, enemies and gameplay mechanics. Personally I found the maps in NSMB Wii a bit generic and lacking some charm but I didn't have a problem with the level variety. I'd say almost every level had a unique trait which definitely can't be said about SMB3 which has lots of similar levels.
  9. As with the two BK games I think I'll probably play the trial game for retro kicks then quietly delete it from my HDD without buying it. Hope they're making enough money from them to spruce up all the Rare games though as they're definitely worth remaking for younger gamers who've not played them to death already.
  10. If anyone wants to sell the original (non GOTY) version to me for £8 or so then drop me a PM please. Edit: Should have said I'm after it on Xbox 360.
  11. Going, going, still shit-loads of them in the warehouse.
  12. Did Day of the Tentacle come out in the 00s?* I don't care, still DOTT for game of the decade. * Obviously not, it was 1993.
  13. The claim you would need to take on an extra job to afford a PS3 springs to mind. The birthplace of SonyLOL.
  14. I'm talking about the actual website, not Xbox Live.
  15. Playing devil's advocate, it could be argued that iPlayer website is only accessible through a paid subscription service (your monthly broadband costs).
  16. If it's any consolation, I'm flogging my DSi after I've played Zelda: Spirit Tracks to buy an iPod Touch.
  17. Hey I've 100%ed the thing and thought it compared very favourably with Mario 3 and Mario World so take my criticism in that context. Edit: you didn't even quote me... oops!
  18. This is what I found most annoying myself. The loading time is trivial in comparison to almost any other disc based game but it's simply the fact that it's there that annoys. The speed of item selection screen and some of the bonus games could have done with being speed up too. Do I really need to be shown instructions for the match a card game every time I play?
  19. I collected all 3 star coins on that level on the first attempt without dying. TRUFAX mere humans.
  20. Right, I'm completely new to this whole Fallout 3 malarkey and have just purchased the GOTY edition for £20. A couple of questions: If I just sell GOTY and buy the normal edition will it just work with my save file, installed disc and DLC? Also: I believe you have to choose your alignment at the start of the game, which is the best / most fun to play for what is likely to be a single run through? Cheers
  21. There's a secret level in both worlds 7 and 8 and they are 2 of the best levels in the game. Spent tonight getting all the missed star coins and secret exits (apart from the world 2 cannon which is FUUUUUUUUUUUUU). Planning to spend tomorrow night playing World 9 for the first time, hopefully it'll be as good as the 2 secret levels. Don't know why some of the levels seemed so difficult first time round as I've been ripping through them without much trouble mopping up the star coins, probably something to do with the save anywhere option after completing it removing any kind of pressure. Definitely 9/10 for me because it doesn't have the sheer WOW factor of Galaxy though it's equally enjoyable and polished.
  22. If anyone is looking to sell this then drop me a PM (since the Trading Folder is out of action). Cheers.
  23. So that's why you're such a big fan then.
  24. Actually, I now have to agree with this, seems very little point in buying the GOTY for Xbox now.
  25. Just done World 3. Once you get over the fact it's a bloody hard game and embrace its nails-ness it becomes much more enjoyable. For people complaining about lack of innovation, the few subtle twist to the formula I've seen so far outgun the vast majority of games I've played in the innovation stakes. Good swansong for my Wii which is getting sold once I complete this.
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