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  1. I most certainly do. Somewhere. Drop me a PM with your address and I will sort it out.
  2. Hmm, yeah it might be. Glad it's not just me anyway!
  3. Forgive me if this if glaringly obvious. As you can see I’ve not done any searches, or quizzes or whatever. Yet at the start of each day I have points before any searches are done. I’m not sure if these points are added to my total each day, but I don’t think they are. What are they? Shouldn’t they be showing as zero at the start of each day?
  4. I do. I have no idea what to do with it, but I'm on there. I've chucked you a follow. My username is jimmbob
  5. @Mike S thanks, let me know who you are and I will follow you back. I had CHUBBLES III last weekend and enjoyed it tremendously. I skipped their birthday stuff simply because of money! @Skull Commander I’m not usually a sours guy, but in the last week I’ve had two from Vault city, the plum one and a blood orange session, and I’m starting to think I might be a sours guy! Two others of note, on Saturday I had Empyrean by Omnipollo. A limited UK release, and very good indeed. They usually do huge flavours like doughnut, vienetta, bacon and pea soup gose’s or whatever
  6. I really should pop into this thread more often. I have an Instagram page where I waffle on about beer, do take a look if you want. (@jimmbobk), I forget I can waffle in here too! I’ve recently demolished a plum bakewell sour from Vault City brewing. I’m not usually a sours guy, but this one was so good I nearly cried.
  7. I have a 360 disc version of the hd collection, backwards compatible and all that. I think it’s disc only, can’t remember. If anyone wants it for nowt let me know.
  8. A few people have mentioned it, but (especially for a fiver) Lost Odyssey is fantastic. One to pick up if you like Final Fantasy. More importantly one to pick up if you liked Final Fantasy.
  9. The SH3 remaster replaced the voice actors. Which I believe is the biggest gripe. As for the SH2, I’d argue it’s the best way to play them outside of piracy or on a PS2, as long as you can forgive a few things. Namely comic sans. Never forget!
  10. Product placement is hilarious in some of the movies. Anyone thirsty? https://youtu.be/yy-MKdRwhHs?t=207
  11. Let’s hope they stick around, especially after they’ve reversed the Gold price hike. Hopefully they don’t cobble rewards to make up the loss.
  12. Possibly. Though when I search the EA play games in the gamepass app it’s not listed. (iOS).
  13. Has anyone found any “secret” gamepass games? I use the (useless) app to search for stuff, but occasionally when checking in the console or store I see the odd game as showing for gamepass which isn’t on the app. My most recent discovery is Army of Two. It doesn’t appear in the app, but if you search the store on the console it’s there. I seem to remember seeing Panzer Dragoon once, and I was playing Arkham Asylum for a month after it was removed.
  14. WOT? WAT? WUT?!1 They did a great job with 7, but 4 in VR would be God tier. Whack it in first person, and it’s pretty much done*. The run, stop, shoot controls would be perfect for it too. Oh Christ I think I’m having a hot flush. *I’m no developer, but how hard can it be eh?
  15. I'm calling it. The next three Resi games are Resident Evil 4, remade in three parts. VIIIage is first. Then CasIXe. Then IsXand.
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