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  1. My £649 3080 FE is looking beyond a bargain right now. Man alive those prices are eye-watering
  2. @tronied there are some issues with DX12 and DLSS that’s awaiting a new Nvidia driver - it’s causing slight blurriness on the glass cockpit displays. Planning to do a lot of flying this weekend so fingers crossed Edit: one immediate bonus was loading times seem to have been slashed
  3. Sim Update 10 is out today. Big things: loads of stability improvements, DLSS support, improved weather, upgraded avionics. Based on thirty minutes of flight DLSS seems to do it’s usual magic… who needs a 40 series?
  4. Yeah I was wondering that. Is the PC version on game pass, only seems to mention the Xbox version in the app?
  5. Oof those Flight Sim numbers are strong. Mind you, it’s not really a game that neeeeds 60fps+. It’s immaterial anyway, I can’t spend £1300 on a new GPU, I need to buy furniture and shot for my new house
  6. Aye, although unlike last gen I’d be surprised if those prices hold up. Surely bargains to be had in a year or so? Without eth mining and the crazy Covid fuelled boom, let alone the cost of living crisis and the insane mark-ups, I expect discounting to kick in at some point. Well hopefully
  7. Fuckin’ hell! Those 4080 prices are insane. 3080 for a damn good while yet then.
  8. Trying to finish Xenoblade Chronicles 3 before I buy this, but these reviews are making it tough. And it is fucking Monkey Island.
  9. It’s the best of the Origins, Odyssey, Valhalla trilogy for sure. Slicker and better designed than Origins, and MUCH less boring than Valhalla. I platinumed it back on the PS4 and we’re it not for the sudden glut of Game Pass games in general I’d be tempted to play again in full 4K glory
  10. Yeah wasn’t sure about it at first, though it was a roguelike type thing and after an hour or so thought fuck this, runs are going to take forever. Once a realised it’s a straight RPG using some of those mechanics, and now having just completed Chapter 3 feel like I’m getting a grasp, well it’s rather lovely isn’t it. Not sure it’ll grab me for long but for now I’m quite enjoying it.
  11. Ooh that is a lot of stuff to keep me busy. Loved Ni No Kuni 2 so playing the first one is a nice surprise, P5R next month too, Deathloop, Plague Tale, Pentiment. AC: Odyssey is my fave in the series too. And Fuga looks weird and compelling. Damn, well played MS
  12. Prob just another 500 hours of Flight Simulator
  13. Just had my first flight using FSHud (fshud.com) to replace the default ATC, and my god it’s a massive improvement. In that it actually works. A bit pricey (£30ish) but if you’re looking to up your instrument flying game (and have it on PC) from initial experience this is brilliant.
  14. 10.Tinykin (10/09) One of those probably would have skipped it had it not been on Game Pass games. Some nice comments here about it piqued my interest though and I ended up having a couple of very pleasant evenings blasting through it. It’s very easy, but I thought the level design was great, loads of little hidden extras that rewarded exploration, and it has a really nice heart. I doubt I’ll bother hoovering up the bits I’ve missed, but it gave me six hours of enjoyment, gets a 7/10 from me. Previously, playing, abandoned…
  15. Upgrading to a 5800x3d pretty much nuked any lows I’m seeing in any games. Even MSFS.
  16. Admittedly I haven’t played it for ages so might be mid-remembering, but I was comfortably running FH5 at 4K at about 70-80fps. I’ll probably see out this gen as the 3080 is still a beast IMO. The only reason I’d upgrade is if I decide to hand it down to my son to upgrade his 1650 super
  17. Yeah that was fab. The opening routine was glorious
  18. 11 at the moment, although a couple are Game Pass games (actually, all Arkane games)… Prey, Dishonored 2 and Death Loop. Edit: https://www.backloggd.com/u/StevenMB75/games/added/type:backlog/
  19. 1. OlliOlli World (£15) 2. Elden Ring (£38) 3. Death Stranding Directors Cut Upgrade (£8) 4. Kodiak 100 Plane for MSFS2020 (£30) 5. BAe 146 plane for MSFS (£50) 6. Satisfactory (£14) 7. Stray (£18) 8. Inside (£2) 9. Super Mario 3D World (£35) 10. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (£50) Ooops, fell off the wagon a bit in August, blame travelling with the Switch and wanting some games to play. Inside completed though, and abandoned Mario quite quickly; found it quite annoying to control and pretty uninspiring all round. So not added much to the backlog and also ticked off a couple of other games. No new games being bought in Sept though. Probably.
  20. Hrmmmm, not a lot. I’ve got Xenoblade Chronicles 3 on the go and loving it, and should prob finish Stray. I’d been tempted by Splatoon 3, but had a quick blast on 2 with my kids last week and realised I don’t want a competitive online game in my life right now. I’ll probably try a few of the games coming to Game Pass (Deathloop, Plague Tale look worth a bash) and I’m very tempted to get the new PMDG 737 for Flight Sim (oh and the 40th Anniversary update is coming soon too). Persona 5 Royal too, though may leave that for a while as two massive JRPGs together might be too much to stomach. Maybe Monkey Island too… let’s see how the reviews pan out.
  21. Watched my youngest playing this before I buggered off to the airport to fly home, and it looked like Splatoon 2+ (eg fab). Alas my online gaming days are over, I couldn’t keep track of anything going on on the screen so it’s saved me £50. I’ll spend it on a new airliner for MSFS instead
  22. Yeah I just opened up chain attacks in the game and was completely WTF is going on. This game is so dense with systems I feel like it’s going to take 20 hours to get my head around. I am THOROUGHLY enjoying it though.
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