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  1. It doesn't matter to me if it sticks to the source material really or not, if they want that to be Gandalf then fine, I was just surprised that everyone is now basically very certain that it is because of one quote.
  2. I really don't think that is Gandalf btw. Surely much more likely to be one of the blue wizards?
  3. This show was...fine. I almost enjoyed it, I guess. Maybe season 2 will be better? Edit: reading back through the thread I'm genuinely surprised this got such a good reception here. Visually it was extremely well done, but beyond that I didn't find a lot else to enjoy about it. Most of the characters were fairly dull. The dialogue was hit and miss at best. I didn't like the violence, it felt like the influence of Game of Thrones and diluted its identity. A lot of the reveals and twists seemed rush.
  4. I would say if it is Gears Tactics, then yeah you do need to be comfortable being more aggressive because iirc it has the mechanic where you get bonus action points for chaining together melee kills and that is the key to success later in the game. Xcom 1 very much rewards overwatch though, to the extent that Xcom 2 introduced turn limits and stuff to try and get the player to take more risks.
  5. Raw numbers sure, but it took Mario Kart 5 years to sell 46 million whereas Animal Crossing sold 39.3 million in just over 2. At its peak it caused a shortage of the console. It will outsell Mario Kart. And there is more of an argument for Smash Bros than BotW. Guys, it is time to accept that Animal Crossing is the Switch's signature game by every metric. Sales, cultural impact, brand recognition, exclusivity. When people think of Nintendo, sure they will think of Mario or Link. But when they think of the Switch specifically, they will think of Tom Nook and Animal Crossing.
  6. I still think it is Animal Crossing - Breath of the Wild sold the Switch to gamers; Animal Crossing sold it to everyone.
  7. Nonsense, the new xcom games are excellent.
  8. If it let you win the battle, it is a legitimate tactic.
  9. I don't think being a console exclusive is THE most important factor, but it is a factor to consider. I think the key criteria though that is a minimum to even be considered is that it has to be a system seller.
  10. And the answer is still Animal Crossing!
  11. (And I say that as someone who adored Paradise Killer!)
  12. Right but the OP clarified by asking "if this was an article on the Switch what game would be pictured alongside?" and no one, but no one (with a single exception apparently!) is picking Celeste, Hollow Knight, Paradise Killer, or Streets of Rage 4 because no one outside the dorks on this website have even heard of those games, let alone associate them with the Switch.
  13. I would definitely not pick anything that wasn't a console exclusive, but Wiper is gonna Wiper I guess.
  14. It is Animal Crossing. Animal Crossing was a cultural phenomenon. The rest are just video games.
  15. Narrator: he panicked and ordered the set anyway.
  16. In general, how long do GW sets and miniatures stay in print for? I fancy the Gellerpox Infected kill team set. I gather it was reissued relatively recently. I don't want to add to my pile of shame right now, but maybe will be in a position to pick it up in 6 months - am I safe to wait that long or will it go out of stock and not get reprinted before then? Is there a rule of thumb as regards this stuff, particularly the more niche stuff?
  17. Either the default male or female character (I roughly alternate gender per game for some reason), maybe with a haircut swap. Most games in general play your character is mostly covered in armour and gear anyway. Great that you implemented a system to do custom leg tattoos and realistic levels of chest chair but I'm never seeing it.
  18. Well Scamacca's goal it isn't clear and obvious that he has touched the ball and Antonio's goal he handled the ball in a preceding phase of play, but scored in a later phase of play so it can't be disallowed under the current rules. So there you go. Rashford handles the ball in the same phase of play he scores in which is why it is disallowed. Imo they should all be allowed and VAR needs to get in the bin.
  19. Forgot about Unity of Command, one of the absolute best. Models logistics in an extremely elegant and intuitive way, enough so that you feel like you have gained a better understanding of that concept as applied to real wars. Some of my other picks I haven't seen mentioned: Jagged Alliance 2, Fallout Tactics, Steel Panthers: World at War, Divinity: Original Sin.
  20. If you want an X-Com game, but stripped of the strategic layer so you can focus on pure tactics, both Gears Tactics and Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle are very good. The trick to any turn-based tactics game is to absolutely minimise the amount of attacks that the enemy can make on you in their turn, whether that is by focussing your attacks to kill their units before they can retaliate, using status effects to reduce their actions, or ensuring your units never end the turn outside of cover/within range. Think of it as a puzzle where you are using your actions in the most efficient way possible to nullify your opponent's ability to act.
  21. Don't listen to these dickheads, Sam, your laugh is why I subscribed!
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