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  1. Oh nice this has been on my list for a while.
  2. I was really pleased to see him have a good game and get on the scoresheet. How Ole treated both him and Donny Van de Beek is disgraceful.
  3. I couldn't care less honestly, not my club, enjoy it when they get humiliated, but the sight of them all crying their crocodile tears and getting their apologies out on social media whilst transparently putting in dogshit performances to get their manager sacked was pathetic.
  4. Yeah a relatively comfortable away win in Europe with a clean sheet. Fred, Wan-Bissaka, Lindelof, Sancho all suddenly remembered how to play football. Weird.
  5. In hindsight, not sure these Man Utd players loved Ole quite as much as they claimed tbh.
  6. ChewMagma

    The Man Utd Thread

    Either he will go into international football or that will be it for him in management I would imagine.
  7. The first part is true, the second part not so much, although I accept that losing Declan Rice for some reason would be a big blow (although it would be big blow for any team irrespective of squad size whether that was Man City or Norwich). There are only two players who fail to fill me with confidence when they come in and that is Yarmolenko (who may be on his way out in January) and Mark Noble, who it pains me to admit cannot compete in the system we play and at the top level now. Hopefully the Czech guy coming in will give us some funds to bring in some reinforcements in January. We need to hold things together until then. Admittedly Ogbonna doing his ACL is not a great start but we have already qualified from our Europa group so that eases some of the pressure there.
  8. Fuck, Ogbonna has done his ACL.
  9. Yeah it closes for the cafe expansion as well.
  10. It is absolutely wild how good both the update and the DLC are btw.
  11. That is unrelated. The DLC will kick in when you first leave your house in the morning and immediately get a phone call from Tom Nook and then there is a scripted sequence. You can then access the DLC from the airport. I have read that if your island is not yet 3 star rated, you will not be able to access the DLC until it is.
  12. ROMs/emulation absolutely sucks though. The most fun part is turning the Wii / Raspberry Pi / Pocket calculator into a "nice little emulation machine", getting the CRT filters just right, painstakingly getting all your ROMs that you have carefully ripped from the cartridges that you definitely, actually own, honest guv, on to it, turning it on, loading a half dozen games to "see how they play", congratulating yourself on a job well done, then absolutely never, ever turning it on ever again. Original non HD hardware looks like absolute toilet on modern TVs as well unless you fork out for an absurdly expensive frame converter thingy, so that is also a no go. Am I going to buy a CRT? Of course not. Face it, lads, Nintendo have got us just where they want us and will continue to put the boot in.
  13. Until they release a new console lol.
  14. Oh is he a big Nintendo guy? Never knew
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