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  1. Ok maybe wires crossed here as I wasn't really arguing that there is anything fundamentally wrong with contrast paints, in fact they are supposedly the best use of them with this type of underpainting as you say. My point was GW say you should slap them over a wraithbone undercoat and leave it at that whereas you seem to get better results with them using underpainting. Which is why I was interested in trying them out. I think fundamentally I need to improve my drybrush technique and find the contrast colours that work best to get most out of slapchop/grisaille/underpainting/whatever it is being called this week.
  2. I think the "difference" with this is not the use of the grisaille technique per se, but that it is pairing it with the off the shelf GW contrast or equivalent paints rather than traditional glazes or washes over the underpainting which is no good for painting large amounts of uniform minis if you need to custom mix everything. That is the "speed" part. Without those paints, it isn't really a "speed" technique I suppose. That's the theory anyway. Part of it is finding a way for these contrast paints to maximise their potential as they are interesting paints but the way GW would have you use them doesn't really give that nice an effect unless you really don't care that much.
  3. Yeah I know what you mean. I have been painting many years and I paint to a standard that I am very happy with except it takes me a long time. Mostly I paint for display and don't really play the games so time isn't a huge factor (although I'd like to paint faster purely so I can paint more and newer miniatures) but I have a bunch of Blood Bowl teams I do play with more frequently and I was hoping to just knock them out and slapchop looked like it might let me do that and do it to quite a decent standard. Also I was hoping to add another technique generally. The first attempt results were not great at all though and felt very dissatisfying. I am going to persevere with some different minis that I think might be more suited to the technique and I think I know where I went wrong so I'll post something when I get a satisfactory result.
  4. Actually I tell a lie you can get those Artis Opus Series D brushes but I ain't dropping £60 on a set.
  5. Interesting thanks. I think my main problem is that I didn't go heavy enough with the first grey drybrush so too much of the mini was left black. I also think this was exacerbated by the fact that these are quite dynamically posed minis so are actually quite difficult to drybrush in all the nooks and crannies. Also I'm using the garbage GW drybrushes rather than the fancy Art Opus ones that everyone loves but you can't seem to buy anywhere anymore. Now do I give it up and try to salvage the minis by reverting to my bog standard base -> wash -> highlight that I was trying to avoid or do I persevere and strip them all and start again. Decisions, decisions.
  6. I've got some Blood Bowl teams I have had for ages and I thought I'd try this "slapchop" technique to try and get them to a decent tabletop standard. Having watched a bunch of videos, it looks like a monkey could get an acceptable result, but I don't know if it is the particular GW contrasts I'm using, my drybrush technique, the midtones I have gone for, the texture of the miniatures I have tried it on, or just like most "speed painting" methods it isn't nearly as effective as advertised, but my first couple of attempts look deeply, deeply shit, like wouldn't-get these-out-for-a-session-cos-people-will-assume-I'm-a-muppet levels of shit. Has anyone had any luck with this approach and can share tips or am I doomed to only be able to get nice paintjobs if I spend a month painting every miniature?
  7. I've so far picked up: Ape Out Demon's Tilt Dying Light Definitive Edition Football Tactics & Glory Fuck knows when I will get round to playing them though.
  8. ITV hub does not show live tv on LG tvs, I have no idea why.
  9. As a long time follower of snooker, Ronnie says a lot of stuff all the time, stuff that contradicts the stuff he said earlier in the day sometimes, stuff that would have garnered headlines 20 years ago but barely elicits an eyeroll now from fans, journos and other players. Everything he says and does should be taken with a huge pinch of salt. The stuff about him not wanting his kids to play though did cause some of the other players to get angry, but more because he probably isn't even being sincere rather than because he strongly believes it. You cannot be 7 times World Champion at a sport like snooker and not retain an obsessive interest in it at some level, it isn't possible.
  10. FYI ITV Hub does not have the live channels on LG TVs, fuck knows why. My Samsung TV is fine.
  11. Lmao every tournament, some of you lot would never be satisfied.
  12. Bloody hell they are leaving him on.
  13. I think Moyes would genuinely rather lose his job than try dropping Soucek and I can't understand why.
  14. I'm just gutted we have assembled this fantastic team on paper and in what will probably be Declan Rice's last season we are still playing this horrible, negative football. Moyes only knows one way it seems. If your manager's ambition extends as far as being a competitive mid-table team, but he is unprepared to take the risks needed to win things, then why waste the £200 million? I'd rather they put the money into the academy and hunted out more Craig Dawsons and Jarrod Bowens from the lower leagues. It is the hope that kills you. A generational talent like Rice squandered.
  15. Ah I forgot about this. Not sure whether I want it on Switch or Steam Deck. My heart says Switch, my head says Steam Deck.
  16. You don't want Cresswell, trust me, not unless you fancy seeing someone get recklessly sent off in the quarter final.
  17. Mark Chapman fronting Sky's Carabao Cup coverage. Is this new? I've never seen him on Sky, feels weird.
  18. ChewMagma


    People will talk about her voice, but I think she is incredibly underrated as a percussionist. As someone who has played in various bands, finding drummers who can show even a modicum of restraint is next to impossible. Their minimalist approach is so, so tough to pull off as well, you have to be so brave and trusting.
  19. ChewMagma


    I don't really get too sad when people I don't know pass away, but this one has really affected me. Re-listening to their whole discography in chronological order today and I'm not sure I have ever felt so impacted by music. What a body of work. Gutted.
  20. 01 - Chat Pile - God's Country 02 - The Congos - Heart of the Congos 03 - SPICE - Viv 04 - Sam Prekop and John McEntire - Sons Of 05 - Batu - Opal 06 - Jenny Hval - Classic Objects 07 - Harry Styles - Harry's House 08 - Space Ghost - Private Paradise 09 - Huerco S. - Plonk 10 - Stephen Mallinder - tick tick tick
  21. Ultimately I just cannot get my head round why he continues to pick Soucek.
  22. I really, really don't like to say it, but I agree, Moyes has taken us as far as he can now. It is one thing to play negative football and win but if we aren't even winning what is the point? He cannot be allowed to ruin Scamacca and Paqueta.
  23. By contrast all I've done this year is paint 3 Plague Marines that I started last year . I've had a lot on and nowhere proper to paint until about a month ago though. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it.
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