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    People will talk about her voice, but I think she is incredibly underrated as a percussionist. As someone who has played in various bands, finding drummers who can show even a modicum of restraint is next to impossible. Their minimalist approach is so, so tough to pull off as well, you have to be so brave and trusting.
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    I don't really get too sad when people I don't know pass away, but this one has really affected me. Re-listening to their whole discography in chronological order today and I'm not sure I have ever felt so impacted by music. What a body of work. Gutted.
  3. 01 - Chat Pile - God's Country 02 - The Congos - Heart of the Congos 03 - SPICE - Viv 04 - Sam Prekop and John McEntire - Sons Of 05 - Batu - Opal 06 - Jenny Hval - Classic Objects 07 - Harry Styles - Harry's House 08 - Space Ghost - Private Paradise 09 - Huerco S. - Plonk 10 - Stephen Mallinder - tick tick tick
  4. Ultimately I just cannot get my head round why he continues to pick Soucek.
  5. I really, really don't like to say it, but I agree, Moyes has taken us as far as he can now. It is one thing to play negative football and win but if we aren't even winning what is the point? He cannot be allowed to ruin Scamacca and Paqueta.
  6. By contrast all I've done this year is paint 3 Plague Marines that I started last year . I've had a lot on and nowhere proper to paint until about a month ago though. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it.
  7. Nah it is just a bit of daft chat about video games, I enjoy it because they have strong personal views on games they love and hate delivered amusingly, I don't want to hear milquetoast sitting on the fence takes because they don't want to upset the "well actually Ratchet and Clank isn't even technically a 3D platformer" crowd. Their passion for the games they do love has encouraged me to check out or reappraise so many things I might have overlooked.
  8. I really enjoyed that match and the coverage. No VAR. Moyes doling out senior debuts left and right. Scarles putting in a motm performance. The Coles waxing lyrical in the studio. Some beautiful post match interviews. It is what it is really all about or should be.
  9. This was pretty good, I enjoyed it quite a lot after having zero expectations. Seems setup nicely for season 2.
  10. Fuck off, mate. Don't call people dickheads just because they don't like the television show you like.
  11. I should say you can play it cloud if you like I think, I just went for the download.
  12. Started playing this on Gamepass, seems very good so far.
  13. Whether you are invested in the lore or not, this still isn't a very good show. You can pretend all you want that the criticisms of it are purely on its use of the source material but the problems are deeper: poor pacing, very variable writing, uninspired characters, rushed plotting. Or maybe that is staying true to the source material .
  14. Fuck me, the forum's obsession with BOTW reaches a new nadir. Worse than the Edge Doom hot take.
  15. I reckon about 25%. I generally have 4 games on the go, one for each machine (Switch, Steam Deck, PS5, Xbox Series S). It helps to make sure they are all different genres.
  16. From a storytelling perspective, I hope it isn't Gandalf, but mainly because I am not a fan of prequels. Outside of a couple of classic examples, they really struggle to tell compelling stories that are worth telling. "Wow this original character is in such jeopardy, how will they ever survive? I hope they don't die. Teehee. Tune in next week to find out."
  17. It doesn't matter to me if it sticks to the source material really or not, if they want that to be Gandalf then fine, I was just surprised that everyone is now basically very certain that it is because of one quote.
  18. I really don't think that is Gandalf btw. Surely much more likely to be one of the blue wizards?
  19. This show was...fine. I almost enjoyed it, I guess. Maybe season 2 will be better? Edit: reading back through the thread I'm genuinely surprised this got such a good reception here. Visually it was extremely well done, but beyond that I didn't find a lot else to enjoy about it. Most of the characters were fairly dull. The dialogue was hit and miss at best. I didn't like the violence, it felt like the influence of Game of Thrones and diluted its identity. A lot of the reveals and twists seemed rush.
  20. I would say if it is Gears Tactics, then yeah you do need to be comfortable being more aggressive because iirc it has the mechanic where you get bonus action points for chaining together melee kills and that is the key to success later in the game. Xcom 1 very much rewards overwatch though, to the extent that Xcom 2 introduced turn limits and stuff to try and get the player to take more risks.
  21. Raw numbers sure, but it took Mario Kart 5 years to sell 46 million whereas Animal Crossing sold 39.3 million in just over 2. At its peak it caused a shortage of the console. It will outsell Mario Kart. And there is more of an argument for Smash Bros than BotW. Guys, it is time to accept that Animal Crossing is the Switch's signature game by every metric. Sales, cultural impact, brand recognition, exclusivity. When people think of Nintendo, sure they will think of Mario or Link. But when they think of the Switch specifically, they will think of Tom Nook and Animal Crossing.
  22. I still think it is Animal Crossing - Breath of the Wild sold the Switch to gamers; Animal Crossing sold it to everyone.
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