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  1. Yeah having bemoaned the endgame a little bit, I had a very pleasant day grinding for talisman melding materials while watching the snooker, so I feel this one has some mileage left in it yet.
  2. I have to say this though as someone who put nearly 300 hrs into MHW and I'm approaching 110 hrs so far in Rise, as fun as this one is, the end game is less appealing. Maybe I'm just better at these games now, but making the fights more accessible has as you say removed the serious 'wall' monsters that made the grind worth undertaking. I remember the satisfaction of getting hammered by Nergigante initially but then getting my build/skills to the point where I could casually smash him in 5 mins. I don't see it in this one currently and I'm trying to eke out my enjoyment until the first big upda
  3. I don't think that is fair, people get what they want to get out of the game. Each to their own. For veterans they enjoy the end game of finessing their builds over and over, perfecting their weapon(s) or crown hunting, for them that is the game. But for more casual players, particularly western gamers, that grindfest tends to be less appealing. @Jamie John they will add a ton of new monsters (and gear) that will be substantially more challenging and will be much harder, maybe impossible, to solo, but the game won't substantially change after this point. After 40 hours
  4. I couldn't play this entirely solo, online is at least half the fun.
  5. I think that fight is pretty cool. You better get used to it though as currently it is the most efficient way to farm talismans.
  6. Haha don't ask me, I'm an aforementioned Charge Blade user so I use the very generous Counter Peak Performance Silkbind move to parry roars with its extraordinarily generous iframes instead (so generous in fact I can't believe it won't be nerfed). It is definitely possible to roll through roars though but it takes practice.
  7. Bah real hunters roll through monster roars rather than wasting a slot (as I was constantly told in MHW) . Worth noting though that depending on your weapon some Silkbind moves can parry monster roars as well e.g. Charge Blade Counter Peak Performance.
  8. Do a small amount of easy mining outcrop farm and you will be set for ages.
  9. I do wonder how many people play Longsword by default because that is the weapon the game equips you with right at the start and then as afaict never actually explains to you that you can equip other weapons.
  10. This clip is basically the game in a nutshell - people who put hundreds of hours into these games because they want to utterly master the deep systems so they can pull off awesome shit like this.
  11. The Village quests genuinely are just the tutorial and you can blast through them in 15 hours maybe less. The Hub is the meat of the game. Soloing them is more challenging; multiplayer is the most fun; and as ever with this series the gameplay loop is grinding, grinding, grinding to basically get rolls on various loot tables, steadily mastering your chosen weapon(s) and tactics as you seek to perfect your build in anticipation of all the many challenges that the developers will add over the next 2 years. If that doesn't appeal, then this might not be the series for you no matter ho
  12. When the credits roll that is when the tutorial has ended basically.
  13. At Low Rank wear whatever you want. At High Rank you want to tailor it to the specific monster you are hunting; ensure the skills complement your weapon/style; and look to see how you can use Decorations in the sockets to further min-max your build. Or you can still YOLO it and go for the fashion, it is all good.
  14. The multiplayer is sooo much better in this though; the village is a huge improvement; and weirdly even though they are less densely packed with graphical details, the environments feel more interesting to explore. I'm not sure I could go back tbh. And everything is better on Switch.
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