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  1. Now a lot of people are getting the tools to really go to town, so to speak, it’s been both fascinating and delightful visiting people today, and seeing how, with the same palette, how everyone’s towns are so unique and have their distinct vibe/atmosphere. Seeing @thesnwmn and @Weavus and everyone else building these amazing places has really inspired me. What a game. 170 hours down and feel like I’m just starting
  2. Motherflippin’ done it!!! Thanks in particular to @jonamok and @Laminated Tramp for their kind assistance
  3. Legend. Are you open for a visit? Anything in particular you’re after I might bring?
  4. Ummmmm *shifts sheepishly* Has anyone got an Ankylosaurus tail perchance? Turns our Australopithecus wasn’t *quite* the last one Double double checked. Definitely the last one Oh and thanks @jonamok for my “final” fossil
  5. Just replied with a code. Or I can come to you. Don’t mind
  6. Open. Got a few bits and bobs going free (inc cherry blossom wand recipe) for people to help themselves.
  7. Prob. I’ll take a look Yup, by my entrance. Opening now
  8. Got the Archaeopterix today, need the Australopithecina skull.
  9. Got my new room this morning. Given it the full blossom.
  10. Aargh. Just dobbed in my fossils... YOU HAVE A NEW ONE Blathers tells me. My final fossil. The missing piece. I excitedly looked, and... Turns out I had two fossils left. Didn’t realise I was missing Archaeopteryx. So now I DEFINITELY only have one left. This single Australopithecina skull thing.
  11. The museum still astonishes me. It’s so lovingly put together and rendered. I still walk around it every couple of days.
  12. So I just need ONE fossil, the Australopithecus. If anyone has a dupe please give me a shout. I’d love to have the museum fossil collection complete
  13. I’ve got a bunch with your name on them. I’ll drop them over next time I’m on
  14. Got that now. However, happy to make whatever I can blossom-wise. Got the Sakura wallpaper/floor, and some other bits
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