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  1. Well, they haven't cancelled my order yet, so I need to make room for this big block of fun. I have the capacity on my TV unit to have it stood on it's end as nature intended. Could one of you tell me, will I likely have enough airflow? For reference the console will be on it's end, front facing, I may actually take the back off the unit, as it's only board, so a clear front, a clear back, around 9 or 10 cm of clearance on the top and about 2 cm either side of the thing. Will that be ok, or do I need to put it in a freezer outside?
  2. Ah. Well yes that could be a barrier I suppose.
  3. Argos right now lads. Series X. https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8448262?$ja=tsid%3A11674|prd%3A100125382&utm_source=Skimlinks&utm_medium=affiliates&utm_campaign=Argos+Deep+Generator+AID-+DO+NOT+CHANGE&utm_content=10830324&utm_custom1=100125382&utm_custom2=Other&cmpid=cojun&cjevent=079995c8b2f611eb83f84da10a18050d&cjdata=MXxZfDB8WXww&dclid=CKa3sZDTw_ACFYTk3godwSUP8w
  4. @Rayn Check Argos right now. https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8448262?$ja=tsid%3A11674|prd%3A100125382&utm_source=Skimlinks&utm_medium=affiliates&utm_campaign=Argos+Deep+Generator+AID-+DO+NOT+CHANGE&utm_content=10830324&utm_custom1=100125382&utm_custom2=Other&cmpid=cojun&cjevent=079995c8b2f611eb83f84da10a18050d&cjdata=MXxZfDB8WXww&dclid=CKa3sZDTw_ACFYTk3godwSUP8w
  5. I was on my phone btw, but I had it in my basket then it’d keep saying not in stock when trying to complete. I left it in the basket and just hit “back” and add to cart repeatedly until it started to go through. Once or twice it went to the payment method and then crapped out. Eventually it just went through. I can only suggest keep trying that. @Majora thanks for the tips. I will do some research at work tomorrow. Down the rabbit hole I go.
  6. Can confirm. I’ve just nabbed one.
  7. Thanks for the tips folks. I’m coming from a 2005 Toshiba with an 18 month out of date glasses prescription. So I’m thinking anything will be a step up. I also can’t go too crazy because I’ve just dropped 450 bones on a console I wasn’t planning on buying today.
  8. I think I just got an X from the Microsoft website. Just hammer refresh until something happens, as they appear to be there, hiding. I of course don’t have a TV that will do it justice. Is it just a 4K wotsit that’s needed, I’m coming from a 2005 Toshiba.
  9. Like the rest of my games I will buy it full price at launch and never play it.
  10. Resident evil 6 is the reason that 7 basically had nothing to do with the franchise apart from an umbrella logo at the end. It’s Resident evil made by a committee. I liked it in co-op because even dreadful games are fantastic with a good mate to giggle with. But on its own, it’s pretty dodgy tbh.
  11. Are these likely to be readily available any time soon? I’ve been after a XSX for ages. I read tales of people pissing on them, and it sounds tremendous. It seems they’re all there for the taking if you want to get one on the knock and never, but buying one outright, at least in the places I’m looking, seems an impossibility.
  12. I’ve taken my craft beer wankery to the next level by getting my own artwork put on a beer glass. And I don’t care, I flippin’ love it.
  13. jimmbob


    You are of course absolutely right. In my defence I wanted to see what was going on when you “plunged”. Plus it’s a perfect size, and, unlike every other cup in the house it isn’t on the floor of my daughter’s bedroom creating it’s own eco system. But yes, lesson learned.
  14. jimmbob


    I’ve bought an aeropress. Flippin’ hell it’s brilliant. I’d heard great things, I’m really enjoying experimenting with it. No idea what I’m doing and I can’t have more than two coffees before I start to shake like a shitting dog, but none the less. Great stuff. I just made this flat white sort of thing. I don’t know what it is. T’was nice though.
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