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  1. I've got 4 things on the go at the moment: Alien Isolation (PS4) - this is brilliant but absolutely terrifying so I am having to play it in very short bursts and never before bed. Eep! Fez (PS4) - I managed to miss this the first time round. Needless to say all the plaudits are very much deserved. About halfway through as far as I can tell. (One question re: the PS4 version: the platforming isn't the most precise on this anyway, but I feel like there is an occasional bit of lag on the jump input. Anyone else notice this at all? Hoping it isn't my controller as I have only had it about 6 weeks...) Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition (PS4) - played vanilla Diablo 3 a lot. This is better and now I have more people to actually play with. Working through Act 5 to unlock Adventure Mode atm. Fire Emblem Awakening (3DS) - very slowly playing through this, but I am playing it in Classic mode which makes it a bit stressful. Not sure how much I should worry if the odd character dies but it has lead to a lot of reloading :-/.
  2. Are there any plans to bring these games and other old games to PS4? Very frustrating to have forked out top whack for a current gen console and finding half the stuff on the store is only for the PS3. Maybe the issues with porting and backwards compatibility are more complex than I appreciate, but from a business perspective, it doesn't really seem to be incentivising people to ditch their PS3s.
  3. Game of the Year 1. Last of Us Remastered 2. Dark Souls 2 3. Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 4. Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition 5. Far Cry 4 6. Hotline Miami 7. Alien Isolation 8. Shovel Knight 9. Grid Autosport 10. Dragon Age Inquisition Surprise of the Year: Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare Most Wanted Game of 2015: Bloodborne Hall of Shame: Gamergate Best Visual Design: Alien Isolation Best Audio Design: Alien Isolation Best Writing: Last of Us Remastered Most Interesting Game: Alien Isolation
  4. I'm fairly disciplined with finishing the games I have paid money for (by whatever arbitrary yardstick I have applied to determine when something is "finished", but normally when the story/campaign is complete) before purchasing or starting anything new, so I tend to avoid the bloated backlog problem or at least keep it to an acceptable level. This does result in occasionally feeling obliged to finish things I'm really not enjoying that much though and sometimes that leads to me stepping away from games for a while to do something else or risk feeling like gaming is just another form of work. I do the same with books, comics, films etc as well, unless they are really, really awful. I feel genuine guilt if I don't finish things to my satisfaction - stupid, I know, to treat your leisure time like that, but it is what it is. I've only ever pre-ordered once, for Dark Souls 2 last year. I might pre-order Bloodborne. I'm definitely not interested in the cult of the new or having a stack of stuff on the shelf just to look at though.
  5. Amazon have really good customer service ime. I used to hate BT but the last time I had to deal with them, which was a couple of weeks ago, they were really good as well. Co-operative bank has excellent customer service. The one time I had to phone Sony customer service about something it just felt like I had gone back in time 10 years - no automated systems, harassed sounding call centre person with few answers, interminable phone wait to shit muzak. I felt they had an attitude of "we basically have a captive audience so fuck em" and as a company had not seen any value in ramping up that side of the business to cope with obviously increased demand. Edit: actually the most egregious thing I remember from my Sony experience, was that when I first tried to ring up an automated message told me that they were really busy and to call back later. And then I got hung up on. I have never experienced a company actually hanging up on me before because they couldn't cope.
  6. This is absolutely terrifying. Even though I *knew* that you didn't see the Alien for quite a while, I still spent every second of the introductory hour or so absolutely bricking it. The environments are so incredibly atmospheric and evocative. The music and sound design is spot on. Even if the remaining 18 hrs are pish, I feel like this is still the game that, as a massive Alien/Aliens fan, I have always been waiting for.
  7. I haven't got any problem with the controls - in MH3 it was the UI that made me want to punch my own face off iirc, which was a deal-breaker for me in a game where you are expected to spend a lot of time arsing about in menus.
  8. I feel like I have played an example of virtually every series I have ever had an interest in, even if only for 30 minutes, but my one blind spot is World of Warcraft and MMORPGs in general. Never even fired up a demo for 15 minutes, although I was always curious at the time about games like Ultima Online and Eve. I was just too afraid that that way lay madness, having seen friends sucked into them over the years and not being able to trust my occasionally compulsive tendencies. I may give Elder Scrolls Online a go when it comes out on PS4 though, just because a) no sub, b) it probably won't be awesome enough to suck me in for any detrimental length of time.
  9. Funnily enough they ditched the rag doll corpse physics in Dark Souls 2 and people predictably whined about it.
  10. Yep I need these trophies as well and have had trouble with matchmaking, so I will add you - I won't be on till later this evening though.
  11. Yeah I would agree with that - in terms of the final section of gameplay it was a bit flat. Story-wise though the only game I have ever given two hoots about.
  12. Last gen version of PvZ definitely doesn't have splitscreen co-op.
  13. Yeah other users can play online that's fine, as long as one ps plus subscriber has made the ps4 their primary, but I just wasn't sure about the online save backups. It looks like it doesn't irritatingly, but worth checking just in case I was missing something somewhere in the settings. Ah well.
  14. Ok thanks - I will try that if it persists. Another question, if I pay for PS plus and have set the ps4 to primary, do other non PS plus users on the same machine also get their save data automatically backed up online?
  15. I've been getting the random disc ejecting issue someone else reported. Doing a proper shutdown and power cycle fixes it temporarily, but it seems to come back. Am I going to have to get it replaced or does it eventually resolve itself? Pretty poor show as I've had this console since the end of November. Seems like a fairly common issue as well.
  16. Biggest criticism of the second one for many people. Then again frame rate was the biggest criticism of the first one, so I don't know if they needed to move away from the massive interconnected levels to improve that aspect in DS2. More unforgivable for me are those illogical transitions between levels that you highlighted. They could have been avoided very easily with a little bit of consideration.
  17. ChewMagma


    Amazing Ninja Gaiden 1-3 relay race just now. Catch it later if you missed it.
  18. ChewMagma


    Did we mention the 100% co-op Battleblock Theater run yet? This is really fun, especially with the developers doing Skype commentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_xAq4SUwnQ
  19. When they say "no need to patch" though does that mean you will be playing an unpatched version of the game? Or will you be streaming the most patched version already? I'm assuming the latter.
  20. That is kind of classic GG bizarro world in a nutshell - developer bonuses based on Metacritic scores is a potentially huge problem if you are serious about examining the integrity of videogame reviews; but nah to GG that system is fine as long as reviewers give every game a great score so that the poor devs don't miss out on their bonuses.
  21. Seriously though Jurassic Park is clearly a perfect fit. Please no zombies/vampires/post-apocalypse settings.
  22. It has to be Far Cry Jurassic Park surely?
  23. The number of animal attacks in this is insane tbh. The chaos is fun for a while, but it is sort of silly whenever you try and do anything stealthy or vaguely tactical and it all goes to shit because you inevitably get swarmed by honey badgers/Eagles/bees before your plan even gets going. I have successfully completed several of the karma events just by accident because the wildlife slaughtered everything before I even got there. It would be nice if you could either dial down animal aggression or frequency.
  24. Yeah it's fine tbh - no one even uses the mic 99% of the time anyway if you just play with randoms. I think the idiot COD children have long moved on if they even ever played the MP on this.
  25. Seems back to normal in East london. Logged in, grabbed Fez in the sale to use up the last of my credit, frantically downloaded patches for Farcry 4, Diablo 3 and Alien Isolation, imported my Diablo 3 characters over from my 360. Everything seemed fine, didn't have to monkey about with any settings. Very aggravating though - it quickly became apparent that although we don't have "always on" per se, given the need for day 1 patches, verification of DLC etc etc we might just as well have. Even if I can technically play offline, I'm not going to start something if I know it has an 800mb patch day 1 patch. If you have any DLC forget it. XBL went down briefly a couple of weeks before Christmas and I could not even load my Mass Effect 2 save because it was unable to verify the DLC (even though they have given away most of it gratis at this point). It is depressing that swathes of games, even single player ones, will presumably become at least partly if not totally unplayable when these companies or servers eventually bite the dust. As my wife notes as well, it is depressing how many games now require massive day 1 patches. I miss the SNES tbh.
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