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  1. Is there any word on the DSi enhancements for this yet?
  2. Finally completed Inferno II. Fucking come on! Edit: managed all the achievements as well apart from the highly improbable in a single lifetime "Marathon".
  3. I've had 1000 Wii Points sitting unused for a while now, looks like they're not gonna sit idle for much longer!
  4. Ah well, maybe their sales figures might have changed that or MS might decide to offer them some support since it's clearly something which would further enhance the reputation of Xbox Live? We shall see in due course I suppose.
  5. So when this DLC finally makes an appearance are we expecting them to overhaul the track sharing system into a searchable / rateable server-side thing to replace the friends sharing setup?
  6. It's not completely out of the question that they would offer this as paid DLC at some point, say 400 MSP or something. I'm not saying it's right and as someone who waited for the disc version it doesn't affect me but just remember that these two episodes were coming exclusively to DLC at one point so anything can happen.
  7. I had Toki on the Atari Lynx and couldn't get past the second level. I was probably 12 or something though so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
  8. Yeah, I'm quite enjoying the trial, no sign of it being 400 points yet though.
  9. Alright, I didn't realise Galaxy was Spring... if it's announced as such before Xmas I'll keep it just to placate the Rllmuk mob!
  10. Wii Sports and Wii Play get used sometimes but nowhere near enough justifying keeping it when I can borrow my sister's to play the BIG titles Mario, Zelda and Pikmin next year.
  11. I'm seriously considering selling my Wii after I play this. There's nothing outstanding out until Xmas 2010 after Mario is there?
  12. I'm not exactly DLC mad myself but surely everyone knows by now that you can re-download stuff as much as you like? I'd try and start another debate about how lack of resaleability is the real issue but I'll just end up getting called a "cheap cunt" again by some people with more money than sense. So I won't bother.
  13. Nintendo make a % on the Virtual Console games so it's in in their interest to advertise them. Those quizzes are pretty subtle compared to some of the stuff you see on the 360 dash.
  14. That's been a couple of years now since I've stopped, almost universally, buying games upon release. As outlined above there are three main categories of games: 1) Nintendo 1st / 2nd party and 360 games with exceptional online features which will hold their value for at least 3 months and you can end up selling on for a minimal loss once you're done. 2) Heavily hyped titles which are significantly cheaper on the release date which can be sold on a pretty much break-even basis when you're done. 3) Everything else which will be under £20 within 3 months of release the resold with a minimal loss. Another factor which particularly applies to single player games which suit several DLC packs is waiting for the GOTY edition to be released so that DLC can be resold instead of sitting in obsolescence on your 360 HDD once you eventually sell the game disc on. I'm also now absolutely ruthless about selling on games once I've completed them. Used to have about 500 games until my mega-sale last year and I'm now looking towards my gaming shelf which contains 11 games... 2 of these are games I've worked on Wii Sports and Wii Play which are nights-in-drinking essentials 4 are DS edutainment things which I'll get years of use from That leaves 3 games that I'm actually playing or about to play
  15. northy

    APB / PC

    There's been zero work done on the 360 version apparently.
  16. You can play after you're no longer friends. You can delete him but it's likely he'll delete you to make room for other people after his tracks anyway. They're certainly worth a play through for their novelty but they don't have the must complete faster / cleaner replayability of the official tracks IMO.
  17. I've played through them all by following the very simple instructions in the video.
  18. I wonder how many of the people who complained about the Superguide on here will actually be able to acquire that icon.
  19. I believe that comment could accurately be described as pessimistic!
  20. Nothing like a bit of unjustified pessimism!
  21. Unions are all well and good but when you're trying to block the necessary modernisation of a business which would result in better service to your customers you're not likely find a great deal of sympathy coming your way.
  22. I'd be massively surprised if there aren't extra characters unlockable via the single player mode.
  23. That's also the case with Oblivion GOTY.
  24. Luigi should clearly be on the front of the tin.
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