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    Did we mention the 100% co-op Battleblock Theater run yet? This is really fun, especially with the developers doing Skype commentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_xAq4SUwnQ
  2. When they say "no need to patch" though does that mean you will be playing an unpatched version of the game? Or will you be streaming the most patched version already? I'm assuming the latter.
  3. That is kind of classic GG bizarro world in a nutshell - developer bonuses based on Metacritic scores is a potentially huge problem if you are serious about examining the integrity of videogame reviews; but nah to GG that system is fine as long as reviewers give every game a great score so that the poor devs don't miss out on their bonuses.
  4. Seriously though Jurassic Park is clearly a perfect fit. Please no zombies/vampires/post-apocalypse settings.
  5. It has to be Far Cry Jurassic Park surely?
  6. The number of animal attacks in this is insane tbh. The chaos is fun for a while, but it is sort of silly whenever you try and do anything stealthy or vaguely tactical and it all goes to shit because you inevitably get swarmed by honey badgers/Eagles/bees before your plan even gets going. I have successfully completed several of the karma events just by accident because the wildlife slaughtered everything before I even got there. It would be nice if you could either dial down animal aggression or frequency.
  7. Yeah it's fine tbh - no one even uses the mic 99% of the time anyway if you just play with randoms. I think the idiot COD children have long moved on if they even ever played the MP on this.
  8. Seems back to normal in East london. Logged in, grabbed Fez in the sale to use up the last of my credit, frantically downloaded patches for Farcry 4, Diablo 3 and Alien Isolation, imported my Diablo 3 characters over from my 360. Everything seemed fine, didn't have to monkey about with any settings. Very aggravating though - it quickly became apparent that although we don't have "always on" per se, given the need for day 1 patches, verification of DLC etc etc we might just as well have. Even if I can technically play offline, I'm not going to start something if I know it has an 800mb patch day 1 patch. If you have any DLC forget it. XBL went down briefly a couple of weeks before Christmas and I could not even load my Mass Effect 2 save because it was unable to verify the DLC (even though they have given away most of it gratis at this point). It is depressing that swathes of games, even single player ones, will presumably become at least partly if not totally unplayable when these companies or servers eventually bite the dust. As my wife notes as well, it is depressing how many games now require massive day 1 patches. I miss the SNES tbh.
  9. Still playing this as well - absolutely love it. I am amazed at how balanced all the classes are tbh, at least in Gardens & Graveyards, even with all the different variants you can unlock. I've mainly played that mode but I've started playing Garden Ops again - hard to get a good team together for the harder difficulty settings tho if you are mainly just playing with randoms. Sunflower players who don't revive or heal are the worst (although as the player base is probably mainly small children, I guess i can't be too mad).
  10. In my mind, there was a finality to the story, not just of the personal relationship between Ellie and Joel, but for the human species. In a decade, things will be worse. In a generation, everything would have devolved into weird cargo cults. In two generations, there would only be primitive hunter gatherer tribes. It would be a bit like the book Earth Abides which is referenced in TLoU in the character of Ish. I think you could tell a very interesting story about Ellie becoming a kind of reclusive religious figure long after Joel is dead (his luck would run out sooner rather than later). I have no idea how you make a game out of it though.
  11. I'd be keen to see another game set in the same world, maybe even exploring the stories of other characters like Bill or Tommy. BUT I think it would be a real mistake to return to either Ellie or Joel or both at least as the main focus of the story. Their character arcs are done and I think it would take a very good writer to find anything further to say about either of them that would offer anything new or interesting to the audience.
  12. I don't think he is a cunt or assume that he is sad, it just seems like a disappointingly dull and unimaginative thing to do with your money. I'm sure it is a lovely mansion, but it looks like every gaudy LA mansion ever.
  13. Finished Last of Us - incredible, probably shot right up there in top 5 all time favs - now playing NG+ for the collectibles. Also the multiplayer is genuinely awesome, a very pleasant surprise. My wife is playing Shadow of Mordor. Took a little while for her to get into it - I think it has a pretty steep initial learning curve - but she is loving it now. Looks great, but I'm not allowed a go until she has finished with it apparently :-(
  14. I can't complain about PS Plus, not after a few years of paying for Xbox live - I pay for the multiplayer and the extra games are a bonus. I need to get a vita to really make the most of it though. On the subject of indie games generally, there are plenty I enjoy, but personally I like sprawling games that I can dedicate a couple dozen+ hours to. Often indie games - or at least the sort of games you see on PS plus - are really good at encapsulating and showcasing interesting new game mechanics or one-off ideas and I think that is why they can be valuable and exciting. It is fairly rare though that I want to play stuff like Steamworld Dig to death though. I am bit sick of the trend towards retro-styled platformers and metroidvanias though. Some of this stuff is too rooted in nostalgia. Not my cup of tea at all really.
  15. I never played Fable 3 unfortunately, but I notice from IMDB that James Corden also had a role in Fable 2 - I don't remember him at all tbh, but then the game came out in 2008, so I'm guessing that was before his celeb ascent.
  16. Thinking on other Stephen Fry video game performances though, his turn as Reaver in Fable II was pretty good.
  17. Thread reminded me how irritating Stephen Fry is as the narrator in Little Big Planet 3. Gah, patronising git. Quite enjoyed Hugh Laurie as the villain though.
  18. I tried to get into Marvel vs Capcom 3 and also Streetfighter IV in recent years and beyond a certain point, it just seemed like it required prodigious feats of button memorisation and lightning quick reactions to do anything interesting. A lot of the systems and techniques seemed so abstracted from what was going on on-screen. It felt more like trying to play a shmup than anything, something you have to really dedicate all your play time to mastering rather than something you can casually dip in and out of whilst playing other stuff. I am the sort of player who struggles to beat the AI though and regularly gets pummeled by button-mashers, so it might just not be the genre for me.
  19. TLoU remastered - halfway through, what a game, but you all knew that anyway. Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare - this is so addictive. Slow-paced and forgiving enough for a casual like me, whose last serious online shooter was Team Fortress 15 years ago.
  20. I played for a good few hours yesterday and despite being terrible at these sort of games generally, I was using the vanilla classes only and it didn't seem to make me any less competitive or feel that other players were running around stomping me with pay to win uber abilties. I was unlocking stuff after every match and seemed to accrue tons of coins. I got the impression that there is a lot of 'extra' unlockable stuff but I'm not sure it imbalances the game. Maybe because it is quite fun and forgiving (it isn't exactly a twitch shooter).
  21. I am very excited about this game and it was what partly sold me on a PS4, but I can see both sides to the argument on the gameplay. I think it is a difficult sell in some ways because after an inexplicable dearth of these sort of games, suddenly you've got this, Elite and Star Citizen, and I think some people are very much looking for a console equivalent to Elite especially, but from what we have seen, No Man's Sky really looks to be a much lighter, more stylised take on the genre. Hence the emphasis on exploration because that seems to be what is going to distinguish it over Elite's clearly very robust and detailed systems. If this is going to be Endless Ocean or Proteus in space, then I am all for it, but I think you have to accept that that is going to make it of much more niche interest and I don't think you can have a go at people for not being that interested in sedately exploring a virtual space. However, this does seem to be getting a big push as an AAA system seller, so I feel there has to be more to it than that. Personally I'm hoping that the game systems, whilst perhaps 'light' compared to Elite, are going to create space for a lot of very interesting emergent gameplay and narratives, even if only between the players.
  22. Played this a bit earlier, great fun. If you want to add me I'm ChewMagma.
  23. Isn't the point though that they look like GamerGaters as well? Male, predominately white, 18-35, nerds. Is it not implicitly saying "Hey these people, who look a lot like you, hold this viewpoint, maybe you should have a think about it as well"? I don't know if the message would be more effective if it was delivered by someone who didn't fit the demographic it was speaking to. People would just cry that they were being lectured to.
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