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  1. 3 minutes ago, Eighthours said:


    I'm not talking about domination, I'm talking about simple movement and decent passing.


    Right but Senegal are working to prevent those things from being easy as well, that is the part you are missing. The reason why Stones and Maguire have no easy passes is because Senegal are working hard to keep their shape and press and forcing turnovers because England have to take more risks.


    By definition if you can unlock Senegal with "simple movement" and "decent passes" then you would be dominating them no?


    All of it really, just start from the beginning because it is fascinating how they evolved over 3 decades. The first three records are very sparse and stripped down, but are my personal favourites. Then they did 3 records with Steve Albini on Kranky which had more traditional song-writing I guess and of which Things We Lost in the Fire is the classic.


    Then they were on Sub Pop for a long time but I'm a bit less familiar with those records personally. They totally reinvented their sound for Double Negative, which is an incredible, incredible record. Ditto Hey What which you are already familiar.


    One reason why Mimi's death was so sad was because they were really at the peak of their powers.

  2. 1 hour ago, Gotters said:


    Interesting one this as it gets mentioned a lot, and no doubt that those cliques ruined the squads back then and the players did nothing to resolve it as the like of Mourinho and Sir Fergus wanted the players to hate each other. 


    Has Southgate fixed it or has City's dominance actually meant the leagues aren't hard fought bitter battles for months on end as everybody knows who is going to win it.


    Bit tongue in cheek but it could be a factor. 


    I think football has changed, players are more professional and for the most part they just don't have these partisan rivalries. There isn't a mad old bastard like Alex Ferguson in English football anymore. I'm sure I read for example that most of the players' kids from Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool all go to school together.


    And yeah as someone else said they have all played together at every England level long before they developed serious club loyalties.

  3. 3 minutes ago, Smoothy said:


    Nothing to do with broadcasters, football has always been like this since before TVs, and also the same broadcasters are fine with rugby and NFL stopping the clock.


    I guess so. My main objection really though is once you start having stop clocks you create more breaks and suddenly we have quarters and advert stoppages and before you know it a 60 minute match lasts 3 hours and we are subjected to a million adverts and shite.


    All I'm saying is "be careful what you wish for." VAR should have demonstrated that.

  4. 1 hour ago, teddymeow said:

    I don't understand why they don't just stop the clock when the ball is out of play / there's an injury / substitution rather than adding increments of time for the above things.


    Also, is today "upsets day"? First Japan, now Belgium.



    Because it would mess with TV broadcaster's schedules too much is the key reason I imagine.


    Seeing the disaster of VAR though, I'd be very wary of making any further fundamental changes to the sport.


    Just leave it as it is.

  5. I think they should replace VAR with more on field officials like NFL. If they see an offense, throw in a yellow flag, then discuss, and ref announces the decision on field over the tannoy. No on field flags, the play is good.


    All VAR has done is shift the debate rather than eliminate it and made it a worse watching experience.

  6. When you think about it the parallels with current West Ham situation are uncanny:


    A manager with a wealth of credit in the bank slowly squandering it as they struggle to utilise squads with a ton of attacking talent. A set of players who don't get their heads up, take too many touches, and always look backwards or sideways rather than take any risks.

  7. I actually loved the fact he was clearly much, much happier with the 0-0 than the 6-2. Put me firmly back in the Southgate camp. It would be so fucking funny if we shithouse our way to a WC final with a succession of 0-0s and Foden, let alone Maddison, never get on the pitch.


    Southgate rubbing his hands with glee this morning knowing we now don't need to win any more games in open play to bring it home.

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