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  1. Too early to say really - I'm playing a lot more stuff in my Steam library right now and correspondingly less stuff on my Series S, PS5 or Switch, but who knows how long it will last. Probably I will end up buying less games on Switch and using it mainly for first party titles instead in order to avoid the Nintendo tax.
  2. Season 1 of this was decent, but season 2 is fucking woeful. Incredibly irritating viewing if you are at all into football, live in London, and/or are British. The sort of comedy an American would write if they had spent half a year studying here once in their early twenties. Amazed it has won Emmys.
  3. You can already see it happening. Some curious post match interview I saw with Pep where he basically said "it is great Haaland scored those goals, but we need to pass the ball more." Not really mate, put any average ball in or around the 6 yard box and he will get on the end of it, no need for the crisp champagne football.
  4. Not only that we signed Paqueta!
  5. Out for delivery, but because I am just about to move house thought it would be safer to get it delivered to the in laws and now it is with fucking Hermes and I am bricking it.
  6. I'm always surprised the Monster Hunter games don't get more love here. Monster Hunter Rise in particular is so smooth, addictive and fun even with randos, I love it, and the Sunbreak DLC has taken it to another level again.
  7. I don't understand how that isn't a red card? He is off the ground, studs first, at knee height, nowhere near the ball.
  8. Right so got this on order now. Please recommend interesting PC only games from the last 10 years or so I should play that work well with this thing. Also during lockdown I got that stupid 1000 game Itch bundle. How easy is it to get those games onto the steam deck?
  9. I got my order email but of course I'm moving house in less than 2 weeks. How long do these generally take to turn up and what delivery service are they using?
  10. That'd be some achievement for Watford....
  11. How was that not a penalty??
  12. Just blitzed the first 3 episodes of this and I think it is incredible. I was into this series when I was a teenager, but I tired of Neil Gaiman's schtick over the years - this was the best thing he ever did though and so far this really nails it.
  13. Ok so Beneath Apple Manor was the first commercially available top down RPG with procedural generation; Hack was the first roguelike afaict being that it was the first such game released commercially after Rogue, preceding Moria by a year (according to the wiki). And Rogue isn't first for anything.
  14. Ah well I was wrong the first roguelike was Beneath Apple Manor according to wiki which predated Rogue by two years. Or maybe that means Rogue was the first roguelike after all.
  15. I assume Rogue was the first roguelike.
  16. Yeah but you'd have to imagine it will come to Switch at some point.
  17. Looks lovely. First SRPG I ever got into so looking forward to this.
  18. Is it my imagination or is the media attaching much more attention and significance to friendlies this season? Completely pointless.
  19. The Danganronpa trilogy. Phoenix Wright series.
  20. Came in here to post that. It would be nice if he stopped mumbling as well.
  21. Any developer who doesn't tell their story exclusively through item descriptions is a coward imo.
  22. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak | Elden Ring | Return of the Obra Dinn | Monster Hunter Rise | Animal Crossing: New Horizons | Slay the Spire Something like that going back in order.
  23. I didn't mind it honestly, felt like I was being eased back in.
  24. Some wild Roisin Murphy takes itt. That set was incredible.
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