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  1. Now is always the best time to be a gamer. Every year, more games to choose from. I think now is a fucking ace time to be a gamer. This year I’ve mastered flying a Cessna, built an interplanetary factory, played a lovely little game of golf on my phone in bed, got back in to Witcher 3 because it loads/reloads about a billion times quicker on my PC, AND still have an entire history of games that are super easy to download on a whim. And even found a good Ubisoft game (fenyx rising). You’re just not looking in the right place. There’s tonnes of good shit out there. You probably just nee
  2. I started a separate thread on Dyson Sphere Program but it sunk without a trace, but it’s brilliant and quite distinct from Factorio. And it blows my mind a small team of under resourced youngsters from China knocked it out in a couple of years - it’s a marvellous game. Worth a £12 punt for sure. It’s also quite pretty
  3. Played a few rounds now and feel like I’ve got a grip on it, but the putting seems much less forgiving than the PlayStation games. Think it’s because any deviation from stroking exactly vertical causes a slight direction change, plus you really seem to have to hit the hole dead centre. Great fun though all round
  4. This is rather lovely already. What a brilliant surprise
  5. Gave it a quick bash this evening with a new character (on PC) after giving up on it before Christmas. Seemed great, fixed some weird glitches I had. Then it crashed. Ho hum
  6. Any benefit for AMD 3000 series owners. Got a 3080FE AND Ryzen 3700x. Figure I have assorted BIOSs and VBIOSs to update?
  7. spanx

    Comfort Games

    Slay the Spire... always there for a quick bash, easy to save/resume. Absolutely bloody useless at it but every time I learn something too
  8. Ditto. Waiting for a few more patches/fixes on PC then I’m gonna restart it
  9. I really really really shouldn't buy this. Massively got in to MH:World, but I have loads of games on the go at the moment. I don't need a game that's going to eat my time. I should wait for the PC release...
  10. Picked this up after my son wouldn't stop banging on about it, and it has hooked the hell out of me. Been intrigued by Factorio for a while but only had a PC for a few months and had it in my backlog of things to play eventually. However DSP is rather lovely and it scratching the strategy itch. The potential for experimentation is huge too - having skimmed Youtube people have created huge multi-planetary factory systems with drones, ships etc carting materials and widgets all over the place. And as a bonus, it looks and sounds lovely. It's somewhat overwhelming but it feels super f
  11. God me too. In November when I got mine I thought the situation was utterly ridiculous, but it seems almost normal in comparison to now.
  12. spanx

    Xbox Game Pass

    Hrm, not there for me. The app updated yesterday Maybe its rolling out slowly
  13. As a member of the LG OLED/PC gang I very much hope this works. HDR is a joke on PC
  14. spanx

    Xbox Game Pass

    I think I'll be giving Star Wars Squadrons a blast with my shiny new Warthog HOTAS.
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