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  1. Bought this for £26 at Morrison's to play once through the campaign and sell it on. The ridiculous levels of amazingness have put paid to that idea though, multiple plays through ahoy methinks. Not even touched anything other than the campaign yet.
  2. That's my pet name for Reggie too.
  3. The wrong-meter just fucking exploded.
  4. Fifa 10 and Modern Warfare 2 have now completely set in stone my intention never to pre-order anything ever again. [immediate contradiction] That said, I still have Zelda: Spirit Tracks on pre-order because I don't see anyone beating £25 on launch day and I reckon I can sell on that limited edition tin for more than the RRP after I'm done with it. [\immediate contradiction]
  5. Hit the flat surface with your rear wheel and land parallel to the first diagonal slope. Use accelerator control to gently move bike to the bottom of the slope and accelerate full speed onto the next slope. Repeat the last sentence for the 2nd slope then try to keep the bike parallel with the platform at the other side. Checkpoint is just down from this platform. This was the hardest bit of the level for me, the rest isn't so bad in comparison.
  6. Apologies. The FIFA 09 thread became the FIFA 10 thread and similarly it seems sensible to keep all Wii Fit discussion in the same place.
  7. northy

    Wii HD

    You needn't have bothered with the rest since the last line is the obvious solution.
  8. northy

    Wii HD

    The sweet sound of vindication.
  9. I agree there are points when their striving for immersion just makes things worse. It would be much better just to have a "replay? Yes or No" message on a blank screen when you died during a mission rather than having to load the place where the nearest medical centre is then wait on a message, access it via the phone then wait for it to load the mission again. They should keep the whole replay message thing but there should also just be a screen to skip the whole pointless double loading / multiple button press thing they've got going on in GTA4. Best of both worlds.
  10. Maybe it checks for save files showing all 3 versions of the museum mission from GTA4, TLAD and TBoGT have all been completed? Adrenaline junkie, you need to get as high as possible and then deploy parachute at the last possible minute. It unlocked for me in the triathlon mission (chute, boat, car race).
  11. I've just completed both for the first time this week and although the story and protagonist were better in TLAD, the peripheral characters and missions were much more fun in TBoGT for me. I do miss having my biker buddies as backup only a phonecall away though. They've obviously learned their lesson from TLAD's achievements, only 30g for completing TBoGT, ouch! Can't say I'm that arsed about all the extra stuff beyond the story so my copy is for sale in Trading if anyone still hasn't picked it up yet.
  12. I'm as liberal as it gets but this film is utterly gash.
  13. I've completed TLAD and about 1/3 of TBoGT now and it's just so much better having checkpoints. It's changed the game so much that they the can now realistically up the difficulty of missions so long as there are sensibly placed checkpoints. Though I've noticed a couple of missions in TBoGT which restart you before a long drive which is really just bad design and needs to be completely avoided for the next full game. The mission score I reckon I'm going to have absolutely zero interest in but it might be cool to replay some of the more memorable missions later on.
  14. I forgot how frustrating escaping from the police can be in these games. The mission where you have to escape from the airport with the drugs mule in TLAD is just annoying now after 5 attempts even with checkpoints!
  15. northy

    Wii HD

    You're acting like it's a proper successor to Wii when it's clearly going to be nothing of the sort. We will find out in the Spring I'm sure so no point in arguing about it now is there.
  16. northy

    Wii HD

    Well if you lack the analytical abilities to determine which aspects of an upgrade machine can't be changed to maintain compatibility with the existing Wii then that's your problem, not mine. It's all going to be cosmetic... Extra memory... if you need more than the internal then you know how to use an SD card Removal of GC support... only people who own one already are likely to care about this HD support via HDMI connection... does nothing spectacular for existing library and future "HD enhanced" releases will be rare IMO Wiimote with integrated MotionPlus... purely cosmetic Introduction of DVD or Blu-Ray or Movie Streaming... fair enough but not why most people bought one in the first place Some people will obviously upgrade (as I did with DSi because it cost £25 using some dodgy dealing) but it doesn't seem worthwhile upgrading otherwise because the promise of a couple of 720p Nintendo games per year doesn't seem worth it. I look forward to Nintendo proving me wrong but your assertion that you can't analyse the situation based upon prior hardware launches just tells me you that you're just a hopeless neophile.
  17. northy

    Wii HD

    Who exactly is the Wii HD supposed to appeal to? Hardcore will still moan that it's aimed at casuals and casuals might notice the resolution difference but it certainly won't be a deal breaker. As seen from the DSi and iPhone 3Gs, despite the availability of a higher specced variations developers bothering with enhanced versions is very much the exception rather than the rule. Waste of time if you ask me since there's not likely to be the introduction of anything nearly as innovative as the relatively conservative DSi upgrade.
  18. The current version of VLC Media player has the codename Goldeneye. Clearly a sneaky reference to this also being released on PC.
  19. Okay... XBLA remake = ultra mega win WiiWare remake = win Full new game = lose Happy now? I didn't think I had the option of it being on XBLA since you know IT'S ON WII!
  20. So long as the protagonist is black (San Andreas / Vice City Stories) then the press seem okay with it. You've also got a good mix of ethnicities, a gang culture and the World Cup all in its favour. I do agree they'll probably play it conservatively and go for Vice or Andreas.
  21. If you rotate the tear 90 degrees anti-clockwise it looks suspiciously like Africa which just about fits the graphic style of the image. GTA: South Africa anyone?
  22. WiiWare remake = win Full new game = lose
  23. Been having a gander at the RedLynx official forums regarding the DLC and this pretty much summarises it: Definitely no server-side track sharing / rating / etc. Very unlikely to be 800 MSP, the insinuation seems to be 400 Loads of new objects / textures for the track creator, need to buy DLC to play user tracks with new content Separate patch to address various bugs simultaneously with DLC Separate global leaderboards for "original game" (the current one) and "all" levels. Unknown number of tracks likely 50/50 medium and hard with a couple of easy / extreme thrown in Still no release date yet though
  24. Apparently the "stories" manual teases GTA's next location...
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