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  1. Ok so Beneath Apple Manor was the first commercially available top down RPG with procedural generation; Hack was the first roguelike afaict being that it was the first such game released commercially after Rogue, preceding Moria by a year (according to the wiki). And Rogue isn't first for anything.
  2. Ah well I was wrong the first roguelike was Beneath Apple Manor according to wiki which predated Rogue by two years. Or maybe that means Rogue was the first roguelike after all.
  3. I assume Rogue was the first roguelike.
  4. Yeah but you'd have to imagine it will come to Switch at some point.
  5. Looks lovely. First SRPG I ever got into so looking forward to this.
  6. Is it my imagination or is the media attaching much more attention and significance to friendlies this season? Completely pointless.
  7. The Danganronpa trilogy. Phoenix Wright series.
  8. Came in here to post that. It would be nice if he stopped mumbling as well.
  9. Any developer who doesn't tell their story exclusively through item descriptions is a coward imo.
  10. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak | Elden Ring | Return of the Obra Dinn | Monster Hunter Rise | Animal Crossing: New Horizons | Slay the Spire Something like that going back in order.
  11. I didn't mind it honestly, felt like I was being eased back in.
  12. Some wild Roisin Murphy takes itt. That set was incredible.
  13. Yes to all three, it is a huge step up.
  14. Ok it is coming back, I can remember how Gunlance works now, I am having fun. I also played a lot of Charge Blade but not sure I can be arsed trying to re-learn that.
  15. I got it and despite putting 200 hrs into the vanilla game, a refresher hunt demonstrated that I have forgotten a lot and have no clue about what I was trying to do with my various builds or what is going on really. Resolved just to jump into the new content and hope I figure it out. I really thought after 200 hrs my instincts would magically kick in but I think Elden Ring has fucked them.
  16. I don't watch French football but by all accounts he is one of the best CBs in that league, Champions League experience, and a good signing for us. I think whether other clubs are in for him or not is neither here nor there. Moyes had been working on this move for a long time. My father-in-law said "but I've never heard of him!" Well of course you haven't because if you had, he wouldn't be coming to West Ham would he?
  17. Being able to seamlessly transition on to a planet isn't really a big sell for me - either it is tediously realistic (Elite Dangerous) or immersion-breakingly unrealistic (No Man's Sky). It is just never going to be that fun as a gameplay mechanic particularly if your game is an RPG and not a Sim. It is just unnecessary window-dressing.
  18. What? This is a great game and the combat is really fun and visceral, always has been. Something about Last of Us/ND just inspires the laziest of hot takes.
  19. This looks incredible.
  20. Super Arcade Football is ok. I was surprised so many people on this forum were into it to be honest. It is a little shot of nostalgia for the Sensi/Kick-Off era of football games, but I don't think it is very interesting beyond that.
  21. 1. The Wire 2. Twin Peaks: The Return 3. The Leftovers 4. The Expanse 5. The Power of Nightmares 6. True Detective (Season 1 only) 7. Generation Kill 8. Can't Get You Out of My Head 9. Chernobyl 10. One Punch Man 11. Watchmen 12. The Vietnam War 13. Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing 14. Stath Lets Flats 15. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power 16. Sunderland 'Til I Die 17. Years and Years 18. Evil Genius 19. Once Upon a Time in Iraq 20. American Crime Story Edit: ok so I got to 20. Some caveats though. I feel uncomfortable putting True Detective in there, I didn't want to include something I didn't enjoy from beginning to end, but I did enjoy Season 1 so much. Similarly American Crime Story I loved the first 2 seasons, I have not seen the third season. It is tough to come up with 20 honestly. Stuff I really enjoyed one season of (True Detective, American Crime Story), stuff I enjoyed well enough but never finished (Breaking Bad, Steven Universe), stuff that really jumped the shark (Lost, The Walking Dead), stuff that I enjoyed a lot but is it really good enough to be up there for goat contention? (Brooklyn 99, Bosch). For all that it has been the "Golden Age" of television there are very few shows that I didn't either get bored of or have no desire to ever rewatch. So, so many shows end terribly as well.
  22. Well deserved England call up for Jarrod Bowen. God, I hope we manage to hold on to him.
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